Antique and Thrift Stores in Savannah, GA

Antique and Thrift Stores in Savannah, GA

During the second half of my corporate career, I had the luxury of traveling to Savannah, GA many times to meet with clients. It quickly became one of my favorite coastal destinations. AND it just so happened to be a hotbed of antique and thrift stores, as well. At the time, I put together a short junkin’ journey blog post detailing my favorite shops.

But that was in 2014. And over the past decade, just about every single shop had closed, moved, or changed significantly. So, it was high time I started from scratch and put together a brand new shopping itinerary of antique and thrift stores in Savannah.

antiques savannah

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Admittedly, most people who visit Savannah aren’t there for thrifting. The food, the history, and the squares are primary draws and what make Savannah so unique. But for those of us who squeeze in a little antiquing wherever we go, well…

Now you’ll know all the best spots for thrifting, junking, consignment hunting, and vintage decor.

retro decor in savannah

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I’m just sorry it took me so long to FINALLY re-write a Junkin’ Journey post for America’s First Planned City. Ready to see which shops made the list?

Antique and Thrift Stores in Savannah

Picker Joe’s

Overall, my favorite antique shop on our Savannah excursion was Picker Joe’s. It was an unexpectedly funky spot filled with curious antiques, lots of mid-century modern and retro decor, and even a good selection of architectural salvage.

mid century modern decor in savannah

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Picker Joe’s is the kind of store that I visit on vacation and think “Whew, boy, I would be in trouble if I lived close by”. Have you ever felt that way about an out-of-town shop? This place definitely hit my sweet spot and has a LOT of appeal.

architectural salvage at picker joe's in savannah

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The Finder Things

I love finding antique/vintage decor stores that aren’t standard-issue antique malls. While I mean no offense to massive antique malls, I simply prefer a more curated shop with an eclectic mix of furniture, art, and decor. Enter: The Finder Things in Pooler, GA (just outside of Savannah), which was SUCH a delightful discovery.

the finder things pooler ga

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The Finder Things is definitely the kind of shop that demands a couple of laps to take it all in. There was SO much to see, yet it didn’t feel cluttered. I just kind of wanted to…live in the store, if that makes sense. For anyone who loves curious, eclectic decor (and wall art- oh my gosh, their walls were covered!), this place needs to be on your list.

vintage decor store in pooler ga

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We all know by now that I’m addicted to creative reuse centers; aka, places to purchase secondhand arts and crafts supplies. And while Starlandia Supply isn’t 100% secondhand, it scratches that itch quite nicely while shopping in Savannah.

creative reuse savannah

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Yarn, fabric, paper crafts, fine art supplies- Starlandia has a bountiful collection of both new and used offerings for any number of creative pursuits. Plus, there’s a small thrift shop and vintage clothing shop on the same block, so you only have to park once for all sorts of secondhand shopping.

RePurpose Savannah

Architectural salvage lovers, rejoice! Not only can you find a nice selection at Picker Joe’s, but Savannah also boasts an organization dedicated to salvage and reclaimed lumber called RePurpose. Emphasis on the word “organization”…

antique hardware at repurpose savannah

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RePurpose is, in fact, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to deconstructing, salvaging, and reusing historic building in the area. But they also offer their salvage for sale, as well, which is why I’m including it in this blog post. Not only is it a woman-led organization, but it’s located near a bird rookery which you can stroll past on your shopping adventure. For a retired-biologist-turned-upcycling-blogger like myself, it was quite a marvelous place to discover.

reclaimed lumber at repurpose savannah

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Humane Society Thrift Shop

I always seek out thrift shops that benefit animals- it’s just the cause that is nearest and dearest to my heart. Thankfully, the Humane Society Thrift Shop in Savannah is a terrific thrift store that deserves a spot on my list.

humane society thrift store savannah

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Small but full, it’s located right next to the local humane society. It offers plenty of small housewares and clothing, so save your thrift furniture shopping for other spots. Just know that your purchases from here go to a very, very good cause (and paws).

Cents & Sensibility

Admittedly, furniture consignment shops aren’t usually high on my list of stores to hit when researching a Junkin’ Journey post. But for pragmatic reasons: I’m traveling so furniture shopping isn’t my goal. And I’m also not interested in consigned pieces that date back to…2017, let’s say.

But I’m definitely making an exception for Cents & Sensibility in Savannah.

savannah furniture consignment

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It had a lovely mix of vintage, antique, and the kind of eclectic decor that has wide appeal. There are several decor stores in this post that I would consider dangerous if I lived in Savannah, GA- and Cents & Sensibility is definitely one of them.

vintage and antique furniture store

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Have You Ever Gone Junking in Savannah?

As always with these trips, I likely missed some stores along the way. I often run out of time to truly hit every single one- but I did check out a few more shops that may be of interest to you.

While not included in my store list above, Tapley’s Mercantile (vintage/antiques mall), St. Thomas Thrift Store (small but cute thrift shop), Sandfly Marketplace (open antiques barn), and Bargain Center on Bull (cute thrift store with more clothes than housewares) are all worthy stops while you’re in Savannah.

best thrift stores in savannah

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Everyone has different tastes and styles, so my favorite antique and thrift stores in Savannah may be different than yours! Especially since some of them are located near each other. Tapley’s and the St. Thomas Thrift Store are very near each other, as is Bargain Center on Bull and Starlandia Art Supply.

starlandia art supply in savannah ga

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As you know, stores open and close all the time- and these were my favorite secondhand shops that I found in Savannah at the time of my trip. However, it’s always possible that I missed places that deserve a mention.

So, if you have suggestions for future trips to the area, please let me know. There’s always the possibility that I’ll have the chance to go back and visit my favorites, as well as new ones along the way.

sandfly marketplace

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Now, the only question I have left is- what city in the southeast should I check out next? I’ve been to lots of places already but there are plenty of cities left for me to explore…

Craft on!


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the best antique and thrift stores in savannah ga

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