Antiques and Thrift Stores in Winston-Salem

Antiques and Thrift Stores in Winston-Salem

There are lots of junkin’ day trip options from where I live in Charlotte, NC. And one of them is Winston-Salem, which you’re likely familiar with for one thing or another. Maybe it’s the tobacco history (weren’t there both Winston and Salem cigarettes?) or being the home of Wake Forest University. But for me? Well, it’s another collection of antiques and thrift stores for me to check out!

There is a LOT of history here, more than I even knew about. Someday, I hope to return not for junking and thrifting, but to explore the Old Salem area. But until then, I’m ok with just focusing on secondhand stores that I found there!

And a few other vintage-y things, like this old Shell Oil clamshell gas station, which is the last one remaining in the United States. Isn’t it just darling?

old gas station in north carolina

I don’t do nearly as many of these travel posts as I used to. But it always feels so good to hit the road again and find new shops to share with you! And maybe next year, I’ll go further away for a change of pace, who knows.

used arts and crafts supplies from the art shac

But until then, please allow me to introduce you to the antiques and thrift stores in Winston-Salem, NC that I fancy the most. And if you know the secondhand scene in this particular area and have other recommendations for me, I am definitely all ears!

Antiques and Thrift Stores in Winston-Salem


Collage was one of those stores where I wasn’t sure to expect before we got there. I could tell that it had a great vintage vibe and was quite curious about what it would be like inside.

And I was not disappointed in the least!

vintage decor and furnishings at collage

It was CHOCK FULL of great vintage and kitsch decor! Definitely the kind of store you have to wander a few times over, in different directions, in order to see everything. There was great stuff to see everywhere I looked, and I’m sure I missed treasures as I puttered around.

retro home decor shop in winston salem

JD Salvager Modern Furniture

Since we’re transitioning to mid century modern decor in our own home, you *know* I’m going to seek out those kind of shops in our travels. Heck, I might even create a trip around a single MCM store! So, of course we had to check out JD Salvager while we were visiting Winston-Salem.

mid century modern decor and furniture store

And boy, oh boy, did they have gorgeous stuff! Everything they had was in gorgeous shape, likely restored by the store owner. And while we left empty-handed, we swooned a great deal and agreed we’d need to come back many times as we shop for our home.

retro home decor and mid century modern style

If you’re interested in seeing their latest furniture inventory, their Instagram page is the best bet.

Rescue Mission Thrift Store

I’m sure there are national-chain thrift stores in Winston-Salem (such as Goodwill or Habitat ReStore), but I always prefer checking out the local thrifts when I travel. And the biggest one I visited in Winston was the Rescue Mission Thrift.

used furniture at the rescue mission thrift store

This thrift store was GIGANTIC and nearly empty (of shoppers) when we visited, believe it or not. And they had one of the largest selections of used furniture that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but think how lucky those Wake Forest students were having this in their backyard!

They had clothing and housewares, as well, but it was the quantity of furniture that truly blew me away.

Design Archives Emporium

Design Archives Emporium, located right in the heart of downtown Winston, is a most whimsical store with a boho-vintage vibe. It’s equal parts vintage clothing, retro decor, and boho gift store wrapped up in one.

vintage clothing and funky gift store in winston salem

My husband and I both enjoyed strolling through this shop and we loved the funky mix of secondhand goods with cheeky artisan gifts. AND, turns out there’s one in Greensboro, NC, too, which I’ll definitely check out next time I’m in town.

LoLo Winston Salem

Last but certainly not least was a very unique shop called LoLo. Located in a non-descript warehouse, LoLo is a secondhand shop full of all sorts of interesting and offbeat treasures.

winston salem shopping for vintage and unique decor

Some of it is vintage, some of it is already repurposed or upcycled, and all of it is unique and one-of-a-kind. It was almost exclusively stocked with furniture and furnishings (little to no clothing), so definitely my kind of place. 

antique stores winston salem

Have you gone junkin’ in Winston-Salem?

Now, I did visit a few other stores while I was in town. I checked out a Mega Thrift (how could I not with that name?) and the Union Cross Thrift Store. While neither one was my favorite (though Mega Thrift had a HUGE clothing selection, if that’s your jam), they certainly may be worth a visit for you.

items at the union cross thrift store

One of the exciting discoveries I made during our visit to Winston was the emerging Creative Reuse scene thanks to The Art Shac. I’m a big fan of Creative Reuse Centers and sniff them out whenever I can. And while The Art Shac doesn’t have a retail store set up yet, I lucked into a pop-up shop that they were hosting at the local Art College!

used art supplies for creative reuse

As you know, stores open and close all the time- and these were my favorite secondhand shops that I found in Winston-Salem, NC at the time of our trip. However, it’s always possible that I missed places that deserve a mention.

So, if you have suggestions for future trips to the area, please let me know!

secondhand shopping in winston salem

I hope you enjoyed my latest Junkin’ Journey and here’s hoping I hit the road more often in the coming year!

Craft on!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. I always enjoy “our” junkin’ trips.

  3. Hi! You should definitely go see Your Home Marketplace on Stratford Rd in Winston Salem NC. Just make sure you have the whole day. Many many fantastic finds! Oh it’s 11,000 square feet so wear comfy shoes. Michelle the owner is awesome! You’ll love it there!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! We’re trying to get our name out there. Thank you for helping. -JD

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      You are very welcome! I love to do what I can to shine a light on vintage/secondhand businesses that I love.

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