Shopping in Asheville, NC: Best Antiques, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

Shopping in Asheville, NC: Best Antiques, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

Asheville, NC is one of my favorite day trips. It’s not too far away from where I live, and hosts a number of destinations that my husband and I both love. And I completed a Junkin’ Journey on Asheville early in my blogging days, but over the years, that post has gotten severely outdated.

Several of the shops that I included in my original post had closed, which is always a risk when I publish a Junkin’ Journey. But I decided that the time had come for me to start fresh!

I gathered a brand new list of shops – some of my long time favorites as well as some new ones. With list in hand, I headed into the mountains to check out the thrift stores, antiques shops, and architectural salvage yards in Asheville, NC.

Ready to see where I went and what my favorites were?


Shopping in Asheville, NC for Antiques, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

Old Town Salvage Company

Given my love of architectural salvage, it’s no surprise that I was like a heat seeking missile to this new-to-me store. It’s actually located a bit outside of Asheville, NC, but close enough to include. And it did not disappoint for an upcycler like me. The actual shop is quite charming with plenty of hardware, light fixtures, and nicer salvage pieces (mantels, tubs, etc.).

But it’s the yard out back that really got my junkin’ motor running. Plenty of salvaged wood…chippy tin tiles…and other future projects were waiting (in patches of wildflowers, no less) to be discovered and cherished!

Asheville antiques and antiques Asheville NC at The Old Town Salvage Company

Architectural salvage in Asheville NC and shopping in Asheville NC for antiques at The Old Town Salvage Company

Antiques and architectural salvage and reclaimed wood at Old Town Salvage Company in Asheville NC

WNC Bridge Foundation Thrift Store

If there’s one thrift store in Asheville, NC that I can GUARANTEE that I’ll not only go to but also find treasures at, it’s the WNC Bridge Foundation Thrift Store. I’ve been going here for years (it was formerly the CarePartners Foundation Thrift Store), and I’ve never once walked out empty-handed.

It’s a huge, tidy thrift shop with a tremendous selection of housewares and other smalls. They often host estate sales on weekends AND the shop has a special DIY section with broken treasures on super discount. What more could an upcycler like me ask for?

WNC Bridge Foundation Thrift store or Care Partners Thrift Store are thrift stores Asheville NC by Sadie Seasongoods

Second Chances Thrift Store

There are not one, not two, but THREE thrift stores in Asheville, NC that benefit various animal welfare groups. And Second Chances Thrift Store is one of them. This shop benefits Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, which does TREMENDOUS work in Asheville and the region, so I always make sure I carve out time for a quick drop-in.

Criteria to make “Sadie’s Favorite Thrift Shops List” always include (1) benefits animal charities, and (2) tons of housewares or project pieces, and Second Chances checks off both those requirements in spades.

Asheville thrift stores to go to include Second Chances Thrift which benefits the charity called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue


Another one of my long-time favorites for antique shopping in Asheville, NC is ScreenDoor. Antiques stores open and close constantly, but ScreenDoor has stood the test of time over many, many years.

Not your average antique mall, ScreenDoor offers beautifully curated booths to scratch any vintage itch you may have – mid century modern, farmhouse chic, garden cottage, industrial decor, and many more. 

ScreenDoor Asheville is an antique store or antiques asheville nc for vintage and salvage decor

Animal Haven of Asheville Thrift Shop

Another favorite animal welfare-based charity shop of mine is the Animal Haven of Asheville Thrift Shop. It’s located off the beaten path, but is well worth a quick jaunt to explore. 

The shop is located in a quaint building adjacent to the animal rescue, and is filled to the brim with treasures. I always make a beeline for the front-and-center display which is frequently rotated and often features their more unique and/or vintage treasures.

Shopping in Asheville NC for Asheville thrift stores at Animal Haven of Asheville Thrift shop

The Regeneration Station

If you end up going to Second Chances Thrift Store, then you’ll drive past The Regeneration Station. So you might as well hit both! And, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be sorry you did- because there is a TON to look at here.

Located in a lime green warehouse, there are several aisles of curated booths to stroll past. Lovers of mid century modern or boho chic decor should definitely put this on their list. But eclectic upcyclers and farmhouse lovers should go as well.

The Regeneration Station for shopping in Asheville NC for antiques and vintage home decor

Industrial decor and vintage farmhouse decor at The Regeneration Station in Asheville NC

I also discovered a Clearance Corner that was chock full of discounted pieces that were ripe for repurposing. So, you can basically guess where I did the most damage at.

Thrift Hound

Last but not least, the third animal welfare-based thrift store that I could find in Asheville, NC! Thrift Hound was a new-to-me shop and I was happy to give it a go. Besides, it benefits Mountain Pet Rescue, so it was definitely worth checking out.

Small but satisfying, Thrift Hound boasted all kinds of housewares for me to peruse. They also had plenty of vintage pieces, craft supplies, and other smalls to consider, as well.

Plus, it’s located next to Mine and Yours ReSale, a consignment shop with a huge clothing selection. I love a “Park Once, Shop Secondhand Twice” opportunity!

Thrift stores Asheville NC at Thrift Hound to go shopping in Asheville NC for thrifts and antiques


There are always a few shops that I check out and I forget to take photos. So, I want to give some photo-less honorable mentions, as well.

Whenever I find myself in Asheville, I always swing by their Habitat ReStore. It is EASILY one of the largest ReStores I’ve ever gone to and they have an amazing collection of used furniture and housewares. So, do yourself a favor and give it a go – but leave their vintage books alone. 

JUST KIDDING – they always have some lovely vintage books for sale for bibliophiles like me.

Antique Tobacco Barn is another well-known antiques store in Asheville, as well. It is an absolutely massive place to experience and an easy place to find a treasure or two for your collection.

As for Asheville flea markets, I know of two: Pisgah Market and Uncommon Goods. Someday, I’ll definitely check them out!


My junkin’ journey blog posts are never meant to be a comprehensive collection of EVERY store in a town. But rather a list of my absolute favorite ones that I recommend. I still like to ask, though – did I miss your favorite antique store or thrift shop in Asheville, NC?

And don’t forget – I’ve gone junkin’ to other places, too- check out all the places I’ve traveled to here and start planning your own junkin’ journey!

Explore on!


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Shopping in Asheville NC at the best antique stores, vintage, architectural salvage, and thrift stores


  1. Kathryn Wells says

    We are headed north , from Florida, tomorrow morning, yay! We will stop off in South Carolina at the border between South Carolina and Georgia, stay there for a week, and then head up to Flat Rock for a month, again, yay! We will check out some of these thrift stores, as well as some in Hendersonville, also, having stayed there a month in April, we’re really familiar with Hendersonville thrift stores.
    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great article! I live in eastern NC, so this would make a great Girlfriends’ Trip.

  3. Next time you come over to my part of the world, go a bit farther south and hit Smiley’s Flea Market in Fletcher (but you have to get there early, like before 9!), along with The Garage – a dealer mall type place with two levels of treasures! Also in the area on the same road is Lulu’s Consignment, then a Goodwill store just a block away. On your way back, stop by Books for Good, if you enjoy used bookstores too.

  4. Edith Wendland says

    Wishen we had places like these in my neck of the woods.

  5. Hey, I’ll ride shotgun in the taco hauler if you are doing a quick trip up there in the future. I can’t wait to visit some of these stores! But I think I’ll pass picking that prison loo or whatever that is in the first pic LOL 🙂

  6. Great post! I live here and a couple of these were new to me. I also echo everything Carole said, especially about Books for Good.

  7. Oh my! You are so lucky to be near so many antique/thrift stores. Love your blog!

  8. Naomi Shelton says

    Well, Sarah, that was an exercise in triple-duty frus-ter-ation!! I wanted to BE IN every one of those shops! And I’m trying to figure out if/when/how I can get to Asheville! I feel all those junk shops calling to me and I’m probably going to dream about junking for the next month!

    So, anyway, when do we get to see the haul you made from that trip?? Soon, I hope! I can’t wait!

  9. Ashville is on my places to visit list (mainly for Biltmore), but I’m thinking I’ll have to check out some of these amazing hidden treasures too!

  10. Karen Fincher says

    We are headed to Ashville the end of this month so will definitely have to hit some of these fun places thanks for the heads up!

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