Junkin’ Journey: Savannah, Georgia

*** Please note that this post on Savannah, GA has not been updated since 2014. It will be updated soon with additional thrift stores and antiques stores. Thank you! ***

We all know how much I love Greenville…I’ve posted about it here on Sadie Seasongoods…I’ve blogged about it here on Visit Greenville, SC…and I’m a walking advertisement everywhere I go. But I’ve also had a lengthy love affair with Savannah, Georgia. I’ve traveled there for years, accumulating a list of favorite haunts…including a list of favorite junk shops. There are plenty of highfalutin boutiques and manicured antiques dealers in Savannah- if that’s your flavor.

But for me? These shops- both thrift and antiques- are quirkier, more affordable, and serve as wonderful muses for projects and ideas. So, keep this list handy next time you head to Savannah and maybe, just maybe, I’ll see you there.Read more ›