Antiquing in Marion and Black Mountain, NC

Antiquing in Marion and Black Mountain, NC

As you may remember, I have a particular fondness for the Appalachians in the fall. When the leaves on the trees wash the mountains in a perpetual sunset and “Nature’s glitter” swirls and twirls behind the car as we zoom by. This time around, we didn’t go too far from home and explored towns along Interstate 40 just east of Asheville, focusing on Black Mountain, NC and Marion, NC. Read more ›

Shotgun!: Brevard, North Carolina (A Junkin’ Journey)

*** Please note that this post on Brevard, NC has not been updated since early 2016. I had planned on updating it in 2020-2021, but as we all know, those years changed on a dime! So, please check back later for a freshly updated post. ***

I love to sit down, study the map, and figure out where I want to head to next for my latest junkin’ journey. For obvious reasons (money, time…), I tend to stick relatively close to home- with the occasional longer sojourn to further-away stops. But for right now, I decided to head back into western North Carolina.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a mountain town.

So we headed up the mountain- literally- to Brevard, North Carolina. Home of the White Squirrel Festival, Brevard is a charming little town with an equally charming Main Street. And I’m happy to report, several charming little shops to explore…shall we?Read more ›

Shotgun!: Atlanta, Georgia (Part 1)

*** Please note that this post on Atlanta, GA has not been updated since 2015. I had planned on updating it in 2020, but as we all know, 2020 hasn’t gone as planned!  So, please check back in 2021 for a freshly updated post. ***

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband’s favorite past time is sword fighting- with the long sword, to be precise. He studies historical European martial arts with various groups in the Carolinas as well as Eastern martial arts at a local dojo. When he had an opportunity to train with a sword fighting studio in Atlanta, Georgia, we decided to turn it into a long weekend…which meant I could go junkin’!

Truth be told, a city as large as Atlanta offers COUNTLESS options for antiques, vintage, and thrift stores…so this post will just have to count as “Part 1” in a series…because with Atlanta not all that far from me, you can be sure that I’ll be returning many more times…for many more blog posts.

Let’s get started- here are the places I hit this time around!Read more ›