Halloween Cookie Cutters as Needle Felting Supplies

Halloween Cookie Cutters as Needle Felting Supplies

I can’t recall when or how I first heard about the craft of needle felting. But it is a technique that I’ve admired for a while and wanted to try out. A friend of mine told me that the easiest way to learn was to use cookie cutters as needle felting supplies for shaping the wool. So, when I thrifted these Halloween cookie cutters, I knew it was time to give felting wool a go!

Halloween cookie cutters to be used as needle felting supplies to make the Halloween jewelry

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Of course, I didn’t have ANY needle felting supplies in my arsenal, so I had to start from scratch. Luckily, though, I found a delightful starter kit that had all the needle felting supplies I would need to get started.

Needle felting kit with wool roving in many colors to use with the Halloween cookie cutters

Honestly, I didn’t even know what I’d need to try felting wool, but the kit seemed thorough enough to me!

Needle felting supplies in the needle felting kit to use with the Halloween cookie cutters

Using a Needle Felting Kit with Halloween Cookie Cutters

Before I did anything else, I spent some time on YouTube watching videos of other people needle felting. This video showed the basics of felting, but this one was much longer and showed how to create finer details.

Either way, I was ready to give it a try after watching the videos. From the box of needle felting supplies, I grabbed some wool roving, the foam pad, and one of the larger felting needles. Per the instructions, I cleaned the needle first.

I separated some of the wool roving from the ball, making it thin and wispy before gently folding it into my cookie cutter. And underneath everything was the foam pad from the needle felting kit.

Placing the wool roving in a metal cookie cutter for needle felting into a Halloween pin

Next, I stabbed the wool roving with the needle in an up and down motion. I went slowly at first, but got the hang of it pretty quickly.

The wool roving began to shrink and get matted to itself (which it was supposed to do), and I’d periodically flip the entire thing over to do both sides.

Dry felting or needle felting with cookie cutters and a needle felting starter kit

As it became more and more felted, I added additional roving to make it thicker and stronger. Eventually, I was quite satisfied with it and removed it from the cookie cutter.

Making animal shapes with wool roving and Halloween cookie cutters through needle felting

I decided I was done when it felt like a Brillo pad or steel wool. Not scratchy, of course, but felt strongly connected and thick when I squeezed it between my fingers. Does that make sense?

Next, I switched to a finer needle, put on the finger protectors, and cleaned up the sides (still gently stabbing). I also sharpened any angles and corners in my design this way (think of it like sculpting with your needle).

Sculpting the shape from the Halloween cookie cutter with needle felting supplies

Now it was time for the more intimidating part – details, like the face!

Needle Felting the Details of a Halloween Pin

Because I had watched that longer video that I linked to earlier, I knew how to begin creating the face and eyes. So, I balled up some white wool roving and began to felt it to my owl (still using the fine needle). All the colors I used came from the needle felting supplies in the starter kit.

Adding details to needle felted animals with wool roving from the needle felting kit

Next, I added smaller, tighter balls of yellow roving. Oh gosh, it looks more like sunny side up eggs than a face! But bear with me…

Wool roving to make the eyes of an owl from one of the Halloween cookie cutters

Stab, stab, stab…tuck, tuck, tuck…form, form, form. Once you get started, it becomes easier and easier to figure out how to “sculpt and stab” to create the details.

After that, I added small balls of black roving to the center of the yellow eyes and ringed them with wispy black roving, too. And just like that…owl eyes were staring back at me.

Making a Halloween pin or Halloween jewelry with metal cookie cutters and needle felting supplies

I was feeling more and more confident with needle felting now – after just a couple of hours here and there! Finally, I finished up my Halloween owl with a beak, wings, and a wispy, fuzzy white belly.

How to do needle felting by using cookie cutters to make animal shapes

Now I just needed to turn him into a Halloween pin! I flipped him over and needle felted a ball of roving over a bar pin.

Halloween pin or Halloween jewelry by needle felting a bar pin to the back of a felted animal

To do this part, I held everything in my fingers and was very careful to not stab all the way through! I didn’t want to mess up those details I had worked so hard on. Instead of needle felting up and down, I went in at a 45° angle to keep from ruining the front.

Halloween Jewelry by Needle Felting with Cookie Cutters

Of course, I had to try out a few of the other cookie cutter shapes! I decided I wanted a black cat pin and a jack-o-lantern pin, as well.

Needle felting with cookie cutters to make animals as a Halloween pin or Halloween jewelry

Obviously, I have a long way to go as far as technique is concerned, but OH MY GOSH. I understand now why people love needle felting so much! It is a completely addictive craft, that’s for sure.

Halloween pin that was made with wool roving and needle felting supplies and metal cookie cutters

Think you’ll give needle felting a try now? Such a fun way to upcycle your vintage cookie cutters…

Here’s another idea for you, too. I also made some heirloom pumpkins to go in my vintage toy truck. Aren’t they adorable?

felted pumpkins

I made these heirloom pumpkins by starting out with felted wool balls from this Etsy shop.

Of course, you could easily make your own wool balls, too. All I did was apply the same “ridge technique” to the felted wool balls as I did to these bandana pumpkins!

Fabric pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana


Craft on!


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  1. Too cute! I Love them!

  2. Cookie Cutters!!! What a great idea! I love needle felting and have made several little animals and a snowman :o)


  3. You are so talented. I love your site. I love going to Thrift stores and Garage sales.With great ideas, but what is in my head never looks like that as end result. So I love watching you. Thank you so much.
    BTW I like your Brillo Pad reference. Never heard that expression since I left England many years ago.Hugs.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Awww, thank you so much!! I never thought of Brillo Pad as being an unusual reference (other than dating myself!) but it was the first thing that popped into my head to describe the consistency of the wool. 🙂

  4. These are really cute. You did a wonderful job! thanks

  5. Mary Loveland says

    How cute are those! Cuties for Christmas would be endless!

  6. Wiw, this is another one I have never tried. Will have to be on the look out for wool roving as I have the hugest collection of cooky cutters! I love the idiea of pins but I think they would also make great Christmas ornaments, too! Great project!

  7. Angie Jerrell says

    Thank you for sharing once again a wonderful project idea!!!!! I bought my first kit, tools and felting supplies over a year a go and have never did one thing! Just seemed to hard, detailed. Thank you for sharing the ins and outs in detail and links too!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I think you’ll love it, Angie!! Definitely worth giving it a go – let me know if you do and what you think!

  8. Wow ! So cute ! I need to look in to this asap !

  9. Oh my! Those are adorable! I thought that it would be much harder to learn but those cookie cutters sure seem to make things easier. Love the little pumpkins too!

  10. How adorable are these! Wow, I’m impressed that this was your first attempt at needle felting because these cuties look like you’ve been doing it for years!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much! I was shocked at how easy it was to get a hang of this, I promise you. Watching the videos first definitely helped.

  11. Another winner, I’ll have to try needle felting again. Also love the dryer balls into pumpkins

  12. Karolyn Love says

    You have inspired me, Sadie! Have thought about this, but nervous about trying. I will definitely watch the video first!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I understand, Karolyn!! I was nervous, too – just go slowly to avoid stabbing your fingers. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you get the hang of it, though!

  13. You’re amazing and so talented. These are adorable.


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