Botanical Prints on Woven Mats

Botanical Prints on Woven Mats

Finding these woven mats at Habitat was both exciting (ooh, fun new thrifted stuff to upcycle!) and confusing (too small to be placemats- what were these for?). Even though I couldn’t figure out their original purpose, I couldn’t wait to get them home. Because I had an idea for creating some botanical prints and they were the perfect medium to work with.

woven mats

Eventually, I was able to add a couple of larger palm mats to my collection that had definitely been used as placemats originally.

vintage woven mats

NOW I could try out my experimental project. I’d already made a framed collection of vintage botanical prints before. This time, however, I was curious about stenciling ferns directly on the woven mats.

fern stencils

I had no idea if stenciling would look crisp and clean on the woven mats. But I figured, if it looked terrible, I’d just turn them over for Project Idea #2 (whatever that would be). Want to see if my idea panned out?

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Stenciling the Botanical Prints

My approach to stenciling on the woven mats was going to be pretty standard- and similar to any/all of my previously stenciled pursuits. The only change was that I planned to clip the stencils to the mats instead of using tape.

holding a stencil in place with a binder clip

Tape might have worked out- I honestly didn’t even try it out. Because I *really* wanted the stencils to stay in place and binder clips seemed like a firmer approach.

From there, I went about my normal stenciling approach: picking up paint (latex, in this case) on my brush, blotting most of it off, and stippling over the stencil.

fern stencil for boho decor

Next, the moment of truth- would my first attempt at stenciling botanical prints look nice and crisp? Or smeary and awful?

boho wall decor with a botanical stencil

‘TWAS RELIEF! It looked fantastic, to be honest- as if it had been laser-printed on the woven palm mat, not stenciled with paint.

stenciled fern

After I was certain the first fern was completely dry, I laid the second stencil (from the same pack) over my work, clipped it in place, and went to work.

boho wall decor with fern stencils

Stenciling with Chalk Paint

Now, it was time to repeat the process on the woven placemats with a different, larger stencil. And to mix things up, I planned on using chalk paint instead.

chalk paint stenciling

The same chalk paint I used on these boho bookends, aptly named “Botanical”.

And hurray, hurray, the first of my larger botanical prints also turned out wonderfully!

turning a vintage placemat into boho wall decor

Once again, I moved the stencil over the first print once it had fully dried and repeated the process. These ferns had a lot of details, so I took my time to ensure I covered every little peak and valley.

botanical prints on vintage placemats

When all was said and done on the woven placemat, this is how it looked! I was thrilled with how the botanical prints looked on the natural mat.

botanical wall hanging

In fact, both of them turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. The smaller botanical prints have a slight sheen (latex paint) whereas the larger ones are completely matte (chalk paint).

botanical prints to use as boho wall decor

In the end, I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to seal them. I made the executive decision not too, because I wasn’t sure how the top coat would interact with the natural palm mats. Maybe someday I’ll experiment if I find a badly stained or otherwise damaged mat.

But not on these botanical prints that I was absolutely swooning over!

Botanical Prints on Woven Mats

At this point, I opted not to frame them- but I may go that route in the future. For now, I used a vintage pants hanger to hang the larger print, and a small thrifted easel to display the smaller one.

botanical decor for the walls

I’ve long-admired the botanical prints that have been in vogue in recent years- both the authentically vintage ones and the vintage-looking ones. And I couldn’t be happier with how these versions on the natural mats turned out!

woven wall hangings with fern prints

The natural texture and look of the woven palm really pairs up nicely with botanical prints, don’t you think?

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Craft on!


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botanical wall hangings on palm mats

botanical prints in a boho home

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  1. Super fun and cute botanicals!

  2. Mary Loveland says

    Wow, totally agree with you, they look wonderful. Those stencils are really really pretty. I looked up The Stencil Smith and they give you size and material choices which I think is excellent. Well done Sarah!

    • The Stencil Smith is a go-to favorite of mine. She does lots of sales and will also custom-size something if you email her. For a thrifted like me who finds strangely shaped items to stencil on, asking for custom sizes is a real lifesaver!

  3. We still need art at the lake house rental. I love this ideas! You really have a creative eye!

  4. Susan Verbaan says

    Have you made jewelry’pictures’ with old jewelry?
    I’m wondering what glue to use.
    , metal to fabric.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Sue Verbaan

    • I’ve not done it before, but blogger friends who have use E6000 glue for those types of projects. You can usually find it with the other glues/adhesives at craft stores.

  5. Really beautiful job on the natural mats!

  6. I love the mats and what you did with the stencil, they turned out so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us!

  7. Maroo T Eymontt says

    Sarah, Simple, Elegant, Gorgeous! I esp. love the vintage wood pants hanger. How do you clean your stencils after use so that they don’t get damaged? Just curious…

    • Sometimes I’ll try and rinse them and rub off what paint I can with my finger, but I don’t worry about it too much. If you don’t use too much paint on your brush, the build up doesn’t get that bad.

  8. Those turned out so beautifully! What a great idea and so well done.

  9. creativelybeth says

    You have such a FABULOUS eye for the upcycle, Sarah!!
    Don’t forget to join us over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday
    Followed and Pinned!
    Creatively, Beth

  10. How clever is this?! These leaf botanical prints really came out beautiful! And yes, a definite boho vibe!

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