Antique and Thrift Stores in Jacksonville

Antique and Thrift Stores in Jacksonville

I lived in various parts (and on both coasts) of South Florida for many years. And in all that time period, I’d only traveled to Jacksonville a handful of times- and it was always for work-related trips. So when I had the opportunity to spend a little more time there in search of the best antique and thrift stores in Jacksonville, I jumped at the chance.

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And you know what? Jacksonville has a LOT of wonderful secondhand shops in it and covers all the bases. It has some great antique malls, numerous thrift shops, and an architectural salvage store that alone was worth the drive.

In other words, if you have a chance to go thrifting or junking in the Jacksonville, FL area, take it.

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Of course, Jacksonville is generally known for other things, like the Jaguars and the Naval Air Station. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll come to know it as a wonderful destination for antique shops and thrift stores. Ready to see which stores were my favorites?

Antique and Thrift Stores in Jacksonville

Eco Relics

I set the bar awfully high for myself by making Eco Relics my first stop, but I had such high expectations for it that I couldn’t help myself. And those high expectations were honestly exceeded, because this architectural salvage store is absolutely amazing.

antique doors at an architectural salvage store

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It boasts everything you’d expect from an architectural salvage store- doors, windows, mantels, lighting, hardware, etc. But there’s just so much more to see. Interesting decor and furniture, huge wood slabs destined to become dining room tables, statues, masonry, ironwork…the list goes on and on.

architectural salvage warehouse in florida

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There’s even a shop cat that roams the 50,000-square foot warehouse, but alas, I didn’t see her. All I know is, if you love architectural salvage and have the chance to visit Eco Relics, you won’t be disappointed. And carve out at least an hour (or more) to enjoy as many nooks and crannies as you can.

Cool Stuff Vintage

Now, many of you know that I seek out certain types of shops when I do these “junkin'” itinerary posts. And one of those types is a mid-century modern furniture store. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there isn’t a single stand-alone MCM shop in Jacksonville. But there IS Cool Stuff Vintage and it scratched that mid mod itch of mine quite delightfully.

mid century modern furniture store in jacksonville fl

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While it’s not dedicated to the aesthetic, the shop’s eclectic collection of wares often leaned in a retro direction. The store definitely lived up to its name, as it certainly boasted a lot of cool vintage stuff.

cool stuff vintage in jacksonville fl

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Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re my bank account), my time was limited when I got to Cool Stuff Vintage. Because, for a retro/MCM/eclectic decor person like myself, this is the kind of shop where I could do a lot of damage.

Spectrum Thrift Store

When I visit a new city for one of these posts, I do a lot of research ahead of time to find thrift stores that best fit my style. And that can mean a lot of different things to different people, from the charity it benefits to the images on their social media accounts. I always look for smaller, local stores that are specific to the area and I typically avoid the well-known chains. Anyway, Spectrum Thrift was one of the local stores that I visited in Jacksonville and truly enjoyed.

spectrum thrift store in jacksonville

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Spectrum Thrift was a jam-packed store that still made the effort to create thoughtful displays with their wares. While I didn’t check out their clothing selection, I was quite impressed with their housewares and collectibles.

Rusted: A Vintage Market

Want to know a secret? As great as an antique mall is, I actually prefer smaller vintage shops- they’re just less overwhelming for me. And Rusted: A Vintage Market turned out to be that very kind of shop- modest in size but beautifully curated with lots of vintage and upcycled wares.

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To further set themselves apart, Rusted Vintage also has a back room filled with houseplants and handmade planters. Many of the plants are even propagated by one of their vendors! Such a cute offering from an already charming shop.

houseplants at rusted vintage market

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Marketplace on San Jose

This antique store was an unexpected bonus during my trip, as I spotted it while driving between other stores! Of course I stopped in and I was so glad that I did; Marketplace on San Jose is an approachably-sized labyrinth of varying antiques. From traditional pieces to Asian relics…peppered with Old Florida style decor, cottage pieces, and even some mid-century modern.

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In fact, I’m pretty sure every aesthetic is accommodated here. It’s the kind of antique store you go to with an open mind because the treasure you take home might be a quirky aberration from your normal style.

BASCA Bargain Boutique

One of the other local thrift stores in Jacksonville that really stood out to me was BASCA Bargain Boutique. Partly because it opened earlier than the others (ideal for an early-rising traveler like me). But mostly because of the lovely selection of housewares and furniture it offered.

basca bargain boutique in jacksonville

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I brought home several treasures from BASCA and would definitely frequent the shop if I lived in the Jacksonville area. If you check it out, I hope you have as good of thrifting luck as I did!

Have You Ever Gone Junking in Jacksonville?

As always with these trips, I likely missed some stores along the way- especially in a city the size of Jacksonville, FL. But I did check out a few others that are worth mentioning, even if I didn’t call them out earlier in this article. My favorite “traditional” antique mall in the area was Great American Antique Mall. It was open, airy, bright, and had several rows of beautifully appointed booths.

antique mall in jacksonville

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Avonlea Antiques and Interiors was another impressive antique mall that I visited. It is absolutely HUGE and winds itself in any number of directions. But there are lots of fun and whimsical booths, including some mid-century modern booths, as well.

mcm decor in jacksonville fl

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Other thrift shops that I visited include Angel Aid, the Betty Griffin Center Thrift Shoppe, and Hope’s Closet. The latter two are ones I’d recommend to thrifters. The only reason they weren’t included above was lack of good photos in Betty Griffin (darker, hard to get pictures) and Hope’s Closet also had a lot of new merchandise. That’s just a personal beef of mine, though- I found lots of treasures at both of these thrifts and would definitely go back whenever I find myself in Jacksonville, FL again.

hope's closet thrift store

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As you know, stores open and close all the time- and these were my favorite secondhand shops that I found in Jacksonville at the time of my trip. However, it’s always possible that I missed places that deserve a mention.

So, if you have suggestions for future trips to the area, please let me know. There’s always the possibility that I’ll have the chance to go back and visit my favorites, as well as new ones along the way.

Now, the only question I have left is- what city in the southeast should I check out next?

Thrift on!


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