Antiquing and Thrift Store Shopping in Blue Ridge, GA

Antiquing and Thrift Store Shopping in Blue Ridge, GA

This, my friends, is a Junkin’ Journey long in the making. You see, we’ve been traveling to Blue Ridge, GA for the past 10 years…falling in love with the town and area a little bit more with each visit. It’s been a family destination for a long time and there are so many things to do in Blue Ridge. And one of them happens to be shopping in Blue Ridge, GA – specifically at antique malls, vintage shops, and thrift stores!

The North Georgia mountains are stunningly gorgeous- and it just so happens that Blue Ridge is a hotbed of secondhand shopping, whether you’re looking for antiques, vintage treasures, or thrift store wares. Another bonus?

The newest member of our family (in the form of a Cabin!) is located here!

But, first, take a trip with me around town to my favorite shopping destinations…

Shopping in Blue Ridge, GA

Ain’t What It Used to Be

You may not think of Blue Ridge, GA as being the kind of town where an Upcycling / Functional Art shop would flourish, but Ain’t What It Used to Be is exactly that! Filled of one-of-a-kind pieces, the owner prides himself on knowing that nothing in his shop is mass produced overseas.

Lots of upcycled decor pieces, quaint vintage finds, and just unusual art and decor, make sure you head straight to this place when you’re in downtown Blue Ridge, GA.

Downtown Blue Ridge GA and Shopping in Blue Ridge GA at Ain't What it Used to be for Upcycling and Vintage by Sadie Seasongoods

3 Monkeys Home Accents

Whenever we’re in Blue Ridge, I make a point to swing by Three Monkeys- it’s definitely a favorite of mine! It offers a great mix of primitives and farmhouse style antiques, and current teaches several classes on furniture painting and the like.

Shopping in Blue Ridge GA at 3 Monkeys Home Accents for things to do Blue Ridge GA by Sadie Seasongoods

Shops in Blue Ridge GA include 3 Monkeys Home accents for furniture and antiques by Sadie Seasongoods

Storehouse Ministries Thrift

Storehouse Ministries Thrift is one of the largest thrift stores I’ve ever been in! Not only is it located near the cabin, but it has a terrific selection of housewares- which is obviously ideal for a repurposer like me.

On top of that, there was a LOT of vintage mixed in with their housewares, which made for a fun scavenger hunt with wonderful rewards to be found.

Storehouse Ministries Thrift Store is one of the thrift stores Blue Ridge GA for shopping in Blue Ridge by Sadie Seasongoods

Humane Society of Blue Ridge Thrift Store

By now you know that I am a heat-seeking thrifting missile when it comes to animal welfare charity shops- and Blue Ridge, GA offers not one, but two of them! This one is located just outside of the downtown area and offers a nice mix of clothing, housewares, and furniture.

For whatever reason, most of my treasures through the years have come from the corner display behind the cash wrap.

Thrift stores Blue Ridge GA includes Humane Society Thrift Store for things to do in Blue Ridge GA by Sadie Seasongoods

Tri-State Pet Rescue Thrift

This shop is located in downtown Blue Ridge, GA – and bonus, it’s housed inside a cute older home! I just love shops like that- with their hardwood floors and individual rooms full of treasures. And this shop does NOT disappoint- heavy on housewares, I hemmed and hawed over quite a few pieces.

And while I wasn’t in the market for any, I spied a nice selection of ladies’ handbags and boots that looked tempting, as well.

Tri State Pet Rescue Thrift Store near Downtown Blue Ridge GA things to do by Sadie Seasongoods

April’s Attic

April’s Attic is actually located a touch outside of Blue Ridge, GA, but just by a mile or two. And it’s a darling shop filled with primitive home decor / country home decor, and a wonderfully nostalgic collection of vintage and antiques.

It’s the kind of shop you do a couple of laps around because you’ll definitely miss something on your first pass!

Shopping in Blue Ridge GA at April's Attic for antiques and primitive decor by Sadie Seasongoods

Another shop located just outside of Blue Ridge, GA is Smith Station Antiques which is located in Cherry Log, GA. Unfortunately, I stopped by on a day it was closed…but it was worth it just to take in the view of all of their glorious junk!

Smith Station Antiques in Cherry Log GA for things to do in Blue Ridge GA by Sadie Seasongoods

And while I wasn’t able to snap any good photos, I hit another thrift shop, Empty Stocking Thrift Store, which provided me numerous treasures and pieces for upcoming projects. It also offered one of the larger clothing selections, too, if that’s on your junkin’ list.


See any shops in Blue Ridge, GA that tickle your fancy? If you decide to visit, let me know and I can provide other recommendations…including where to stay!

mountain cabin for rent in blue ridge ga

After a long day of antiquing (or fishing…or hiking…or apple picking) in the North Georgia Mountains, the cabin is like a big, warm hug that welcomes you home. I’ve already got a few new cabin-themed projects in mind that you’ll see in the coming weeks and months. 

We’ll be hitting the road again soon enough for our next Junkin’ Journey- I hope you’ve enjoyed Blue Ridge, as it holds a special place in my heart! But as always, where shall we go to next?

Explore on!


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  1. Blue Ridge is just up the road from me but I’ve never gone thrifting there but after reading about your adventures there I will be going soon. Your in-laws cabin is gorgeous.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I had no idea, Sharon- such a pretty area! And yes, Blue Ridge is worth the drive for some thrifting! 😀

  2. Fonda Rush says

    I always appreciate your scouting out areas that are also fairly near to where we live. Anywhere that takes us 3 to 5 hours away from home is a vacation to us!

  3. Glad I do not live near there as would be broke. Love the cabin, such a big one!

  4. Robbii Mitchell says

    Splendiferous is a really neat this-N-that store in town too, and the owner is just as interesting and friendly as the store, I recommend it to everyone

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ooooh, thanks, Robbii!! I wasn’t aware of that one but will look it up next time I’m in town. 🙂

  5. I live right down the way from Blue Ridge, in Ellijay, Ga. I spend many a day junkin my way from here to there, and then out to McCaysville… Next time you are in the area, give me a heads up, maybe we can meet for lunch!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Nice!! It’s such a wonderful area- are there shops in McCaysville? I saw a thrift shop or two but nothing else. Maybe I’m missing something?!

  6. Shelia White says

    How can I find out more about renting the cabin

  7. Such a great junking journey! My husband and I are staying in Blairsville and we met friends in Blue Ridge today! We loved it. My favorite was the Storehouse! Thanks for sharing, Sadie!!!

  8. I, too, love these shops!! Unfortunately, I probably won’t go back to Three Monkeys though…there is a stong cigarette smell in the store and it has seeped into their merchandise?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      UGH, that’s awful- I don’t recall that when I visited but that would turn me off of a shop right quick, too! 🙁

  9. Debra Ranta says

    I am so excited about visting Blue Ridge, GA. I am a subscriber & always learn so much from your articles. I wish that more young people could see the beauty in vintage items and antiques. I am in my seventies and have always loved older things. Thanks for all you do. You are such an inspiration.

    • You are so very kind, Debra! I hope you love Blue Ridge- though this blog post is a few years old now and I haven’t checked that all these stores are still open or not. My fingers are crossed that most of them are!

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