Shotgun!: Bee Happy Vintage Market (Asheville, North Carolina)

Shotgun!: Bee Happy Vintage Market (Asheville, North Carolina)

If I could paint you a picture of my perfect day, it would look this: sunny and mild (temps in the low 70s)…a drive through the mountains…and a vintage-y festival to fill my day. And you know what? That’s exactly the day I had when I explored the Spring 2015 Bee Happy Vintage Market in Asheville, North Carolina!

As you may recall, I’ve already professed to you my love of Asheville. So I had high hopes for this new-to-me vintage festival (hosted by Bee Happy Wares & Whimsies), held within the delightful Biltmore Village. Ya’ll know I love to explore new markets, meet new vendors, and procure new treasures- and I’m happy to say I did all three of these on this blissful day!

So, who did I meet and what kinds of treasures did I discover? Let’s find out…


Time Warp Tailor

Stepping into the Time Warp Tailor booth will guarantee to cause a few oohs and ahhs…with clothing and accessories that look as if they’ve leapt off the screen from Downton Abbey or the Titanic, it’s hard not to be swept away. It was hard- so hard- not to covet it all, but perhaps next time, I’ll allow myself a lacy, feathered headband…

Time Warp Tailor at Bee Happy Vintage Market

Helloooooo, gorgeous!

Time Warp Tailor at Bee Happy Vintage Market

Simply stunning!

Blue Ridge Chicks

This booth lured me in with the promise of vintage linens and quilts- and there was SO much to look at! It was like discovering Grandma’s secret stash of all things shabby- granny squares, window panes, painted chairs, needlepoint pillows, and of course, gorgeous quilts in blues and pinks. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Blue Ridge Chicks at future vintage fairs!

Blueridge Chicks at Bee Happy Vintage Market


Blueridge chicks at Bee Happy Vintage Market

Ya’ll know how I love me some vintage linens…

Moonlight Makers

So these folks definitely get the award for the coolest booth, because it was a mini-bus painted a bright peacock blue! Moonlight Makers is, in fact, a mobile market- a collective of indie artists and makers that rely on the Moonlight Makers team to handle the business end of things (selling, shipping, photographing, etc.) allowing their curated makers to focus on the art. Isn’t that just so cool? And what a breath of fresh air for artists (or part-time artists) that just don’t have the time or patience to focus on selling…instead of focus on making! This is definitely something I can get behind.

Moonlight Makers at Bee Happy Vintage Market


Rust and Redemption

Talk about a booth full of treasures! There were so many odds and ends…fun rusty finds…and quirky vintage pieces in Rust and Redemption’s booth! I picked up a couple of colorful yardsticks and my friend, Sugar Birdie Shop, picked up the most magnificent (i.e., HUGE) red mailbox I’ve ever seen. I wish I had photographed everything they had…but if you’re in the Carolinas, keep your eyes peeled for these guys- no worries, you can thank me later.

Rust & Redemption at Bee Happy Vintage Market

Hmmm…what could I do with some old license plates??

Rust & Redemption at Bee Happy Vintage Market

Fun, curated treasures at Rust and Redemption.

Lady Beatrice

To round out my “Fave Five” booths, allow me to introduce you to Lady Beatrice! Her booth was filled to the brim with some of my favorite vintage findings: handbags, jewelry, Christmas odds and ends, lacy trim, and pretty floral china. Like several of the other vendors, I had to check her booth out twice before settling on a black clutch adorned with a sweet rosette pin. I know, I know- another clutch!!! But the price was right and I just couldn’t resist.

Lady Beatrice at Bee Happy Vintage Market

So many lovely bits to paw through…

Lady Beatrice at Bee Happy Vintage Market

My newest clutch!


In addition to meeting new friends, I was able to catch up with some old favorites- Maliasmark and Down South Vintage. And an extra bonus? I’ll see them again in two weeks at Vintage Hendo, another new-to-me market in Hendersonville, NC!

Down South Vintage at Bee Happy Vintage Market

See you soon, DSV!

I just LOVE the Spring festival season…and am already marking down the dates of upcoming Autumn fairs. Are you hitting any vintage/craft markets in your neck of the woods? Let me know…my bucket list keeps getting longer!

Explore on!



  1. Carol Buddin/Main Street Antiques says:

    Thanks Sara…I couldn’t make it back to Asheville for this one, but glad you went for me and shared the experience! I think my next adventure will be to the show in Orlando June 12! Love when I can combine a family visit and a show…win, win!

  2. Meg Miller says:

    Ashvillian here – next time you come up, try the Regeneration Station, nearby Brother Wolf Thrift, and (madre de dios!) the Goodwill Outlet, where they sell everything by the pound!

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