Shotgun!: Brevard, North Carolina (A Junkin’ Journey)

*** Please note that this post on Brevard, NC has not been updated since early 2016. I had planned on updating it in 2020-2021, but as we all know, those years changed on a dime! So, please check back later for a freshly updated post. ***

I love to sit down, study the map, and figure out where I want to head to next for my latest junkin’ journey. For obvious reasons (money, time…), I tend to stick relatively close to home- with the occasional longer sojourn to further-away stops. But for right now, I decided to head back into western North Carolina.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a mountain town.

So we headed up the mountain- literally- to Brevard, North Carolina. Home of the White Squirrel Festival, Brevard is a charming little town with an equally charming Main Street. And I’m happy to report, several charming little shops to explore…shall we?Read more ›