Roadtrip!- Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee (Part 1)

Roadtrip!- Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee (Part 1)

As March rolls around, Nashville, Tennessee (or relatively nearby) becomes the host city for a board game convention (yes, you read that correctly) called Tennessee Game Days. Some of my husband’s friends go every year, and when Jon decided to go this year, I asked if I could tag along. Not to play games all day of course, but to explore Nashville and do some junkin’.

Tennessee Game Days 2014 /

Not a single bored gamer to be found…

And let me tell you, Nashville (and Franklin, where we stayed) did NOT disappoint when it came to some really delightful shops full of chippy goodness, funky finds, and pieces of projects-to-be. A little pricier than I’m accustomed to, but that’s to be expected.


I went to multiple stores around town, almost exclusively within the 8th Avenue South district, but I also explored 12South and a little of downtown/SoBro. My time was limited, and I have a LOT more territory to cover…next time, I’m afraid.

BUT I did have some fun (and shopping luck) at Preservation Station, an architectural salvage destination. Quite the seductive labyrinth it turned out to be, illuminated by antique chandeliers and flickering candles, any number of treasures beckoning to me.

Preservation Station in Nashville, Tennessee by Sadie Seasongoods /

Truly a sanctuary for these spectacular relics.

But with limited car space (and more importantly, a limited budget), I ended up with some wonderful wooden furniture embellishments. I don’t even have a project in mind, but I suspect they’ll be a terrific muse…

Furniture Appliques and Embellishments from Preservation Station in Nashville /

Wooden bits for…something.

I also had some happy luck at Nashville’s 8th Avenue Antique Mall. I wasn’t expecting to find much here, but I shouldn’t have judged this book by its cover!  I found these great old furniture feet for a future pet-bed project, and an old feed sack to use as a runner on our dining table.

Other vintage purchases from Nashville /

Salvaged furniture legs for a future pet bed and Wrigley on our new table runner. Everything comes back to a cat in our world.

And last but not least, I stumbled upon an estate sale at a charming house in Nashville’s Green Hills neighborhood. I didn’t get to tour the entire house (insert sad face) BUT I did score some pretty fabric (perfect for this Clutch Craft I want to do) and a funny little pet care book from the 1950’s. Cottonball is uncertain about relying upon “antiquated” advice for his well-being.

Estate Sale in Nashville /

Sweet little house with sweet little treasures.

I had secretly hoped to find an awesome cowboy hat on this trip, but I just ran out of time. Here’s hoping I can do some hat shopping at hatWRKS or any of Nashville’s other famous millineries on the next go-around.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this trip tomorrow- too much shopping goodness to fit in one post!

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  1. I think those wooden pieces would look good as a grouping, like you have them. Maybe in some kind of frame or shadowbox.


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