About the Sadie, About the Seasongood

About the Sadie, About the Seasongood

The name “Sadie Seasongoods” was derived from the two main branches of my family tree. Sadie is a maternal great-grandmother, with her parents hailing from Wales. Seasongood was the maiden name of a paternal great-grandmother (Gladys), of Berrien County, Michigan. Both Sadie and Gladys died long before I was born, but I’ve always loved their names, ever since I was a child.

So when the time came for me to develop a blog dedicated to things I love- creating, cooking, and exploring, I knew I needed to marry their names in blissful alliteration.

This is all new to me- well, not the crafting, cooking, and exploring- but chronicling and photographing my progress is. I have such a good life, a life to be thankful for and a life to cherish- with my husband, my friends, my cats, and my imagination. I just hope you enjoy what you find here and please do interact with me as I go along.

Craft on!


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