Improve Your Wellbeing by Cleaning House This Spring

Improve Your Wellbeing by Cleaning House This Spring

Planning on cleaning house this spring? The benefits may be more than just tidier spaces and sparkling surfaces.

Seasonal house cleaning and decluttering seem merely a tedious chore for some homeowners. But they may want to rethink how and why they approach their cleaning house jobs this spring.

Research has shown that all that mopping, wiping, vacuuming, and dusting that come with spring cleaning not only makes a home sparkle top to bottom like it’s had a professional cleaning, but they can also help with overall health, happiness, and general well-being. The benefits to homeowners who roll up their sleeves and get the cleaning and housekeeping done themselves rather than hire a maid service are far greater than most people initially realize.

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With the spring cleaning season upon us, now is the ideal time for homeowners to prepare their tools and mindset to enjoy all that this season of renewal has to offer. Even if they don’t normally enjoy cleaning a house and prefer to hire a maid, they may change their tune when they learn the benefits of cleaning their home themselves.

A Fresh Start to the Season

As hints of the warm weather appear in the spring, inhabitants of the northern hemisphere start to feel naturally ready for a fresh start and a new season. Wardrobes are switched out and updated, windows are flung open, and a new perspective of hope takes shape.

This sense of rejuvenation leads many people to grab their broom, mop, and bucket to get their homes ready for the warmer months ahead – but all the scrubbing and polishing may actually be putting a new shine on their mental and physical health as well. Cleaning the grime off the mirrors helps them see more clearly, and cleaning that hard-to-reach spot on the hardwood makes other challenging tasks seem like they can finally be accomplished.

Below are a few ways a spring deep-clean can benefit mental well-being and lead to better habits, a more balanced lifestyle, and a new positive outlook.

A Clean House and a Clear Mind

Countless homeowners have noticed over the years that, for some reason, they’re just better able to think clearly when they come home to a tidy house with clear countertops, fresh towels, and shiny sinks. As cobwebs are cleared out and time is invested in organizing and decluttering, cloudy thoughts and mental clutter are eliminated.

Those who streamline their surroundings and cultivate a harmonious environment in their homes find themselves with fewer distractions throughout the day, resulting in reduced stress and a better ability to relax. When the mind is no longer distracted by the dishwasher that needs unloading or the toilets that need a wipe, thought patterns can naturally return to more important things. Mental clarity, the ability to focus, and the capability to consciously assess and reevaluate priorities immediately improve, leading to more clearly defined goals and better efficiency at achieving them.

Rather than thinking about cleaning as a chore that has to be done, would-be cleaners should think of this time of kitchen cleaning and window washing as an opportunity for new beginnings, a chance for improved productivity, and to capitalize on the enhanced self-esteem that comes along with facilitating a home environment that’s easy to maintain and helps its inhabitants reach their full potential.

Reflect and Grow To Promote a Sense of Well-Being

An important part of spring cleaning is first taking a moment to take stock of the current situation, evaluate the surroundings, and reflect on daily habits and practices needed to improve. This can be a fulfilling exercise.

Coming up with a plan and implementing its execution often leads to a sense of excitement over the possibilities and new beginnings that lie ahead and can make a tangible difference in someone’s overall sense of wellness.

Feeling productive and finally tackling that tarnished silver collection that has been on the to-do list forever provides relief from nagging stress. It can clear the air to allow for more fun and exciting plans to come into view on the horizon. Furthermore, overcoming an obstacle such as a dreaded task can build confidence.

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There’s plenty of opportunity for tackling dreaded tasks when it comes to spring cleaning, along with opportunities for challenging oneself in small ways to build confidence little by little.

Additionally, the Anxiety & Depression Association of America has noted that the actual physical activity of cleaning and organizing can help relieve anxious and depressive feelings. That, coupled with the relief of seeing a cleaner home come into view, can be an instant mood boost.

Create Boundaries and Strengthen Relationships

For those who live with others, spring cleaning can provide great benefits that can help strengthen relationships within the household. Of course, tidying up, bathroom cleaning, fixture polishing, and removing the soap scum from the grout reduces stress and day-to-day inconvenience for everyone, but there’s even more to it. Spending a few days planning and tidying together can have perks beyond clean floors and dusted bookshelves.

Mindfully setting guidelines for improving the home environment and keeping it cleaner on an ongoing basis can help create healthy boundaries and a sense of hope for better days ahead. Working together as a team and creating a plan around the shared goal of a clean home and mutually beneficial results can build bonds whether the team members are family members, friends, or roommates.

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The transparency of the situation leads to something as simple as taking the initiative to mix up a homemade ant killer recipe to tackle a household pest issue or sharing a trick for removing spray paint to be seen as a kind deed to everyone in the house. Feelings of appreciation allow the relationship to be further enhanced and all parties to feel a little bit kinder and more understanding toward one another.

Build Healthy Habits and Boost Physical Health by Cleaning House

Cleaning a house, with all of its scrubbing, lifting, bending, and additional steps, helps burn calories and build muscle. When cleaning becomes a regular occurrence, as can happen when homeowners want to maintain their sparkly clean house, these benefits intensify. Spring cleaning can be a catalyst for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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Another amazing benefit of creating a cleaner atmosphere is that a tidier kitchen can actually lead to healthier food choices. According to a study from Cornell Food & Brand Lab in Ithaca, NY, females are particularly affected by their surroundings regarding how they eat. The study found that female participants ate twice as many sweet treats like cookies when they were in a messy, chaotic kitchen environment compared to when they were in a clean space.

Regular Cleaning Tasks That Provide Benefits to Mental and Physical Health

For improved physical health, the best house cleaning tasks for a spring-clean session are the ones that get the blood pumping and muscles working and create a spotless environment to enjoy.

Exterior cleaning jobs often require more ground to be covered and thus encourage more steps throughout the course of the day. Outdoor window cleaning with a spray bottle of glass cleaner and a squeegee is a dependable source of physical exertion, along with garden cleanup, porch sweeping, and power-washing patios.

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For an instant mood boost and sustained mental health benefits, tackling the general cleaning tasks that are the most dreaded will provide an immediate sense of relief. These can sometimes be the dirtiest jobs around the house that require a homeowner to disinfect and remove germs, or they can be the tasks that seem cumbersome, such as sanitizing and stain-removal on upholstery or cleaning carpet.

The post-cleaning glow – when there’s a visible improvement in the home’s cleanliness and when the house is left smelling fresh and free from odors – will make anyone feel better.

For those looking to improve their lives in all areas of mental and physical well-being, tackling that dreaded spring deep cleaning job head-on rather than calling house cleaning services to hire a housekeeper is a great place to start.

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