Shotgun!- Country Living Fair 2014 (Atlanta, Georgia)

Shotgun!- Country Living Fair 2014 (Atlanta, Georgia)

For the past two years, something has prevented me from attending the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. Scheduling conflicts, the fleeting desire to be frugal, blah, blah, blah. But this year, I was determined! Nothing was going to hold me back.

I came, I saw, and I…well…I’m pretty sure it conquered me.

For junkies like me, this is the BIG ONE- something people pilgrimage to. And I was NOT disappointed.

There was more shopping than I could nearly handle- sensory overload (in a glorious way). There was rust, chipping paint, lace, salvaged wood, clock parts, Shiny Brites, and glistening rhinestones in every single direction…

There were new-to-me vendors that lined the interwoven paths into and out of the woods at Stone Mountain Park…and some friendly familiars, as well! So many of them caught my attention…but a few of them caught it for longer than others…

One of my first stops was JBS Mercantile. JBS Mercantile offers “Vintage Inspired Products & Monthly Kits with a Vintage Twist”- doesn’t that just pique your interest?? Their booth was truly a project candy store for me! So many small bits, just begging for a new lease on life. These curtain tie-backs were my favorite!

A curtain tieback project is coming soon!

A curtain tieback project is coming soon!

Glittermoon Cards, Photographs & Vintage Christmas knew how to catch my eye- vintage Christmas goodies! And REAL vintage, not the glittered repros that are full of Made-in-China trickery. They specialize in original greeting cards, gift tags, photographs, and one-of-a-kind wreaths and topiaries made from vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations.  I found a funny little Christmas Card to send to someone on my list, and oohed-and-ahhed over her delightful potted bottlebrush trees.

Couldn't resist the kitty card!

Couldn’t resist the kitty card!



And then I stumbled across The Button Shop. To quote Uncle Jesse, HAVE MERCY. It was buttons, and trimmings, and ribbons, oh my!

I'm pretty sure this is the mothership...

I’m pretty sure this is the mothership…

I had my hands sunk into this bucket for longer than I care to tell you.

I had my hands sunk into this bucket for longer than I care to tell you. PRECIOUS.


I also adored Gathered Comforts’ booth- it was filled with whimsical repurposed projects as well as raw materials to make your own. I can completely see why their wares make for a more comfortable home. I’m pretty sure this gal is pure upcrafting genius!

Stoplights as chargers...brilliant!

Stoplights as chargers…brilliant!

Barnwood Revival (focused on repurposed and restored home goods handmade from reclaimed barnwood) had some VERY cool stuff- including these awesome tailgate benches! My timing was perfect…I was able to see them before a couple bought the Chevy bench!

Definitely awesome.

Definitely awesome.

I was so tickled by Folk, Funk, and Whimsy’s business name…and then I took pause to salivate/daydream over these green dominoes. I have such a thing for dominoes. The question is, to buy or not to buy??



I also LOVED meeting Cari Cucksey…she had THE MOST AMAZING booth.  It was so brilliantly curated…and I was in such a happy trance that I forgot to snap pictures. But trust me, this gal knows how to PICK! I’m also putting her RePurpose Shop in Westland, Michigan on my to-visit list…AND she recently followed me on Twitter! I completely dorked out about that.

And Sisters on the Fly were out in abundance! These vintage campers are really something to see. There were several parked within the vendor area, delighting the fairgoers. The one with the chickens on it was my fave!

So clucking cute!

So clucking cute!

All in all, I had a tremendously good time- though I do need to make it into a two-day affair. It’s impossible to thoroughly enjoy it in a single visit! I bought several small bits and yet another gorgeous tote from Hawks & Doves…which is a lot of restraint for me!

Bits o' treasure

Bits o’ treasure

My latest H&D...unbelievably pettable.

My latest H&D…unbelievably pettable.

SO my next question is- Lebanon, TN hosts the Fair this coming April…another road trip, perhaps?

Drive (and PICK!) On!


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  1. Very cool picks and looks as if you had a great time.

  2. Wow! WHat a wonderful surprise to read your lovely blog and I thank you SO very much for the truly great compliments you paid me on my work. I will so look forward to seeing you again…and following your exploits! I will be in TN in April – hope to see you there! Have a wonderful holiday season. Sending you best wishes, and many thanks – Cackie


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