Craft Junk Giveaway (January 2017)

Craft Junk Giveaway (January 2017)

Late last year, I noticed that one of my favorite blogs (Petticoat Junktion) was doing a giveaway of “Craft Stuff”. She had assembled several boxes full of craft supplies and other bits from her workshop. That’s when it dawned on me…I SHOULD DO THE SAME THING IN JANUARY!

I have acquired more “stuff/junk” than I’ll ever need…as well as regular old craft supplies…and it seemed like a great way to combine two things that January is known for: (1) purging and cleaning out, and (2) spending a lot less money. Basically, I’ll benefit from #1 (getting rid of stuff I don’t use…but not throwing it out), and you can benefit from #2 (getting a box of DIY inspiration for free). Win-win, don’t you think?

So…I began the process of gathering crafting goodies…

Craft Junk Giveaway from Sadie Seasongoods /

Handfuls of inspiration…

And before I knew it…I had enough stuff to fill three USPS Medium Flat Rate Boxes:

Craft Supply and Vintage Junk Giveaway from Sadie Seasongoods /

Box A…

Craft Supply and Vintage Junk Giveaway from Sadie Seasongoods /

Box B…

Craft Supply and Vintage Junk Giveaway from Sadie Seasongoods /

and Box C!

When I thanked Kathy at Petticoat Junktion for inspiring me, she asked if we could team up on a giveaway…in other words, she had enough stuff to fill even more boxes! Well, not only did I say “of course!” but then we recruited three more blogger friends to join us.

What does this mean? FIVE DIY Bloggers…hosting their own giveaways…on the same day. In other words, you could win multiple times…which is pretty dang awesome. So, first- enter here to win one of my three “Craft Junk” boxes (Open to Residents of the USA, 18 years or older only- thank you for your understanding):
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, head on over to my friends’ blogs to check out and enter their craft stuff giveaways:

Petticoat Junktion


My Repurposed Life


Confessions of a Serial DIYer


Knick of Time

The giveaways are open until 12:00am ET on January 15- each blogger will contact the winners of their craft stuff boxes for mailing information. Additional rules may apply and will be listed on each individual blog.

And as a little preview…come back on Thursday to see my latest flannel shirt repurpose!!

Repurposed thrift store flannel shirt winter decor preview by Sadie Seasongoods /

Hmmm…what could it be??

Good luck! And as always, Craft on!



  1. In the 2017 New Year I’ve unplugged from tv literally cancelling the satellite and started down the path to more creativity and wholesome activities that edify my mind, body and spirit. Our home immediately felt more positive and less charged. I definitely have become an advocate for turning back the hands of time and delving into a simpler life. I would relish a box of these goodies to spur on my creative juices. I’ve jumped back into wreath making and stenciling and now just want to keep going. Thanks for the opportunity to win some supplies. Have a blessed day.

    • says:

      Go on, girl- I love it! We got rid of cable TV several years ago and it’s been a game changer- sure, we have Netflix and Hulu, but there’s no more droning noise from the TV all day long. It really does allow for more creativity…reading…etc. Once you get used to it, I bet you’ll never turn back. 🙂

  2. Karen McGuire says:

    Omygoodness – my mind is racing at the ideas! I can totally see a vintage Christmas collage/diorama from the second box And playing cards too?! How cool and awesome re-use ideas there too!!! Annnnd are you using patterns to pack them all in?!!? Seriously I’d use those for tissue flowers!!! (the other boxes also have ideas exploding, but I’m sure you don’t want a comment that has a table of contents to it!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!
    Karen 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks, Karen!!! I’m so excited to be a part of such an amazing giveaway, and it fills my heart to know you’re excited, too!

  3. Andrea Johnson says:

    Great ideas – love your creativity

  4. Mary Kaiser says:

    I would Love to win your craft treasures! Thank you for participating.

  5. Audrey Stewart says:

    My sister has 3 young grands, and she’s a very crafty person. She baby sits while the parents work, and they do all kind of crafts together. Keeps them busy. I know they love beads and painting.

  6. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    What an exciting craft hop.
    I do all sorts of crafts from wood working to making wreaths and doing small sewing projects as well as card making. I just finished dying some clothes pins for a project.
    Thank U 4 this Wonderful giveaway opportunity

  7. Barbara Booth says:

    I get so inspired by so many sites, and yours is one of them. Not sure what project I would do if I win, I guess I’d have to see what’s in my surprise box, A, B or C. I really love your site of ideas 🙂

  8. Wow, what fun!! You inspire me to try new things. Got to go on a blog hop!

  9. Oh my… I would have so much fun with a box of awesome “junque” !!!! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing 😀 I can’t wait to get inspired!!

  10. Great idea!

  11. Karen Robbins says:

    What a great idea. It would be so much fun to receive one of them. There are so many goodies in each box. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

    • says:

      You are so very welcome, Karen- make sure you visit the other gals to enter their giveaways, too!

  12. jan blocher says:

    New ideas running thru my mind all the time. Love your site.

  13. Mary Helene says:

    I am working on cross stitch pieces for Valentines Day right now.

  14. Oh, wow! The possibilities are endless with these boxes! I love them! What inspiration! I love this giveaway! And, I love your articles!

  15. Pam Berzett says:

    Love crafting and giveaways! Thank you!

  16. What a fun idea! I have more craft stuff than I can use, next time I would love to offer a box too.

  17. Dannette Sutton says:

    I will make something to hang on my wall on my home.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity..

  18. Dannette Sutton says:

    I would love to do more crafts. I am starting to do crafts with my scraps from my Sewing projects. I would like to have some new items to inspire me.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Have a bless year.

  19. I like to work on assemblage art pieces, so boxes of random items is right up my alley!

  20. Roseanna Crawford says:

    I have so many areas of my house that need attention. My kids are finally out of the house so I want to go room by room starting with the living room and make it feel like me. I love diy and crafts so I’m excited to win a box and get inspiration.

  21. Christy Wallace says:

    Thank you for the chance at this giveaway! I had no idea your blog existed! So excited to look at all your past posts.

  22. o boy! treasure boxes! love the bird feeder on you facebook site! thanks for all the fun and generosity.

  23. I see wonderful things in all boxes. Thanks for the opportunity to play along. I can’t wait to see what the winners create with all the goodies. 😊

  24. Teresa Garrett says:

    HI Kathy,
    I LOVE your blog!!! You have so many wonderful ideas to work with!! I’ve learned so much from your blog!! I always get so many great ideas from you!! I have so many ideas as to what I would make from those boxes!! I always find good things at Goodwill!!
    Thank you!
    Hugs, Teresa

    • says:

      Hi, Teresa- I’m Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods). Did you mean to comment on Petticoat Junktion’s website instead?

  25. MRL sent me here! I would love ❤️ to add to my crafting stash!

  26. What a great idea. I love just being inspired by found objects

  27. Thanks for the giveaways! You gals are the BEST!!

  28. Wow! I need to do this!

  29. Sorry, commented before entering. I love to crochet

  30. What a sweet giveaway. I think I would have to let the box inspire what I made if I won.

  31. Chas Greener says:

    I’m such a fan of your work 🙂 If I won I would work on seasonal crafts, as well as look at each item and then see what I’m inspired to make from it. I’m an organizer too so if something could be used for that purpose, I would definitely do that as well. Thank you for this give away.

  32. I would work on card-making.

  33. Anya Mathis says:

    Love your craft boxes! Hope I win one!

  34. Jamie Engle says:

    My mind is spinning with possibilities! Home Deco, gifts …. it’s all fair game!

  35. What a great idea to help share all yur goodies.

  36. Wendy Namken says:

    I would love to win! So many goodies in there to enjoy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. These boxes look amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am planning on getting back into crafting in 2017. My goal is to make something homemade once a month. I plan on starting with stenciling.

  38. Holly Bolling says:

    Love this! So many amazing things in those boxes!

  39. Lauren Redeker says:

    I tried leaving a comment on another page (?) but it didn’t seem to work. But then this came up…I’m on my phone and I guess not the best at this! Anyway, if I won a box, I would probably use it to work on my embellishment projects, like frames, journals, and pictures. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

  40. Paulette Bledsoe says:

    This sounds like so much fun😁 Love DiY, crafts and repurposing junk!

  41. Patricia Parker says:

    I would not mind winning one of Sadie Seasongoods stash boxes …..

  42. Sandi Allen says:

    What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the chance to win!
    I would definitely do more painting projects.

  43. Oh, the possibilities! They are endless. You are a true inspiration.

  44. Cyndi Goscinak says:

    Looks like fun! Pick me!

  45. Fabulous, what fun I can imagine.

  46. Cindy Downing says:

    I have no idea..hoping to be inspired

  47. Thank you for sharing your creativity on your blog! These are such fun giveaways, thank you for the opportunity to enter

  48. Dang! I need to fill a box myself lol!

  49. Vickie Williams says:

    This is a wonderful idea to help us get crafting again….I really miss crafting new things.

  50. Thanks for the chance.

  51. I would just keep on crafting! Thanks, Lisa

  52. Awesome! There’s always room for more supplies!!

  53. Holly Glaeser says:

    Always crafting something new…Love your page and the inspiration you give!!!!

  54. What fun!

  55. marsha lamberth says:

    I would love to win a goodie box like that. I have been a life long crafter. It adds so much joy to my life.

  56. Kerry Huizinga says:

    Would love the chance to repurpose your excess supplies!

  57. Nancy Walden says:

    I love the Amazing Grace, It is Well with my Soul and the flower stencils.

  58. I would work on some kind of wall art

  59. Ann Holland says:


  60. You have the greatest projects!! Would love to win a giveaway!!

  61. Denice Metz says:

    How wonderful wish me luck

  62. chris aka monkey says:

    love this sarah, and thank-you for all of your awesome posts xx

  63. I will work on some scrapbook projects for my mom.

  64. Roberta S says:

    What a fantastic way to start off a new year of creativity! I would love to win one of these boxes in order to get a new slant on creating. I’m sure everyone’s stash of crafting goodies is different, and getting supplies someone else has selected could open up a whole new line of ideas for projects. It is very generous of you all to supply your readers with a big dose of fun during the holiday let-down period. A drawing always supplies that “will I win?!” anticipation, too. Thanks for the fun!!

  65. Nancy Hamilton says:

    I would love to win all of these treasures!

  66. Melissa Sullivan says:

    Great idea! It would depend on which box I received-if the 3rd one I’d make some mini pedestals for display with the tartlet tins.

    Messy Gluegunner

  67. Chris Cook says:

    I just found you and am looking forward to delving through all of your pins and posts to see what inspiration I can gain from you!! Give-Aways are just a plus!!

  68. Robyn Gist says:

    That looks like some great boxes of fun! I would use them in mixed media projects. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. What a great idea! Enjoy your posts !thanks for the opportunity to win! Cathy

  70. Celeste Baldwin says:

    MRL sent me. So much fun treasure, so little time!

  71. Becky Davies says:

    What an awesome way to share your treasures and help me jumpstart my creativity! Love them all. Thanks for the opportunity. MRL said to tell you, she sent us. Haha

  72. Hi there! I love crafting! From painting with acrylics, to stenciling, and sewing. I love it all!

  73. Maryann Massar says:

    I enjoy all types of crafting. I rock paint, make welcome signs, decoupage, pine cone art, and anything else I see!! Love to win a box!!

  74. Really enjoy your posts!

  75. Love your page. Thanks for the offer to win this!

  76. I will probably search Pinterest for uses for the supplies received and find something fun to try.

  77. I am doing a lot of wall art these days, so that’s what I’d do :-). Thanks!!!

  78. I was having trouble leaving a comment, so I apologize if I commented twice! What a great way for you girls to purge, and for me, to perhaps try a product I’ve never used before or to create something outside of my comfort zone! Thank you for your blog and generosity with this giveaway opportunity.

  79. Constance Colvin says:

    I’d work on my family room!

  80. Juliet Luiks says:

    Just found you and so excited. I’m sure I could add any of the boxes, first choice would be “c”, to the stuffs I’ve already hoarded, and come up with some great inspirational items!

  81. Thank you for the giveaway! All of the boxes look like they’re filled with wonderful possibilities!!

  82. Sherry Fram says:

    I need to do something for my front door other than just a wreath! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  83. When I am not “playing with fabric” (quilting, sewing, etc.) I am crafting. I have way more fabric than craft supplies, though. And, never say “craft junk”, it is not junk, but stuff to make really great things out of – repurpose is the best thing yet!

  84. Love your interesting boxes, and I am intrigued my the flannel shirt redo.

  85. What a GREAT giveaway! I have just started getting back into my creative side after leaving my job of 8 years to be a stay at home mom to my 8 kids! When their at school – I like to craft. Any of these would be a great addition to my growing craft and creative brain! Thank you for the opportunity and all the great inspiration your blog brings to me and others.

  86. Kristie Cook says:

    What a great idea! Next time you do a giveaway, let me know. I have a hole room (overflowing) full of crafty things. I clean it out regularly and usually donate to various places. I think I’ll pass on entering the giveaway – even though I see some tempting things in those boxes!

  87. Pamela Giannetto says:

    I love the idea of passing on craft items you won’t be using. I do this regularly. I would do a once a week card for my mother with the deck of cards. My sister made her one of pictures from her past and I know she loved that. I also loved the alarm clock. I would love to come up with an idea to do something with that. I also love the Christmas stuff. There are tons of things to do with that.

  88. I do just about everything when it comes to crafting. My favorite thing now is doing any kind of mixed media project with found objects. I like to go to thrift stores and find scraps of ephemera and old jewelry and come up with put them all together in useful, beautiful ways. Windchimes, birdhouses, storage containers, jewelry boxes etc.

  89. This is such a fun giveaway! I would work on home decor projects.

  90. Thank You for this generous giveaway.

  91. Fonda Rush says:

    I usually work with paper, but I have an idea for some assemblage pieces I want to do, and some of the objects I see in your boxes will help with that. Who knows…I could start off with something completely new! Thank you for the opportunity to win. rush88888 at gmail dot com

    • says:

      Fonda, make sure you enter through the Rafflecopter widget!!

      • Fonda Rush says:

        I did, but thanks for the reminder. I can get so caught up I forget to do something! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for the giveaway!

  92. Jeanie Devoe says:

    I’ve got so many different ideas for the New Year.

  93. Always like to try new things. Thanks for giving up your stash!!

  94. Mary Cain says:

    What a fun giveaway! I love the peek into what kind of supplies and goodies everyone uses.

  95. Would love to win one of the boxes so I can create some of the super cute and fun stuff that you ladies feature on your blogs!

  96. So many wonderful craft ideas for each box!

  97. I think I will make steampunk soap carvings if I win. I saw some clock parts in box c.

  98. Happy New Year and what a way to start the year! I’m super excited about the giveaway. I really wouldn’t mind getting just a quick note from you as I am a big fan of your creative talent. Thanks for sharing with folks like me (wannabes) your repurposing vision and your creative inspirations. May 2017 be even bigger and better! When I grow up I want to be like you!!

    • says:

      Thank you so very much, Nancy!! I so sincerely appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm…you’ll never know how much it means to me. I’ve been on pins and needles in the days leading up to the giveaway because I was so excited…and to have my blogging friends join me with giveaways of their own!!! Priceless. 🙂

  99. What a fun giveaway idea! I’m looking at the pictures trying to figure out what I could do if I won.

  100. Awesome lot of craft and junk supplies. Wish I could enter! Thanks for putting the giveaway tour together Sarah. Have a great week!

  101. Donna Lamb says:

    I usually work with fabric but am willing to try anything.

  102. Patty Soriano says:

    Well, to answer your question, the kind of craft will have to depend on what I receive in the box. If I receive some paint I may finish a cute mug rack that I am repurposing to be a bracelet keeper. It’s been waiting awhile for a new outfit! Thank you, Sarah, for joining Kathy in this super giveaway!

  103. girlfromwva says:

    depending on which box i would win :), i am right now working on ATC’s (altered trading cards). after that, i am hoping to do at least one craft a month for whatever holiday will be in that month.

  104. I would would make more mini albums and some collage in my art journal. Thanks

  105. I am new to your blog and can’t wait to read everything! I am disabled and always looking for something new to keep myself busy….I know I will certainly find new ideas! I have entered your giveaway….What fun for all of you to get together and offer fun things! Thank you

  106. I’ve got a few bare spots on my sewing room walls that need some creative projects…that’s what I’d be working on! Love your “stuff”!

  107. What a bunch of fun goodies the winner will get – they are going to have so much fun with it all. Thanks for co-hosting this giveaway with me at

  108. Lisa Waggle says:

    Well so many ideas running thru my mind. Can’t pick just one!

  109. What a great idea a box of inspiration.

  110. berrycherry63 says:

    My mind is racing with things too make,,,Thanks for the chance.

  111. C Brannon says:

    Box A or C 🙂

  112. Laura Carder says:

    Looks like lots of fun stuff in those boxes! Love your blog!

  113. Mary Graves says:

    I’m always crafting but if I were to win I’d use the supplies to make some decor items for my home. I’m finally getting around to decorating my home after living here for about 7 years. I stay super busy with my part time job as an EMT and a mom to 4 awesome kiddos. Thanks for the giveaway and I can’t wait to read your blog! 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks, Mary! If you like repurposing and upcycling, then I think you’ll like my projects. 🙂

  114. Annalisa Davis says:

    Lots of great things to create with.

  115. Deb Yoder says:

    Wonderful giveaways ~ Not sure what project I would do if I win, I guess I’d have to see what’s in my surprise box. I really love your ideas 🙂


  116. Fun in a box 🙌. I have my fingers crossed.

  117. Pam Pyron says:

    What exciting possibilities!

  118. I want to decoupage more.

  119. That’s not junk!! That is treasure!

  120. I will see what they inspire me to make. I love this idea and plan on passing on some of my craft excess to others.

  121. What a fun giveway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Melissa Storms says:

    I have decided that I will be making as many gifts this year as possible for birthdays and holidays. Right now I am brainstorming and gathering supplies. Winning any of these boxes will really help.

  123. Making plain cardboard storage boxes for odds and ends look more attractive.

  124. Great giveaways

  125. I have just finished replacing floors in my main floor and need to make a lot of home dec items to spiffy things up a bit. So, I will find a good home dec project and go for it.

  126. I’m not sure what I would make but it sure would fun going through those treasure boxes!
    Thanks for participating!

  127. Laurie Bordelon says:

    Pick me!!!

  128. Fun idea! I am always looking for fun things to incorporate into my wood projects!

  129. Cherie Smith says:

    First time visitor of your blog. I will definitely be coming back. Wonderful giveaway too. Excited!!

  130. Thanks for opportunity. Am a somewhat new crafter, DIY lover and repurposer. Have many pieces to complete, to win would be such a blessing. Have fb page Salvage Gal Creations. Shows projects I have done. So much fun creating beauty!

  131. Terry McCloskey says:

    Sure do love a the idea of playing with a box of treasures…this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night with ideas swirling around in my brain…How fun…thank you

  132. Kimberly Reed says:

    This is so great! The wheels are turning looking at these goodies. 🙂

  133. Jeannette Olton says:

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. I do a lot of sewing and crafting. Peeking in the boxes, I can see lots of opportunities for creativity. The tart pans would make great frames for some vintage Christmas prints!

  134. I think I would let the box inspire me. They all look great!

  135. Mary DeVine says:

    Christmas ornaments for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. I paint, sew, knit, crochet, tangle, do paper crafts of all sorts, color, etc. so I’m sure I can find a purpose for the fun items in your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  137. scarycheri says:

    Got here from Angie’s site (nick of time) I would love a chance to win your goodie boxes. Thanks for the chance. I love you button rhinestone bracelet. How cute. Definitely worth a blog post.

  138. Kelly Young says:

    I would incorporate items into my art!

  139. I’m in such a slump right now. Can’t seem to get the ideas from my brain to my fingers. I think this would surely do the trick for me. Thanks to all of you, it is such a clever idea!

  140. What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  141. Patty Williford says:

    So look forward to your blog! You are so creative and you truly inspire me! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  142. Anita Laney says:

    I love making gifts for my family… lots of inspiration in the giveaway boxes.

  143. Such a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks a ton!

  144. I can’t wait to see the new flannel post. I am always a sucker for flannel!

  145. Tammy Cianciulli says:

    how thoughtful!! I am drooling over what looks like tiny pinecones in box C? I finish a lot of cross stitch ornaments, and it is hard to find smaller picks, etc to add as part of the finish. Such a great thing to have on hand! Do you happen to know where you got them?

  146. laurie cape says:

    I have several pieces of weathered wood that I want to turn into signs. A craft box would work wonderfully for that!

  147. Sarah, I’ve never visited your blog before. Thanks so much for the chance to win a box of crafting goodies. I’m in the midst of doing some small projects around my house. I really enjoy being crafty.

  148. Bonnie East says:

    A “fan”tastic idea for all of your fans. I do furniture upcycling so I can see all kinds of potential uses!

  149. Thanks!

  150. I would love box #1!

  151. Great giveaway, thank you!

  152. This is a great idea for January. The boxes look interesting!

  153. Kimberley A Mason says:

    i love to re-purpose/up-cycle vintage items and give them to my granddaughters for their rooms, mirrors, pictures, clocks you name it. They love to work on crafts with me as well. So Pick me, pick me!

  154. Mary L Bryant says:

    If I am lucky enough to win I would use the supplies to work on my 2yr old neices junk journal.

  155. I love crafting! It is so relaxing for me but I need to get back into it! Thanks for the chance!

  156. Entering again on day two. Really want to increase my chances to maybe get one of the awesome boxes. Thanks for all you do an another chance!

  157. Theresa Rouse says:

    You cannot have too many craft supplies. Love your blog .

  158. Tammie Nagy says:

    Box 2 piqued my interest because of the Christmas-y looking stuff. After Christmas is always a good time to work on Christmas decorations- no pressure!

  159. Really not sure what I will craft, But it sure will be fun finding out.

  160. This is so cool! My daughter and I both like to work on crafts, so this is perfect! The hard part will be deciding what to do first!

  161. Susan McMenamin says:

    I see the opportunity for much crafty fun with the goodies in your boxes! Unique Christmas ornaments, mixed media…

  162. Rachel Dates says:

    Trying my hand at a remodel and creating a laundry room. Whew, I’m slightly overwhelmed by totally inspired. Thanks!

  163. Jennifer Darcy says:

    This would be so fun to win! What a great idea!

  164. I can’t never get to much crafting!

  165. You know what they say, “One person’s ‘junk’ is another person’s treasure…” — I already have ideas running through my head of what I could do with the items in your boxes! Thanks!

  166. Thank you for gathering your own things for this giveaway.

  167. Kristina Austin says:

    What fun!

  168. I would share these with my crafty daughter and we would come up with something amazing depending on which box we get!

  169. Susan E Duckworth says:

    Thank you so much for your ideas and your giveaway!

  170. Karen Leigh says:

    Whhheee!!!! I <3 a giveaway! Magical stash…you know I could make some magical things. 🙂

  171. My mind is swirling with ideas!!! So much fun to be had!
    Thanks for a chance to win

  172. Fun, fun, fun! Can’t wait to get my box of goodies! LOL!

  173. Mary Milnarich says:

    My head is swirling with ideas! What great treasures you are giving away. Thanks

  174. This is such a cool idea you gals have organized! I just don’t know what project I would do if I win. I guess it would depend on the stuff I won. Actually, I feel like I should be offering a box full of some of the stuff I have!

  175. Back for day three. Fingers crossed I’ll be hearing from you shortly 🙂

  176. I am working on Christmas stockings right now so hopefully there will be something in the box to help out in that area. I have 18 grandkids so it pays to start early.

  177. nadya kotik says:

    some Christmas things, some gifts and decorations for house

  178. I really should be contributing a box of my own crafty stuff and not trying to win more! I love everything you make so having some of your stash to create with would be a little dream coming true. Keep up the amazing work and thank you!

  179. Jennifer Mason says:

    Thank you for being so generous and giving me an opportunity to be creative! I would mix your gifts with my own craft supplies and see what magic happens.

  180. Katie @ Creatively Living says:

    What a fun idea! I’d work on a stenciled sign 🙂

    – Holly B .

  181. Theresa Kane says:

    Happy new year! I am loving these craft box giveaways.. like Christmas all over again! #3 looks great.. love those tins and I think I see a clock? Thanks for a fun giveaway

  182. Lesa Jensen says:

    Time to get creative again.

  183. The possibilities are endless!

  184. Mandi Buchanan says:

    Awesome! MRL sent me your way 🙂 thank you!

  185. Linda Petteys says:

    I repurpose items and furniture but I also crochet and sew – who knows what will be used where!! thank you.

  186. What an awesome idea! Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. Love your blog💕 Love the rhinestone bracelet. Have been saving mother of pearl buttons of all kinds to do one. Thank You❤ for a chance to repurpose a whole “new” box of inspiration! Party on! Blessings in 2017!!

  188. Vickie browder says:

    Lots of great crafting supplies. My grandson and I would have so much fun. Thank you.

  189. Kristina Austin says:

    All the boxes look so much fun! I hope I win! 🙂

  190. Camilla Bradley says:

    I so greatly enjoy your blog-spot! It is so inspirational in so many areas and ways! I enjoy crafting of all kinds and I know I can always count on your page for great inspiration!! Thanks for the chance to get some supplies to create with! Hope you have the best day ever!

  191. Sharri Sims says:

    Just moved into a fixer upper and have decided that nothing comes into the house unless its homemade, upcycled or vintage. Would love to win a box to help with our new décor.

  192. I like crafts of all types! So whatever I would win, would lead me in that direction! But, I mostly like redoing furniture!

  193. Stephanie Mudd Carrico says:

    I love painting and furniture redo…but I’ll try anything craft wise.
    Makes me happy.

  194. Stephanie H. says:

    One of my new years resolutions is to do more “me time.” So, if I win I’ll be drawing, painting, and crafting my heart away.

  195. Mother Deer says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Craft Junk Box 🙂

  196. I think Box A is made for me 😜 It has a letter N in it! I’m super loving the vintage sewing pattern that you are wrapping all these goodies in the boxes with. If I don’t win any of the boxes are you sending consolation prizes? I’ll take the vintage sewing patterns as one.

  197. This is such a great idea for a giveaway! I love the creativity of this giveaway!

  198. kimberly robson says:

    never junk just TREASURES

  199. I would be creating lots and lots of mixed media projects and cards if I was to be one of the lucky winners! I am really drooling over the little pie/tart tins in box 3 but the wooden box in box 1 has me drooling too! Looks like lots of great treasures! Thanks for the chance to win some of them!

  200. What lovely boxes of goodness, thank you for the giveaway!

  201. Ooh, the possibilities are endless! I’d like to work on a Christmas or winter vignette.

  202. I want to make some kind of wall art for over my fireplace.

  203. Rebecca b says:

    So far this winter has been full of snow days, so any projects I do have to include my kids 😉

  204. MRL sent me and I am so very excited to be able to o try and WIN Something or Anything! Everything is so wonderful and such a GREAT GIVEAWAY and to tell you the truth anything would be so great. I just love to do DIY & Crafts! Thank you for the opportunity😊

  205. Catherine Corpus says:

    Would Love to Win!!
    i’m doing a Tiny House ( a shed with 2 lofts)….and Everything by hand
    I need all of the supplies I can get…So thank you for this Giveaway and a chance to Win


  206. I have 3 Granddaughters whom I craft with all the time. We would work together on this and create something amazing!

  207. Stephanie S says:

    My mind is working. What great options.

  208. My kids would love painting and decorating a bird house!

  209. Peggy Johnson says:

    I would do some mixed media canvas pieces to start with. There are many things that I could do.

  210. Oh my, what a great giveaway. Currently I am working on adding to a gallery wall, so I will probably make something to add to it.

  211. I’m baaaack! I’d love to receive one of these boxes!

  212. LISA A HAY says:

    If I win I will work on birthday and Christmas projects for my friends! Thanks for the opportunity!

  213. I see lots of fun stuff in your boxes!!

  214. Hi, What a great idea. I think I would make some kind of collage out of the items. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Kathy

  215. Kathy Wynne says:

    Oh my! Ideas are racing thru my head! thank you for the chance to win!

  216. First, I will make somethingbeautiful for Mom. She needs a little cheering up since she was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Then I would make myself something as my life has been so hectic and stressful for several months that I could use some cheering up. 🙂

  217. Patti Price says:

    I just love all the inspirational posts!! Having thrifted for years I’ve just retired and finally have the time to work on these project!!

  218. I love all your work…thanks for giving us a chance to win these awesome items!!!

  219. Melinda W says:

    Such a great idea!

  220. I don’t know what I would make – but that’s half the fun – figuring it out! Love C, B, A!!!

  221. I have so many ideas for spring/summer crafting this year. I’m going to make beaded windchimes first though 🙂

  222. I’d love to win any of these boxes!

  223. JoAnn Heard says:

    What a wonderful idea for all of you to participate in the giveaway! Oh the possibilities of creating something great with the items in box.

  224. I’m in desperate need of some home decor. We’re going through a house renovation right now and when that’s done I cannot wait to get started on the decorating. I think one of these boxes might just spur my inspiration a little more! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  225. Moonalisa says:

    MRL sent me your way. Such an awesome was of “repurposing” stuff!

  226. Michele Trow says:

    I can think of several things I could work on. Card making, papercrafting, and trash to treasure crafts

  227. Lisa Langston says:

    Just discovered your blog! I love your style! I would love to win, I need to get creative. My home really needs some “fun” style!! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  228. Sarah, love the pairings in your boxes, from the clock to the little umbrellas and deck of cards. You have the touch for creativity. If only I could get it!

  229. LISA BARNES says:

    love, love, love

  230. Those look like fun giveaways!!

  231. Wonderful idea. I need to do this too. Thank you for sharing this idea at Vintage Charm.

  232. Lisa Langston says:

    What a wonderful idea!

  233. Sarah, this is such a great idea and so generous! All the boxes look like they’re filled with treasures.

  234. Dang! I’m bummed that I missed the contest, but what a great concept! I’m sure I have lots of crafting materials lying around too that I’ll never use. Thanks for sharing!

  235. Beverly Foor says:

    Sarah – I received my box of treasures in the mail today. I was so excited to open it! Love that you used old patterns for tissue paper – what a great idea! (as an aside, the factory for Simplicity Patterns was in my hometown) Love, love, love all the contents – I’m the proud winner of Box B!! My crafting glands are starting to salivate already! Alas, I’m preparing for knee surgery, so the actual crafting will have to wait, but I will have plenty of time to plan. Thank you again!

  236. Susan Heppe says:

    Ahh – to just relax and craft a new project…perfect winter afternoon


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