Upcycling Jewelry into Wine Glass Charms

Upcycling Jewelry into Wine Glass Charms

One of my very first blog posts was making these upcycled wine charms. At the time, I had been given some vintage Cracker Jack prizes that I repurposed for the blog post. But because it had been so long since I made them, I decided to make a new set of wine glass charms. And this time I’d do so by upcycling jewelry instead.

wine charms from vintage cracker jack prizes

Let’s face it. We probably didn’t know each other in my early blogging days back in 2013 and 2014. So, you may never have ever seen that project before!

I also wanted to remake this project using something that’s more accessible: jewelry bits. And it just so happens that my Habitat ReStores carry a decent jewelry selection.

upcycling jewelry from habitat restore

Which isn’t something I normally associate with Habitat ReStore!

The best part about thrifting jewelry to make wine glass charms is that it doesn’t have to be stylish or even in perfect condition. In fact, broken jewelry (or “orphan” bits) are custom made for this craft project.

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This project is also sponsored by the Charlotte Region ReStore(s).

Upcycling Jewelry from the Thrift Store

As I mentioned before, thrifting for jewelry crafts is extra fun. Because just about anything that can hang on a loop is fair game! And it certainly doesn’t have to be something you’d consider wearing, either.

First, I picked up this charm bracelet because it would be PERFECT for making some wine glass charms. Even though I don’t play (or even really care about) golf!

jewelry crafts with a charm bracelet

See what I mean, though? This would be perfect for upcycling jewelry as wine charms. And the set would be delightfully coordinated.

But some of my ReStores also carry bags of orphan charms, too. Another great option for repurposing jewelry or jewelry crafts.

necklace charms for upcycling

Once I had all the jewelry bits that I needed, I then focused on beads. Now, I could have thrifted some beaded necklaces to disassemble. But since I was heading to the Creative Reuse store in Greensboro, NC anyway, I figured I could pick up some beads while I was there.

Such a fun and inexpensive source of beads for my craft projects!

beads at a creative reuse center

With beads in hand, I started to make my wine charms. And since there was no paint, no glue, no anything that required a wait-to-dry period, I was done in minutes! Just like that, I had a cute set of wine glass charms.

repurposing jewelry as wine glass charms

Aren’t they cute? As a biologist, I especially loved using “critter” charms to make a coordinated set. 

If you are interested in the full tutorial for creating these wine glass charms, please pop over to the Charlotte Region ReStore’s blog post! All the details and step-by-step photos can be found on their website- I sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Upcycling ideas with Habitat Restore Charlotte Region

Upcycling Jewelry as Wine Glass Charms

These really are an incredibly simple craft project to make. And if you play your cards right, you may not even need any jewelry making tools, like small pliers or wire cutters.

wine glass charms

But, even if you do need pliers, it’s a great craft project to do as a group. Sharing beads, tools, or jewelry making notions is a great way to keep the costs down. And hunting for the jewelry bits at thrift stores (or your own jewelry box!) is half the fun!

repurpose old jewelry as wine charms

By the way, how perfect is that wine cork for my photos? I found it in my bag of corks and was just tickled pink (or perhaps, Rosé, as the case may be!) when I found it.

I hope you enjoyed this super simple upcycling idea for making a set of wine glass charms. As always, I appreciate your understanding that the full tutorial is on the ReStore blog, and not mine.

And if you enjoyed this craft project for upcycling jewelry, then you may also be interested in how I “upstyled” a strand of pearls into this breezy bracelet!

beach themed jewelry from a vintage pearl necklace

Craft on!


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  1. How cute! I’m one who joined you after you’d posted your original post on wine charms. And even though I bopped around viewing some of your posts from before I joined you at one point, I missed seeing that original post.

    I have a decent selection of jewelry making supplies I can raid as I collect whenever I see appealing jewelry at garage and estate sales and especially at auctions to add to my collection. I decorate horseshoes with jewelry and leather bits and feathers – whatever strikes me. Sometimes they are customized to specific folks for gifts, but I also sell them locally.

    So this will be a fun thing to try in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Enjoyed your wine charms! I go the other way around; I look for thrifted wine charms that have dollhouse sized objects/critters/ christmas items which I use for my dollhouses and Christmas ornaments. THEN, I add more beads to the wine stem rring and call them bracelets for the 18″ dolls! Never thought of adding a hanging bead to them, though! I have oodles of beads–just waiting for me! You are SOO lucky to have so many Restores in your area. I have one locally, another about 40 minutes away! My local one has a bit of craft stuff but no jewelry.

  3. These charms are super pretty! And what a great call to utilize costume jewelry to customize! Just the right touch of glam!

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