Thrifty & Ritzy: A Candelabra Jewelry Tree

Thrifty & Ritzy: A Candelabra Jewelry Tree

So, yes, here I go with another way to display and organize jewelry. But I was so excited by this one that I just couldn’t help myself. See, I’ve made a LOT of different jewelry holders over the years…but they’ve all been a little quirky- in a fun way! From spools, to cigar boxes, to coffee mug trees and balls of twine…they’ve been colorful and funky.

But not exactly elegant.

It was time…long overdue…to repurpose something a bit fancier into a way to store jewelry. And I already had the perfect piece in my junk stash- a silver candelabra from the thrift store.

Vintage silver candelabra for repurposing /

A crown jewel…

Grimy and covered in neglect, it was in desperate need of some attention. But a quick poll on my Facebook page indicated that while cleaning it up was a good idea, I shouldn’t go so far as to polish it. “Keep the patina!” they said.

And who am I to argue? When it comes to silver, “patina” is a fancy way of saying “lazy”, and I’m just fine with that.

With a little tinkering, I discovered that my candelabra could be broken down into a dozen or more pieces! A pleasant discovery since this made cleaning a snap…but I was really glad I took snapshots of the before so I could put it back together again!

Vintage silver candelabra for repurposing as a jewelry tree /

Hey look…it comes apart…

I was debating ideas about how to use it to store jewelry…there were definitely options. But when I was removing the few chandelier crystals it still had left, I had an idea. Why not add a few more holes to the Bobeches (i.e., wax-collecting collars)? That would be perfect for earrings…

vintage silver candelabra from thrift store to be upcycled /

The original holes for crystal drops…

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So I used my awl and hammer and did just that- now there were pairs of holes all around the bobeches. PERFECT for pairs of earrings.

Repurposing a thrifted silver candelabra into a jewelry tree /

…and with a few additional holes!

So I cleaned up the crystals (which I set aside for a future project), and reassembled the candelabra.

First, I looped some necklaces around its arms…

Upcycled silver candelabra from thrift store into a jewelry tree /

Looking good!

Upcycled silver candelabra from thrift store into a jewelry tree /

Works pretty perfectly, eh?

Then I added some earrings…but here’s a fun fact: my ears aren’t pierced! But luckily for me, I have friends in the repurposed jewelry biz! I borrowed some from my good friend, Pink Dogwood Jewelry- aren’t they gorgeous?– and they hung PERFECTLY from the extra holes I added.

Repurposing thrifted silver candelabra into jewelry tree /

Seriously perfect for pierced earrings…

And last, but not least, I placed some of my solid bangles over each candlestick! They sit perfectly atop their wax-collar platforms and look quite dashing, if I do say so myself (a gift from India!). And seriously, those PD earrings make me reconsider my anti-piercing stance…

DIY jewelry tree from thrift store vintage silver candelabra /

How. Gorgeous. Is. That.

The best part is that this is a truly solid jewelry tree- no wobbles or fear of tipping over! And it looks mighty snazzy…even with its lazy patina, wink wink.

How to repurpose a thrift store candelabra /

Functional, gorgeous, and stable- can’t beat that!

Craft on!


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  1. Denise at Knothead's Landing says:

    Clever Girl, once again you’ve scored a perfect 10! Dayum, girl! Now, I just gotta find me a perfectly patinaed (is that a word, I think it’s a word)silver candelabra…..and some purty jewelry!

  2. Super practical and super pretty! Visiting from Vintage Charm party.

  3. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    This is really gorgeous! I love the way it looks like a piece of jewelry itself .

  4. That is a brilliant idea and really beautiful. How come I never find silver candelabras?

  5. pretty niffy (or is it “thrifty” hee hee) I’d say!! 😉

  6. Sarah, this is a beautiful repurpose!! Love the way the candelabra looks with all that snazzy jewelry!! What a creative way to hang the earrings!! Love this!!

  7. Great idea, Sarah! This is indeed an elegant jewelry holder and you can even lit some candles in your bedroom. 🙂

  8. Super idea! I love it and I just passed up a candelabra at the thrift store thinking I had no use for it. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  9. Sarah, Creative idea using a candelabra for a jewelry holder! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for sharing at SnickerdoodleSunday

  10. Genius!! This is such an elegant way to organize and display jewelry! Thanks for sharing it at Dishing It & Digging It!

  11. That is so cool and pretty. You are very creative. Love the bling. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It.

  12. Clever idea! I could use some more storage and I have a candelabra!!!

  13. How awesome is this?! And it’s perfect for holding all sorts of jewelry. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. 🙂

  14. What a great project…love it…Sandi

  15. Such a fun and practical idea! I love that this is truly a display!! Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday!


  16. You always come up with the cutest ideas! Love how pretty this jewelry tree is. Looks so yummy!
    Thanks for joining the Inspiration Spotlight party. Pinned & shared. Hope to see you again soon.

  17. Sarah, you’ve combined my two loves, organizing and repurposing, into on gorgeous project. I will be on the lookout for a candelabra next time I’m thrifting. I’d love if you dropped by and shared some of your beautiful projects at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party on Organized 31.

  18. This is just such a cute idea! I can’t believe I have never thought of this! 🙂 Will certainly be using this idea in the future. Thanks! 🙂

  19. Very clever! The candelabra makes a great jewelry holder. I like that you added holes for earring. Nice job! I like the patina whether that says lazy or not.

  20. This is too cool! Now I want one!

  21. Awesome! I love that you can use the holes for the earings. This would look so much better on my dresser than my jewelry everywhere.

  22. Such a neat idea! Love this!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  23. Am blown away with your creativity… AGAIN. Featured in the new party tonight. Your pictures are gorgeous, too. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  24. Oh wow. This is such a clever idea. I even have an old candelabra lying around.

  25. Yesterday, I passed up the coolest candelabra at a thrift store and now I’m kicking myself! So cute! Very inventive.

  26. Love how crafty and creative you are! Thanks for linking this up at Welcome Home Wednesdays! See you again tomorrow!

  27. Hello! I am visiting from Roses of Inspiration and I just love this idea…very cool!

  28. This is the coolest thing! It’s fun and funky and looks like something that would be in a bohemian-style apartment. Very cool! – Jerusha,

  29. Great idea!! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week! Hugs, Jody

  30. What a great idea! Pinning. 🙂

  31. I definitely need one of these! Great idea!

  32. Such a great upcycle! Thanks for linking up with Funtastic Friday.

  33. Brilliant idea. We have similar candelabras that only come out the cupboard when we have special guests. I think they’re going to be coming out the closet permanently now!!!

  34. Oh, my! I just sold a box full of old silver plate candlesticks and candelabras at my yard sale. They had belonged to my mother who was married in 1938 and were the “in” thing at the time. Darn! If I had your creativity, I would have thought of a repurpose for them. A couple guys from Chelsea bought the box 😥 They’ll probably do something cool with them!

    • says:

      I bet those boys will use them in a very cool and decorative way!!! Did you tell them the cool back story about them?

      • Yes! I’m a retired college student admin and spent my adult life talking (which I miss) so I engage everyone I meet, lol. The couple was fascinated and pleased with the background. I felt the items were going to a good home. As a senior citizen, I’m trying to learn to let go of lifetime collections which is difficult but necessary. I’m so pleased to see you younger people appreciating our old stuff and repurposing it! Very cool!!


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