Antiquing in Cleveland, TN

Antiquing in Cleveland, TN

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that we recently spent some time at our family’s cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We decorated the cabin Christmas tree AND we set aside some time to explore a new town not too far away: Cleveland, TN. In fact, the drive between Blue Ridge and Cleveland is really beautiful, as the road winds along the Ocoee River which then becomes Lake Ocoee…and there is just something magnificent about mountainside waterways.

ANYWAY, per usual, we explored a slew of antiques shops…gathering treasures and photos along the way. So, before the end of 2017 is here, I wanted to share our latest Junkin’ Journey with you!

Here are the shops that we hit while in Cleveland…

Antiquing in Cleveland, TN

Relics Antiques & Vintage Decor

Relics was, ironically, the last shop we hit on our itinerary…but it was an absolute favorite. It’s becoming harder and harder these days to find shops that carry 100% antiques/vintage, without bits and pieces of modern reproductions thrown in.

antique stores cleveland tn

But Relics is a pure antiques mall, with finely appointed booths that showcase loads of late 19th/early 20th century treasures. But the treasures are quirky and approachable- not stuffy- so, we had a lovely time strolling through, knowing that each ware we touched had quite the tale to tell.

relics antiques in cleveland

The Antiques Parlour

Right off the bat, this shop gets bonus points for sharing a parking lot with both a Goodwill AND a Habitat ReStore! That’s truly a Sadie-style Triple Threat if I ever did see one.

Hard to beat parking once and hitting three spots…which is exactly what we did!

antiques parlor in cleveland tn

But back to The Antiques Parlour. This mall is definitely the spot for primitives and Americana! I spotted Hoosier cabinets and authentic farmhouse goodies in every corner.

junkernecking in tennessee

Plus, it’s bigger than it looks, so set aside plenty of time to ensure you see everything housed inside!

Vintage Sisters

While I enjoy large antiques malls, I always appreciate a quaint and cozy shop with less inventory, but more curation…and Vintage Sisters fits that bill to a T. Because it was December when I visited, the shop was dressed up in its Christmas finery…with trees popping up in unusual vintage goodies, like old whiskey barrels and coffee grinders!

vintage sisters in cleveland tn

I especially loved the ladder above the mantel, holding a collection of old bottles- what a fun idea! I can only imagine how the shop changes over the seasons…

antiquing in cleveland


Vintage stores with shop animals (cats OR dogs) are a particular favorite of ours, and two little faces greeted us at the door before we even walked into Vintiques! This shop offers an eclectic collection that ranges from primitives/Americana, to Shabby Chic, to my personal favorite: “mantiques” (old cabin-y goodness like snowshoes and minnow buckets and old tools).

vintiques in cleveland

I circled the mantique room several times because I knew I was missing things to admire and consider…sometimes, a shop requires more than one lap around!

antique stores near lake ocoee

Mora’s Antiques

Walking into this shop has an Alice in Wonderland feel. The various personalities of the shop change from room to room (Feminine Boudoir! Military Bunker! Steampunk Curiosities!), which is enticing and entertaining all on its own.

shabby chic antique shopping

But I swear, the shop grows larger and larger as you go deeper in. Such a fun place to get lost in!

moras antiques

And don’t forget the junk yard out back!

junk stores in tennessee

Have You Gone Junkin’ in Cleveland?

When I originally published this junkin’ journey, I was able to visit one thrift store (River of Life). But since then, it has closed and I removed it from my itinerary. In addition to the Goodwill and Habitat ReStore, I’m aware of (but haven’t visited yet) Second Harvest.

Now that several years have passed, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are there new antiques stores or thrift stores in Cleveland, TN that I should check out?

I’m also super excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book on flannel fabric

Explore on!


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antique stores and junking in cleveland tn

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  1. Excellent roundup, Sarah! I always love your junkin’ journeys, thanks for sharing.

  2. We live in Washington State now, but for years on our way to Florida from Mi, every Fall and Spring, Cleveland, TN was our stop to play, and we love that town. We really watched it grow but there is still some quaintness in areas. Thanks for sharing and sparking a memory!!

  3. Sounds like a really fun place to visit!

  4. Oh, I envy you that lovely trip. I hope you will share particulars of your treasures–for yourself and to upcycle. Your pictures were lovely. Christmas prep is taking precidence over crafting (unless it’s for Christmas, of course) right now. Came through the kids’ Sun. School program successfully (thank you, God). The 3 year old that said “Merry Christmas” to the audience at the end stole the show!

  5. Such cool places to explore and discover treasures!

  6. Patty Soriano says

    oh, wow, what wonderful stores! Wish I could have crawled into each photo and walked around!

  7. What fun. I would need a whole weekend and then some to browse through all those lovely little shops.

  8. Antique and thrift shops, some of my favorite types of exploring 🙂 My husband and I have vacationed in Hawaii (the big island) a few times. One of my favorite excursions is to the Salvation Army in Hilo – my husband laughed at me the first time I suggested it, but became a convert after poking around inside. We both found some great buys – they even had real vintage Hawaiian shirts at a reasonable price! Now even he looks for thrift shops wherever we go on vacation 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Oh wow, I bet that Salvation Army is SO cool! There is a Goodwill in Palm Beach that I hit whenever we visit family in West Palm Beach, and it always has the most amazing treasures for people who love labels- Louis Vuitton luggage, etc. Not really my thing, but still fascinating to find in a Goodwill, LOL!

  9. Maxine Jones says

    You missed two of Clevelands oldest antiques shop and our favorite consignment shop. The oldest shop houses antiques and fine collectibles of every sort with fine jewelry, military and history memorabilia throughout; from there, you’re just steps away from their two houses full of fine antique furniture and accessories, fine china, paintings and more -all- inside of Presswoods Vintage Antiques at 3350 Ocoee St. The other shop is one of Cleveland’s largest consignment stores with everything imagainable; in fact they owner says, “if they make it, we have it, if we don’t have it, they probably don’t make it”. Consign It Furniture & Accessories is located at 418 S. Ocoee St. And, next visit you don’t want to forget to stop in at one of Cleveland’s oldest hardware stores, Beaty’s Hardware at 650 Wildwood Ave. not only carries your many hardware and garden & farm needs; they have a variety of antiques and collectibles nestled inside Cleveland’s favorite and oldest home owned hardware store. Now you have several real good reasons to visit Cleveland.TN again soon. Hope while you were visiting, you picked up a Busy Bee Trader. It’ll give you reminders to all of Clevelands fantastic antiques and unique shops, as well as some wonderful ideas for day trips within a short distance from Cleveland. You’ll want to keep that cabin ready for the many things you’re going to fine to do.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Maxine – I’m sorry you weren’t happy with the shops I was able to fit in during my day trip. I do my best and rely on recommendations from friends and locals for my junkin’ journey posts. As a repurposing blogger, I also tend to stay away from shops that offer higher-end or fine antiques, for obvious reasons. I wish you the best!

  10. Kathy Rohsenberger says

    Come back to Cleveland anytime!!!

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