Junkin’ Journey: Savannah, Georgia

*** Please note that this post on Savannah, GA has not been updated since 2014. It will be updated soon with additional thrift stores and antiques stores. Thank you! ***

We all know how much I love Greenville…I’ve posted about it here on Sadie Seasongoods…I’ve blogged about it here on Visit Greenville, SC…and I’m a walking advertisement everywhere I go. But I’ve also had a lengthy love affair with Savannah, Georgia. I’ve traveled there for years, accumulating a list of favorite haunts…including a list of favorite junk shops. There are plenty of highfalutin boutiques and manicured antiques dealers in Savannah- if that’s your flavor.

But for me? These shops- both thrift and antiques- are quirkier, more affordable, and serve as wonderful muses for projects and ideas. So, keep this list handy next time you head to Savannah and maybe, just maybe, I’ll see you there.

Gypsy June’s

Gypsy June’s (Historic District location- 4611 Atlantic Ave.) is one of those perfect places- it’s really an intersection between thrift store and vintage shop, in a small little building that is deceptively larger once you step inside. It’s tucked in a cute historic neighborhood, dotted with darling little houses and overarching trees. Inside the shop, you’ll find carefully curated merchandise – enough stock to keep you interested but not so much as to turn you off. And even though it’s a smaller shop, it’s worth two laps so you don’t miss anything.


I first learned about Blessingdales years and years ago when they had a location in the heart of the historic district. Unfortunately that location closed a while ago, but they still have two others- including this one at 2118 Bona Bella Avenue. At first glance you might not expect much, given the slightly run-down old strip mall entrance. But they do a lot with the space they have- an excellent housewares section, (which is always a go-to section for a DIYer like me) AND thrifty prices. Definitely a keeper!

Habersham Antique Market

Habersham Antique Market (2502 Habersham Street) is a place I found a few years ago by sheer chance. It’s across the street, more or less, from one of my absolute favorite low-key eateries in Savannah, Green Truck Pub. But back to the antique market- it’s a sizeable place but not overwhelming. And there are lots of booths with “smalls”…i.e., project bits…plus other vintage items that I love- jewelry, apparel, hats, etc. And despite being in the historic district, the prices are quite comfortable…something you don’t often find within a tourist destination!

Goodwill on Broughton

The Goodwill on Broughton Street (108 W Broughton Street) is proof positive that not all Goodwills are created equal. This location doesn’t feel like a thrift shop at all, other than the crazy-low prices. So that alone makes it a winner in my book! It’s not a huge space but the location can’t be beat- right in the heart of the Broughton Street commercial district. The place is merchandised with care- management is borrowing concepts from the Manhattan Goodwill, which give it a boutique feel for sure. But you still score a lot for a few dollars…so this Goodwill is definitely worth the trip!

Pinch of the Past

Architectural Salvage!! Sorry, I get super excited about it. Pinch of the Past (2603 Whitaker Street) is Savannah’s pre-eminent dealer in architectural antiques…housed in an old building, every nook and cranny is filled with rusty, chippy goodness. And that’s just the downstairs- head up and you have a regular antiques shop.  Now I’ve got your attention, right? It’s a Twofer!

MORE than Honorable Mention: The Barkin’ Basement

OK…so this place isn’t in Savannah. Heck, it’s not even in Georgia! BUT if you are traveling to Savannah from the north and pass by Ridgeland, SC on I-95, then this is a MUST-STOP shop. I stumbled across Barkin Basement and was immediately smitten, thrifty-style. Once again, another animal-based charity shop… my favorite! But this one is so much more than that- 1 part antiques, 1 part thrift, all parts awesome. I’ve picked up awesome vintage linens there…and some awesome project parts that I can’t wait to work on. Plus there are shop cats… I mean, it doesn’t get much more Sadie-perfect than that.


Jon and I are already planning our next trip down to Savannah… I just love living a few hours away from so many amazing places where I can go junkin’!  But where to next, hmmm?

Junk on!


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  1. I adore Savannah – although it is darn hot! I don’t know when I will get down there again but I will definitely keep this list to consult next time!

  2. Hi Sarah! What a fun post and I would totally have loved going on this junkin’ journey; at least I was able to go virtually! 🙂 Thank you for sharing at Best of the Weekend! Happy Monday and have a fabulous week!

  3. Any suggestions for Beaufort S.C. area?

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