Floor Magazine Rack as a Repurposed Planter

Floor Magazine Rack as a Repurposed Planter

It’s that time of year again, when everything I see at thrift stores becomes a planter in my mind. That’s definitely what happened when I spotted this floor magazine rack at one of the Charlotte Region ReStores. It immediately screamed “MAKE ME A PLANTER”, and who was I to argue?

metal magazine holder

See what I mean, though? It’s the most whimsical piece and it would be a shame to tuck it into a dark corner of the living room.

I’m certainly no stranger to turning things into planters, as I’ve made more than a few over the years. Case in point, this hanging planter from an enameled colander.

Enamel colander as a hanging porch planter

And now I hoped to add more charm to my porch by making a repurposed planter from this magazine rack!

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Making a Repurposed Planter

Now, truth be told, I wasn’t going to have to DO much at all for this project. But isn’t that the beauty of a repurposed planter like this? 

It was always a container of sorts; it’s just going to contain other things now.

wire magazine holder

It even casts a wonderful shadow with it’s wire body and curly-q scrolls.

First, I decided to give it a quick spritz of clear top coat to protect the magazine rack from all things planter- water, living outdoors, etc.

spraying a clear top coat on a repurposed planter

Once that dried overnight, I then grabbed some coco liner to line the magazine rack.

lining a planter with coco liner

You can find coco liner at a garden center, hardware store, or even a craft store during garden season! It’s a natural way to keep your soil and plants in a planter while still allowing ample drainage.

Next, I simply cut the coco liner to size in order to fit inside the magazine rack. I used regular craft scissors for this, which worked just fine.

repurposing a floor magazine rack to hold plants

Now, it’s ready to be planted. Think flowers will look nice in this? And more importantly, will they thrive? (That’s always the true test of a repurposed planter.)

preparing a planter with coco liner

Floor Magazine Rack as a Repurposed Planter

After a quick trip to the garden center, I added some potting soil and a trio of plants to the magazine rack! I chose melodramatic impatiens which means I’ll have to baby them from too much sun. But I know how full and boisterous they can get- and that’s what I’m hoping for!

repurposed planter

Meant to be, right? I honestly can’t even imagine using this for newspapers or magazines now.

And since I’ll need to keep these babies out of too much direct sun, that’s another bonus of this planter. The scrolls at the top make for a delightful handle, and I can tote it around wherever I want.

whimsical planter

Here’s an updated photo from a few weeks later. They’re filling out nicely, which is exactly what I had hoped for!

metal magazine holder as a repurposed planter

I’m also pretty sure that I will be keeping an eye out for more wire magazine holders in the future, too!

wire magazine holder as an upcycled planter

Late Summer Update: Check out how well this metal planter has done! You honestly can’t even see the pretty scrollwork anymore.

metal planter

What do you think? Would you have snagged this metal magazine holder if you had seen it? And would you also have turned it into a whimsical planter, too?

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea and are looking for more inspiration for repurposed planters, maybe this collection will spark a fresh idea!

upcycled planters

Craft on!


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whimsical planter from a magazine rack

metal planter from a magazine rack


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  1. Love it!!

  2. love this!

  3. Debbie- Dabble says

    I am so loving this idea..will now be on the look out for one like this!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. ShelleyS says

    This is one of my all time favorites of your projects! Any of us can do it without having to cut wood😁 and it’s perfectly adorable!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these now.

  5. I love it this way! It can never go back to being a magazine rack EVER!

  6. Sharon GD says

    Love it! Will be stalking for wire magazine racks now. Also, loving that orange chair!!!

  7. most beautiful mag rack ever!!!!!

  8. Like what you did with magazine holder .

  9. Great planter! Envious; you always find great treasures. THEN you make them into something even better! My yard is very shady so impatiens and begonias are standbys for me–plus the slugs won’t eat them! Woodchuck likes my phlox–within 5′ of my front door!

  10. Great idea!!! I will be looking for my own!! I do have a suggestion that I use in my pots. At garage/estate/tag sales I buy for cheap, any kind of diaper. I cut the plastic off , leaving just the absorbent part. Depending on the size, I sometimes cut them in half, place both in the pot absorbent side up, then the soil. These diapers, hold water and therefore the pots don’t need to be watered as frequently. Each season I replace the diapers.
    If the container is round I will also buy those clear plant drip pan put a couple of tiny pin holes and place one in the round pot, add a cut up diaper, and then add soil…even on the outside of the plastic pot. This really helps with watering.

  11. JoAnn Felch says

    I have made one a few years ago. And, I love how mine turned out. I have one that has two sides so I put the coco pad and add the dirt. I planted it with some violets, purple, yellow, I think that’s what they were called.. lol! Didn’t use it this year. But, will do it again next. Love your ideas. Keep them coming! =)

  12. Janice Caton says

    It looks like a white iron bed with 🌸 flowers

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