Antiquing in Marion and Black Mountain, NC

Antiquing in Marion and Black Mountain, NC

As you may remember, I have a particular fondness for the Appalachians in the fall. When the leaves on the trees wash the mountains in a perpetual sunset and “Nature’s glitter” swirls and twirls behind the car as we zoom by. This time around, we didn’t go too far from home and explored towns along Interstate 40 just east of Asheville, focusing on Black Mountain, NC and Marion, NC.

antiques and thrift stores in black mountain nc

We checked out a BUNCH of shops but I’ve narrowed down my favorites- as highlighted below.

Antiques and Thrift Stores in Marion and Black Mountain, NC

Antiques on Sutton

Located at 206 Sutton Avenue in Black Mountain, this shop is small but mighty. It is beautifully appointed with lots of chippy/farmhouse/cottage-style antiques just begging to be photographed and, of course, purchased.

antiques stores in black mountain nc

The beautiful thing about Antiques on Sutton is that primitives blend in seamlessly with shabby chic and rustic mantiques and you’re none the wiser- it all looks brilliant together.

antiques on sutton in black mountain

The treasures here are truly unlimited.


We missed the grand re-opening (the shop had recently moved to its current location) party by a few hours, but boy was I glad we got to experience this shop! Chifferobe offers a curated vintage collection- found peppered throughout the store- the gaps filled in with art, artisanal handicrafts, and other eclectic goodies.

chifferobe home and garden

I was particularly drawn to throw pillow covers made from repurposed Turkish rugs that were gorgeously made and had amazing bohemian style.

Key City Antiques

We hit one final stop in Black Mountain: Key City Antiques. This shop is deceptively large, with two stories and a LOT of inventory. It’s an antique mall with something for everyone, with a nice selection of mantiques (weapons, fishing gear, etc.).

key city antiques

But my favorite part of the entire store was the booth that offered a gorgeous selection of old radios, which I love almost as much as old cameras!

shopping in black mountain nc

Appalachian Trading Post

So, we arrived at this shop moments after it closed for the day, but the sweet owner was still there and invited us in nonetheless! We promised to move quickly, but I kept getting distracted by some VERY fun and intriguing booths.

appalachian trading post in marion nc

Whether it was the booth filled with one-of-kind furniture made from salvaged ship wood or a booth filled with old metal toys, this is a can’t-miss shop whenever you’re in the area.

Lake James Antique Mall

If you aren’t thrilled by the prospect of “yet another basic antique mall”, make sure you don’t judge a book by its cover. Case in point- Lake James Antique Mall! I didn’t have any expectations- high or low- before checking this place out, but I came away impressed and wanting to come back whenever we’re in town.

lake james antique mall

There were more than a handful of truly excellent booths and we found the vast majority of our treasures here! Had we had more time, I probably would have insisted on a second loop around. Because I’m quite certain I missed a few gems!

Other Notables from Our Junkin’ Trip to Black Mountain, NC

We ran out of time on this trip, but another shop in the area worth checking out is Buckeye Antiques Mall. I went there years ago (when it was called Bittersweet Antiques) and purchased my now-infamous kitchen scale that so many of you commented on in my bandana pumpkin project post! This antique mall is a good size (not overwhelmingly large, not small and cramped) and is truly filled with treasures!

Instead of staying at a chain hotel, we actually stayed in a DARLING rental cottage in Old Fort, NC– smack dab between Black Mountain and Marion. Called “Railway West”, I’d recommend it to anyone visiting the area for a romantic weekend. It’s got lovely vintage charm but all the modern amenities you’ve grown accustomed to.

mountain cottage in old fort nc

We honestly ran out of time to hit everything I had wanted to see. But, I’ve heard really great things about the following shops, as well:

And as you know, stores open and close all the time- and at the time this was written (December 2016), these were my favorite antiques, vintage, and thrift stores in Marion and Black Mountain, NC. Now that several years have passed, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are there new antiques stores or thrift stores in this area that I should check out?

I’m also very excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book on flannel fabric

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shopping at antiques and thrift stores in black mountain

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  1. Very cool trip advisory, Sarah – thank you once again! If you cross over KY and/or VA in 2017, I really think you should visit our mall here in WV – the South Charleston Antique Mall. Chances are you will be traveling along I-64 and/or I-77, both of which intersect right here in Charleston, WV. Our mall is 18,000 sq ft, about 75 dealers on 3+ floors (mezzanine incl). I-64, Exit 56. You will find deals, as most out of state shoppers consistently claim. (ps don’t go to Beckley Antique Mall if you happen to see it on Google – they’re closing by year-end, if not already closed).
    Happy Trails and Merry Christmas to you!

    • I will DEFINITELY keep that in mind, Rita! WV is on my “someday” travel list, but because of Wheeling. I’m in the DAR and my Revolutionary ancestors are from Wheeling!!

      • Very cool! And that’s less than 3 hrs north of Charleston on I-77, Just a 4 mile side trip off of the intersect of I-77 and I-64 and BOOM! you’re at the antique mall! One of our very cool dealers is from Wheeling originally, and my niece is marrying a guy from Wheeling next spring. 🙂 Come see us and email me if ever you do!

  2. Oh, I love it when you come to my neck of the woods! Thanks for the tour and new places to me to shop!

  3. These posts are my favorite now that most my trips are done “armchair” traveling. With the passion you have for what you do I bet you make lots of new friends on every trip!

    • Thank you so much, Carol!! I’m so glad to hear that y’all enjoy these posts…I know they’re not as popular as the projects (overall), but I do love to treasure hunt and to share what I see. 🙂

  4. chris aka monkey says

    sarah, as carol said my travels are mostly armchair now a days,i would have to win the lottery to leave the house xx merry Christmas

  5. The lady at Chifferobe is fabulous. I just signed up to get her newsletter. Thanks!

  6. I wouldn’t mind following in your steps. It would be about a 4-6 hour drive from where we live on the southeastern coast of NC. I’m saving it on a list of thrift and antique places to go. Thank you for sharing your findings. We have a few places here in Shallotte, NC. Nearby is Southport, and they have plenty of antique and thrift stores. If you’re ever interested, drop me a line. Better yet, go to Google Maps and enlarge the downtown area, but there are others in the outskirts. My wife and I took 3 different days to cover that area (because we were lazy in getting early starts!). Then, you can visit the shore! Best wishes, Fonda

  7. Love, love your blog and especially your trips. I am from Alabama and you need to visit Angels in Opelika/Auburn. Have several booths of very great things. I wish you would print a book of all the places and shops that you have visited throughout your journey. I have printed out each one of them, so when I go to some of these places I will have the names and place of each one of them. I know each business appreciates you for letting all of us know about their places. No kidding print up a book of all these places and I will be the first to buy it. I just want to go with you, so get up a bus trip and we will go. Merry Christmas and safe traveling. God Bless.
    Betty Whatley

    • Oh, I’ve been there!! That mall wears me out, LOL!!! I haven’t spent much time in Opelika or Auburn- have just driven through. But whenever I do, I always stop in Angels. I’m so very glad you enjoy my trips!!!

      • Me to. I love to go there because it is always new booths and new things added. Glad you liked it. Still looking to Amazon to have one of your books of your many travels in the South, pictures and things that you see. Just love following you around. That was one of me and my sisters (they have both passed away) favorite things was to get off on old roads and see what we could find. We all had antique shops and looked to see what we could find. (Especially hand made items). Have a Very Merry and Safe Christmas. Look forward to next year.

  8. Black Mountain is one of my favorite places to visit. I have family that lives near Lake James so we are up there a few times a year. I have been in a couple of those antique shops you mentioned and have found some great items!

  9. So glad you liked our industrial cart at Lake James Antique Mall! That is one of the things my husband really enjoys working on — each one is so unique. 🙂 ConJUNKtion Junction also has a booth at the Menagerie Mercantile in Burnsville, NC so if you ever swing up that way look for our tags! Happy Junkin’!

  10. These are my kind of “kid in a candy store” antique places. Thanks for sharing them. Wish I could not visit them.

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