I Heart The Upstate: Good Eats!

I Heart The Upstate: Good Eats!

I am unabashedly in love with my adopted hometown, Greenville, South Carolina. In fact, I’ve been a guest blogger for the Visit Greenville, SC website because I love this area so dearly.  Since the theme of Sadie Seasongoods is “Create ● Consume ● Explore”, it seems only fitting to do some blog posts dedicated to this wonderful area we call The Upstate.

Eating in Greenville is difficult simply because we have a plethora of amazing options. I recently got the chance to show off Greenville to some friends of mine from out of town- friends who are equal parts foodie and outdoorsy- and they quickly realized that they needed to come back and spend more time here. It’s just that intoxicating.

This is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to Greenville and The Upstate. Let’s talk about FOOD- I’m already a little hungry, so why not salivate over some of my favorite eateries??

Stella’s Southern Bistro

Stella’s is one of our (Jon and I- he’s as much a local foodie as I am) absolute favorite places in all of Greenville County. It was one of our first celebratory dinners when we first moved to South Carolina- and boy did they set the bar high for our foodie-to-be palates. The concept of “Farm-to-Table” was just gaining momentum when we first visited Stella’s and we saw it first hand as we watched a local farmer deliver freshly plucked tomatoes through their back door. From their shrimp and grits, to their fried-green-tomato-pimento-cheese BLT, to their…well, everything…Stella’s is definitely a go-to favorite.

Stella's Southern Bistro. Photo courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/stellasbistro

Photo courtesy of Stella’s Bistro Facebook page

The Trappe Door

I’ve never been to Germany. Or Belgium. Or Austria. BUT we do have The Trappe Door here locally, so I’m a happy camper. The food is fantastic- my personal favorite? Pork and Cherry Sausages. Oh, you want more luscious details? By all means…”Our pork sausages are made in house with dried cherries and served over leek mash potatoes, creamy brussel sprouts and smothered in our sherry and onion gravy”. Straight from the menu, and yes, they are as amazing as they sound. And if the food wasn’t enough, there’s the underground ambiance. Dark and seductive, and if that’s not enough to start your engine, they also have an amazing bar.

Trappe Door

Photo courtesy of: http://www.trappedoor.com/

The Lazy Goat

The Lazy Goat is one of those places that just makes you feel cool- you know what I mean? It’s not ostentatious or indulgently priced or overly fancy…but it’s just stylish enough, the food is just avant-garde enough, and the staircase is just winding enough to give everyone who dines there a certain level of cool. I also keep hoping to be invited to a wedding party there, but alas…’tis yet to happen.  I do know for a fact, though, that I could easily subsist solely on their fried goat cheese (complete with pistachio dust and a vanilla honey drizzle)- it’s just that good.

Lazy Goat

Photo courtesy of The Lazy Goat’s Facebook page

Sassafras Southern Bistro

You might be saying, “Another Southern Bistro”? Well, let me educate you- there is “country cookin’ ” and then there is “Southern cuisine”. Each has a special place in my heart, but this, my friends is all about Southern cuisine.  And Sassafras specializes in just that, all within the brick walls of a renovated cigar factory, which is probably what I fell in love with first. And while Jon enjoys the atmosphere as much as I do, he’d say that the chimichurri ribeye is what keeps his Sassafras fire burning.


Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor’s page dedicated to Sassafras Southern Bistro

Stellar Restaurant and Wine Bar

Want to dine under the cosmos, or at least feel like you are? Their illuminated ceiling isn’t the only reason I love Stellar, but it certainly elevated my opinion. Plus, Stellar introduced me to Orin Swift Cellars and their cadre of ferociously good wines. Picking a favorite dish is as difficult as picking a glass of wine…guess I’ll just have to go back. Again. And then again again.


Photo courtesy of Yelp’s page dedicated to Stellar

What are your favorite eateries in your town? I’m always looking for a reason to go on a road trip…

Consume…and Craft on!


Have a question or like what you see? Please let me know!

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