Fairy Garden Furniture from the Junk Drawer

Fairy Garden Furniture from the Junk Drawer

A reader recently asked (on my Facebook page) if I had ever upcycled a pizza saver. You know, those little plastic pieces that keep a pizza box from caving in on the toppings. And I instantly remembered a VERY old blog post that I had put together in 2014 (but never published) on fairy garden furniture that I made using household junk.Read more ›

Shotgun!: Atlanta, Georgia (Part 1)

*** Please note that this post on Atlanta, GA has not been updated since 2015. I had planned on updating it in 2020, but as we all know, 2020 hasn’t gone as planned!  So, please check back in 2021 for a freshly updated post. ***

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband’s favorite past time is sword fighting- with the long sword, to be precise. He studies historical European martial arts with various groups in the Carolinas as well as Eastern martial arts at a local dojo. When he had an opportunity to train with a sword fighting studio in Atlanta, Georgia, we decided to turn it into a long weekend…which meant I could go junkin’!

Truth be told, a city as large as Atlanta offers COUNTLESS options for antiques, vintage, and thrift stores…so this post will just have to count as “Part 1” in a series…because with Atlanta not all that far from me, you can be sure that I’ll be returning many more times…for many more blog posts.

Let’s get started- here are the places I hit this time around!Read more ›