About Me

About Me

Sadie Seasongoods is a blog dedicated to all things upcycling, repurposing, and DIYing using salavaged or secondhand goods. Re-using thrift store items…vintage treasures…flea market scores…or garage sale hauls is truly my calling in life. Sharing my ideas, projects, and adventures with you is near and dear to my heart- and your feedback fuels me to keep on keepin’ on! I’m not here to save the world- I just love to look at things differently and maybe, just maybe, find a reason to keep what might otherwise be discarded. If you’re here, then we are probably kindred spirits- looking to create together, go junkin’ together, or brainstorm new DIY ideas together. My sincerest thanks to you for spending time with me and my blog- I hope you stay a while and putter around. I’ve got ideas around every corner…

Have questions or want to contact me directly? Please do so through my blog or at sadieseasongoods@yahoo.com.

Most Popular Projects

Get to know me through some of my most popular projects and posts…they serve as a great way to define who I am as a blogger, the kinds of projects I share, and simply, what I love to do!

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Photograph of Sadie Seasongoods by Cameron Reynolds Photography