Shopping in Durham, NC: Best Antiques, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

Shopping in Durham, NC: Best Antiques, Vintage, and Thrift Stores

A free weekend at Casa Seasongoods often results in a “Junkin’ Journey” trip for us- or, in other words, a weekend spent exploring a new southeastern city/town in search of amazing vintage/secondhand treasures. This time around, we zoomed in on Durham, NC- a city that had been on my junkin’ radar for an awfully long time. The timing was perfect- the weather was set to be sunny and clear (albeit, cold!) and the Duke men’s basketball team had an away game…so we hit the road in search of the best antique store, vintage shops, and thrift stores in Durham, NC.

And let me tell you- Durham did NOT disappoint. We found some AMAZING shops, none of which were cookie-cutter-variety antique malls and we were already talking about a return visit before we had even left. You won us over, Durham, there’s no doubt about it…

So, about those stores I mentioned…let me tell (and show) you why Durham earned so many gold stars…

Shopping in Durham, NC

The Scrap Exchange

The Scrap Exchange is a “Creative Reuse Arts” center…think of it like a huge thrift store completely dedicated to arts & crafts- or any creative pursuit. Its magnificence (for someone like me) is hard to articulate or capture in photos- so many repurposing possibilities that are inventive, affordable, and spectacular.

Durham thrift store for craft supplies or craft store at The Scrap Exchange in Durham NC by Sadie Seasongoods

The Scrap Exchange is one of the best thrift stores durham nc for arts and crafts supplies by Sadie Seasongoods

OH, and they have a more traditional thrift store in the same shopping center- so be prepared to park once, shop twice, and feel euphoric the entire time.

The Scrap Exchange is a durham thrift store that specializes in craft supplies and art materials by Sadie Seasongoods

thread cones

Pennies for Change Thrift Store

If you’ve seen one thrift store, you HAVE NOT seen them all. And Pennies for Change is the perfect reason why- when you walk in, you turn around quickly because you think perhaps you’ve walked into a consignment boutique instead. But then you pick up the pretty treasure in front of you and it’s only $3.00- because this little gem is, in fact, a thrift shop.

Beautifully appointed, clean, and welcoming, this is a must-see on your list of Durham, NC thrift stores.

Thrift stores Durham NC or Durham Thrift Store at Pennies where you can shop for antiques Durham NC by Sadie Seasongoods

Recyclique – Update, Store is now closed.

I’m not sure how many unique and fantastic shops one city is allowed to have, but Durham keeps stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run! Recyclique is a non-profit co-op shop devoted to creative re-use and sustainability…so it’s one part thrift, one part upcycled goods, and all parts delightful. Small but mighty, it’s worth a lap (or two, maybe three) to ensure you see everything. Chances are, you’ll end up with project parts and inspiration before you head out on your merry way.

Thrift Stores Durham NC and antique stores Durham NC should include Recyclique for Upcycling by Sadie Seasongoods

TROSA Thrift Store

Imagine a thrift store that is housed in an old K-Mart (or similarly sized space) that is well lit, clean/tidy, and incredibly affordable. Oh, you didn’t think those kinds of stores existed? Well, TROSA Thrift Store will prove you wrong.

I walked in the door and was a little thrifty star-struck…gazing upon a football field-sized thrift store filled with all sorts of potential. Good golly, I wish this were in my backyard- I’d never starve for repurposing inspiration again.

TROSA thrift store in Durham NC and Trosa Thrift is one of the best thrift stores Durham NC by Sadie Seasongoods

Everything But Grannies Panties

Rounding out or junkin’ adventure at the cheekiest-named store in all the land! This shop is a labyrinth of vintage intrigue within an old white house. It lives up to its name by offering you just about anything you can imagine- upstairs and down.

My favorite nook was the charming side porch that had an array of knick-knacks, art, books, and well, everything but Grannie’s panties…just like the sign outside had promised.

Shopping for antiques Durham NC or antique stores Durham NC at Everything But Grannie's Panties by Sadie Seasongoods

The ReUse WarehouseUPDATE, Store is now closed.

Think of your favorite Habitat ReStore, multiply it by 1000, and then give it a near-fatal dose of steroids. THAT is what The ReUse Warehouse is…I would come back to Durham for this store alone, particularly for it’s seemingly endless supply of reclaimed wood that is affordable and, well, drool-worthy. And their salvaged home supplies (doors, windows, hardware, etc.) is the icing on an already delicious cake.

Reuse Warehouse Durham for getting reclaimed wood durham nc by Sadie Seasongoods

Reclaimed wood Durham NC at Reuse Warehouse, a Durham thrift store for Second hand goods by Sadie Seasongoods


Moral of the story? I have a little city-crush on Durham now…I can’t even imagine living here with these fantastic shops just a few miles from my house. So, if you’re able to come explore Durham in search of salvaged & secondhand goodies for your DIYing & decorating delight, then by all means do it! We will most definitely be back, again and again.

As you know, stores open and close all the time- and at the time this was written (February 2018), these were my favorite antiques, vintage, architectural salvage, and thrift stores in Durham, NC. Now that several years have passed, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are there new antiques stores or thrift stores in Durham that I should check out?

And I’ve been junkin’ in other places, too- check out all the places I’ve traveled to here and start planning your own junkin’ journey!

Explore on!


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  1. chris tucker says

    wow i could die happy if i could go there with you xx

  2. Towana Rakes says

    I looked at your ideas and projects, you are very talented. Towana Rakes

  3. Wow! We actually live south of Raleigh (which is south of Durham), and I never even thought of it as a junking area! Durham is mostly known for it’s shootings, so this is intriguing! 😉 We will have to head up there soon to check out all these places. Thanks for the eye-opening post!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Time to strap on your junkin’ shoes and head to Durham! 🙂 And I’m looking forward to exploring Raleigh one day, too. 🙂

  4. Norma Rolader says

    Love the finds and thank you for a chance to win

  5. Oh, what a destination!!! I love the football field of goodness. It would be fun to visit them all!

  6. Thanks for the great round-up of thrift shops in Durham. I live in Raleigh and wasn’t aware of any of these places that are — if not exactly in my own backyard, just a few yards over. I will definitely save a future Saturday for a trip to Durham. (P.S. There’re a lot of great restaurants in Durham too.)

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Girl!!! You are a lucky duck to have these shops so close by. And Raleigh is on my list to explore, as well! 🙂

  7. girlfromwva says

    wow. wish i could go there someday! i would have to have a way to bring all the goodies back, though. thanks for sharing all the pics and treasures.

  8. Wish I was lived closer as would definitely go inot Pennies for Change and Everything But Grannies Panties!

  9. There is a similar style small warehouse in New Paltz, NY in the Hudson Valley. Their facebook page is : New Paltz Recycle and Reuse Center.

  10. These are so awesome would love to have a few

  11. What a fun adventure, I would love some of these stores! The name of the last one is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow, what a great bunch of shops, with great stuff! Thank you for sharing your junkin journeys, photos, and information. Thank you also for the opportunity to enter your giveaway, I know I would have bought a bunch of those too!

  13. Love The Reuse Warehouse! I need to check out these other places!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s really an amazing place! I’m so glad I found more for you to put on your to-go list!!

      • Pam Demas says

        Just a comment about an earlier comment. I have lived in Durham 48 years. I love Grannies Panties, Habitat, and Scrap Exchange. The others,are new to me. Will have to check them out. I also like to say Durham has no more shootings than Raleigh. We are not the capital so they tend to blow things out of proportion. One perfect thing about Durham is you are about 3 hours from the mountains and 3 hours from the beach. Each can be enjoyed in a day trip. I love it.

        • Sadie Seasongoods says

          I hate that this even came up- I write these posts to shine a spotlight on the amazing small, locally-owned secondhand shops that I discover and love. We thought Durham was fantastic and would go back in a heartbeat!

  14. MariaMay says

    nice post

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