Junkin’ Journey: Greenville, South Carolina (Part 1)

Junkin’ Journey: Greenville, South Carolina (Part 1)

My first post about my adoration of Greenville, SC and South Carolina’s Upstate focused on food- oh the delicious meals we consume here! But in between meals, I do quite a bit of shopping for project bits…from antique shops to thrift stores, we have a pretty good selection of options, which is handy for a crafter/junker like me! Here are some of my FAVORITE shops to hit- maybe some inspiration for you this weekend!

Landrum Eclectics

Without a doubt, Landrum Eclectics is my absolute favorite place to go treasure hunting in all of the Upstate! Landrum, SC is an antiquer’s dream, filled with quirky shops- antiques, architectural salvage, and fun thrift stores. But Eclectics is really the penultimate- they have a wild array of goodies but perhaps it‘s their prices (and selection) that keep me coming back. Well, that and the fact that the owners, John and Wayne, are wonderful and have become friends of mine over the years. If you’re headed to Landrum for the day, make sure you hit Eclectics first!

Landrum Eclectics Antiques and Vintage store in Landrum, South Carolina

Photo courtesy of Landrum Eclectics’ Facebook page

Miracle Hill Thrift Stores

As charity thrift store standards go, I have to give Miracle Hill Ministries Thrift Stores an A++. With roughly nine store locations throughout the Upstate, all of them fully stocked with “new” merchandise everyday, it’s hard not to want to hit each and every one on a weekly rotation. If only I won the lottery! And yes, if I won the lottery, I’d still go to thrift stores. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Miracle Hill does so much good for the community– what’s not to like?

Miracle Hill Thrift Store in Greenville, South Carolina

Photo courtesy of Miracle Hill Thrift Stores’ Facebook page

Olde Faithful’s Antique Mall

Sometimes an antique mall can be huge, overwhelming, and messy- like an overgrown garage sale. Which is precisely why I love Olde Faithful’s– it’s the perfect size that allows great selection without sensory overload, and each booth is tastefully appointed (i.e., no digging, no contorting yourself to fit in the booth). Plus it’s where I met one of Greenville’s most well-known purveyors of vintage fashion, Kate DiNatale Vintage. Basically, it’s the perfect place to find project inspiration, project parts, or the perfect gift for your antique-loving friends & family. 

Olde Faithful's Antique Store in Taylors, South Carolina near Greenville

Photo courtesy of Olde Faithful’s Facebook page

Door of Hope Thrift Store

This one is a very recent discovery, BUT is one I plan on going to again and again. It’s small, it’s adorable, it’s the Door of Hope Thrift Store. For one thing, their displays are positively swoon-worthy…using old screen doors and windows, chippy farmhouse tables and pallets, salvaged antique fruit crates, you name it- so if you like cottage charm, then this is the place for you. I recently encouraged one of The Bad Pennies to go there and she just raved- and we Bad Pennies are old hats when it comes to ranking thrift stores. So yes…if you’re ever in Spartanburg, put this on your list.

Door of Hope thrift store in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Photo courtesy of Door of Hope’s Facebook page

Old House Salvage (UPDATE- CLOSED)

So this place, Old House Salvage, is a little off the beaten path in Piedmont, SC. But if you’re a fan of architectural salvage- and I am!- and you like reasonable prices, then this is definitely the place for you.  Reclaimed wood, antique windows and doors, old, salvaged hardware…I could go on, but I’m guessin’ that you get the picture. Some digging may be required- as will check/cash…but I’m telling you, this place is the perfect muse for your junkin’ imagination. If you don’t have a project in mind before you go, you definitely will by the time you leave.

Old House Salvage Architectural Salvage near Greenville, South Carolina

Photo courtesy of Old House Salvage’s Facebook page

So where do you like to hunt for treasures? I’m always looking for ideas to add to my bucket list!

Craft on!




  1. Hello! A friend of mine just sent me to your blog! Have you visited Shinola Art and Antiques
    19 Mohawk Dr, Greenville, SC 29609? It is one of my favorite places, so packed with stuff and the owner is is constantly bringing in new merchandise. Bring a flashlight!

  2. sarahwpb@yahoo.com says:

    Yes! Shinola is ALWAYS an experience- the last few times I’ve tried to go, though, they’ve been closed! And it was mid-day or Saturday…but I’ll keep trying!

  3. sheila miller says:

    Can’t wait to head over to Piedmont to this new place you’ve shared!!! Needless to say, I’ll take the Tahoe!

    • sarahwpb@yahoo.com says:

      You won’t be sorry! Joe (owner of Old House Salvage) has great stuff!! Bring cash or your checkbook!!

  4. Wanda A Justus says:

    When in the Upstate of SC you need to come to Oconee County. Walhalla is the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are a quaint German town with lots of vintage and antique stores. West Union has Uncle Freds antique store. You would love it in the fall. Come visit.


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