Shotgun!: Blue Ridge Mountains Retreat

Shotgun!: Blue Ridge Mountains Retreat

Let’s say one of your girlfriends says, “I have a house in the mountains- why don’t we do a girls’ weekend of crafting and antiquing?”

What do you do?

Well, luckily for me, this wasn’t a hypothetical situation- it happened! So I packed my bag, grabbed a fistful of cash, and hit the winding road into the Blue Ridge Mountains. And let me tell you, there weren’t enough daylight hours in the day to do everything we wanted to do. These mountain towns are full of temptations- small shops, flea markets, vineyards…all backed by some of the most gorgeous scenery this side of the Mississippi.

So what all did we do? Well…a little of everything.


What is a girls’ weekend without a little wine? And sure, we brought plenty of our own with extra bottles for a craft project…but we also partook in a wine tasting (with tapas!) at Crane Creek Vineyard. We enjoyed bottles of Villard Noir and Hellbender Red under twinkling fairy lights in the brisk mountain air…with a backdrop of mountains and grape vines for as far as the eye could see.

SUCH a pretty view...perfect for enjoying wine with the girls.

SUCH a pretty view…perfect for enjoying wine with the girls.


Before we went on a junkin’ spree, we stopped by the Hughes Sorghum Syrup Mill and watched the process take place. Bales of sorghum cane greeted us as we drove in, and the sweet fragrance of syrup wrapped around us like a warm hug. And of course I bought a jar of syrup for some fall baking…

Processing the syrup...

Processing the syrup…

...and ready for bottling.

…and ready for bottling.


And of course- there was some antiquing. By now ya’ll know I don’t take a trip without some junkin’ along the way.

We hit Deckers Flea Market in Murphy, NC…

Digging for treasure...

Digging for treasure…

We hit the B&T Trading Post, where I scored some gorgeous 1930s flour sacks…



We hit Black & White Antiques, which is an impossibly wonderful shop- definitely a new favorite!! I scored project bits AND an awesome industrial “S”…which I have no plans for other than to enjoy it.

An AWESOME shop!! Highly recommend.

An AWESOME shop!! Highly recommend.

I'm obviously a fan of the "S".

I’m obviously a fan of the “S”.

Hmmm...what do I have in mind for these?

Hmmm…what do I have in mind for these?

And we hit Mountain Creek Antiques in Hiawassee…some of us even hit it twice!…the vintage jewelry in the front room will ensnare you for hours if you let it.

My treasures! (well, the embroidery and sparkly bits are)

My treasures! (well, the embroidery and sparkly bits are…not the swan)


To cap off the weekend, we attended the John C. Campbell Folk School’s Fall Festival. The Folk School (Brasstown, NC) offers week-long and weekend classes year-round in traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, music, dance, cooking, gardening, writing and photography. Bookmaking? Blacksmithing? Enameling? Quilting? Woodcarving? Metalwork? Basketry? All here at the folk school! Someday, Jon and I will do a weekend class there…

But back to the Fall Festival…

We got to watch all sorts of demonstrations on traditional crafts…quilting, weaving, spinning, jewelry-making, woodturning, etc.

So cool to watch them in action!

So cool to watch them in action!

I fell in love with this quilt by Marilyn Wall that was on display…this is undoubtedly an Eastern black swallowtail caterpillar, the very kind of ‘pillar that I used to raise when I was a tot.



And of course…there were vendors. Soaps, and bling, and pottery- oh my!

I can’t post photos of all my purchases…some successful Christmas shopping was completed, after all! But, there were so many amazing vendors to see…with booths weaving in and out of the forest.

Vendors, vendors, vendors.

Vendors, vendors, vendors.

And while I didn’t purchase it, I just about fainted when I saw this necklace from Whimsy Gems. I mean, stop- it doesn’t get much better than this, right?

Hello, gorgeous...

Hello, gorgeous…

I also admired gorgeous photos by Theron Clore… fascinating sponges from The Luffa Ranch (who knew??)…and pottery from J. Chapman Pottery.

My hummingbird plate to celebrate our successful season of feeding ruby-throated hummers near our office window!

My hummingbird plate to celebrate our successful season of feeding ruby-throated hummers near our office window!


And a girls’ weekend just isn’t complete without a little creativity. Here’s a little teaser…the full blog post will come soon enough…

THIS is what we worked on…

Recycling Bin...or PROJECT??

Recycling Bin contents…or PROJECT??

All in all, it was an amazing weekend filled with wonderful friends, bountiful finds, and surrounded by incredible views. I’d go back in a heartbeat…

Never stop exploring…

Drive on!



  1. This looks like my kind of place!! I love the north Georgia mtns. 🙂
    Found you on the blog hobnob.

  2. Man you know I am in NC, you could have invited me! I love the mountains, the junkin’, the craftin’!

  3. Love this post! As a long-time resident of Blairsville, GA in the BRMs, I think you hit some of the best highlights in the area. Especially the JC Campbell Folk School festival — always a treat.


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