Amber Glass Bottles for Fall Decor

Amber Glass Bottles for Fall Decor

I’ve been an avid collector of antique bottles for many years now. But in all those years of hunting down my collection, I never once picked up any amber glass bottles. My eyes went straight for the aqua and green bottles, and now I’m kicking myself for passing them by. Because they are positively PERFECT to use in fall decorating.

So, when I came across this collection of small glass bottles at Goodwill, I decided to try creating a DIY version of amber glass. 

Tincture bottles at thrift store to become the amber glass with spray paint and leaf stickers

And to achieve the look of amber glass, I decided to try out this color of sea glass spray paint. I’ve worked with the beachy colors before, but never the brown version!

Brown sea glass paint to create amber glass or amber bottles for autumn decorations

Now, I knew going into this that sea glass paint would be cloudy and far more opaque than traditional amber bottles. But I wanted to try it out anyway, complete with a metallic twist!

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Amber Glass Bottles with Metallic Leaves

My plan was to coat the glass bottles on the inside with metallic paint and then spray the outside with the amber paint. So, I gathered up my favorite metallic craft paints – mostly golds, coppers, and bronzes – that I thought worked best in fall decor. 

Metallic craft paint to pour on the inside of the tincture bottles for autumn decorations

Just as I had done with this milk bottle project in the Spring, I added a few drops of water to my paint and squeezed some into the glass bottle.

Mixing the craft paint with water before pouring it inside glass bottles to create the fall mantel decor

I rolled and shook the bottle (covered with my thumb) until the paint had thoroughly coated the interior of the bottle. Then, I turned it over and let the excess paint drip out onto a paper plate.

Moving the bottle periodically keeps the dripping paint from building up inside the neck of the bottle.

I allowed the paint to dry for a couple of days before moving onto the next step, which involved leaf stickers!

Leaf stickers or Fall stickers to place on the tincture bottles before spray painting with amber glass paint

I bought several packs of leaf stickers from the scrap booking department of my local craft stores. Next, I simply placed them on my bottles in a random fashion and rubbed my fingers over them to ensure there were no air bubbles.

DIY fall decorations with tincture bottles and leaf stickers that will become the amber glass bottles

Next, I took the future amber glass bottles outside and set up a spray painting station. I gave each bottle several coats of the amber sea glass paint (each coat dries in a minute). 

Ultimately, the bottles ended up completely opaque, which I was hoping to avoid. BUT, this was an experiment after all…

Amber glass bottles with brown sea glass spray paint for fall mantel decor or autumn decorations

I also balled up painter’s tape to place on top of the bottles before I spray painted.

DIY Amber Glass Bottles for Fall Decor

Once the amber glass paint had fully dried, I used a pair of tweezers to very carefully remove one of the leaf stickers. And voila – just like that, I had metallic leaves underneath the amber paint!

Metallic leaves on amber bottles with leaf stickers on tincture bottles from the thrift store

Perhaps not as gorgeous as the clear amber glass bottles that you can find in antiques stores, but still a fun twist to add to your autumn decorations!

My favorites were the yellow gold and antique bronze versions…the copper and rose gold metallic leaves didn’t pop against the amber paint.

Amber bottles for autumn decorations by using the leaf stickers and brown sea glass paint

As you can see, I mixed them in with the amber glass that I DO have and they work wonderfully with the real amber glass. 


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Craft on!


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Fall mantel decor and autumn decorations with amber bottles that use sea glass paint in brown


  1. Sarah,
    Your bottle ideas are so cute. I even liked them with the stickers ON! ­čÖé

    sharing on facebook and pinterest


  2. Your bottles are very festive! Great idea to paint your own!

  3. These turned out super cute!

  4. I’ve used the sea glass spray paint before but I didn’t notice that gorgeous Amber color – so pretty!

  5. Christine Roppel says

    I love your new picture! You look lovely!!! Hope your book is coming along! I’m so happy for you!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Christine! I’m thinking that photo will be my author photo on the back of the book. It’s coming along well and I’m on target to send my manuscript to the publisher on February 1!

  6. That was a very clever upcycle Sadie! I have some Amber Cremora jars that my grandmother used to can sauerkraut. I have been trying to find a use for them, so right now I am rooting some cuttings from a large tropical vine that an Aunt gave to me years ago. It was growing so aggressively that I could not keep it vertical! Do you have other ideas for them? ~ Thanks!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hmm…outside of using them as a vase of some sort (even with faux or dried plants for Fall), I’m not sure. But don’t get rid of them! ­čÖé

  7. What a pretty idea! I bet they’d make adorable mini vases over Thanksgiving dinner.

  8. These are so adorable and clever. I’d love to have a group of them clustered on a dining table with flowers as a centerpiece. You are so creative!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your process; you introduced me to the sea glass paint with your “sea glass” bottles. I wonder what these amber bottles would look like with lights inside??? I am not an amber fan but I do like it in fall vignettes.


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