Halloween Figurines for Spooky Decor

Halloween Figurines for Spooky Decor

When you go to a thrift store (or garage sale…or flea market), there are ALWAYS some figurines available. Whether they are ceramic, porcelain, clay, or other material, figurines are a secondhand shop staple. And as I was on my thrifting adventures over the past few months, I picked up a few along the way. I had a sneaking suspicion with just a little bit of paint, I could create Halloween figurines for some spooky decor.

I specifically kept an eye out for the “flawed” figurines – ones that had significant chips or cracks, or even some that were missing pieces entirely.

Such as this fellow- he, himself, was in tact but it looked like a sign or something in front of him had broken off.

figurines to paint

This Halloween craft idea is seriously PERFECT for imperfect figurines. Honestly, the more severe the “injury”, the spookier it can be!

what to do with broken figurines

Most of my upcycled Halloween projects err on the side of cute. But every now and again, I love to add a spooky or scary project to my Halloween repertoire.  Remember these creepy candles that I made?

Creepy candles for Halloween from Christmas window candles

Anyway, back to the figurines. The best part about this project was how easy it was going to be to give them a spooky transformation!

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Easy Upcycling Idea for Halloween Figurines

After I had hit a few thrift shops, I had a little army that would become the Halloween figurines of my dreams…err, nightmares!

figurines to paint for spooky decor

First, I set up my spray paint station outside- basically, a sawhorse table with my figurines on top.

I wanted to raise the figurines up (as opposed to spray painting on the ground/grass) so that I could make sure I was getting paint in all the nooks and crannies.

Using bubbles of wide painter’s tape, I temporarily secured the figurines to my makeshift table. This ensured they wouldn’t tip over from the force of the paint or a gush of wind.

Then, I nabbed some glossy black spray paint and my always-gotta-use trigger handle.

spray painting the halloween figurines

Two coats later, they looked like this!

thrift store halloween decorations

Part of me wondered if they would have looked better in a satin or matte black paint, but the glossy finished started to grow on me…

Now comes the secret to giving these Halloween figurines the spookiness: RED EYES.

First, I used a red paint pen, but I was dissatisfied with the color (it was more pink, less scarlet). So, I ended up using chalky red craft paint, which turned out far better and was the perfect red against the black paint on the Halloween figurines.

painting the eyes on halloween figurines

A quick tip for painting the eyes- I didn’t use a small paint brush! Instead, I used the blunt round end of a bamboo skewer! It allowed me to pick up the amount of paint I needed and could dab it on the figurine in an eye shape!

It sounds crazy, but skewers are a favorite secret crafting tool of mine.

Halloween Figurines for Spooky Decor

Lastly, I spritzed my Halloween figurines with a clear, glossy topcoat to protect the paint. And that was it!

From sweet to scary in no time at all for very little money.

spooky halloween aesthetic

You could definitely change these up and still keep them spooky. Perhaps grey spray paint for a more zombie-like appearance. Or maybe an olive green for a more swamp-like or Godzilla look.

But no matter how you paint them, it makes for super easy Halloween decor that fits into any budget. And going on a scavenger hunt for weird figurines is a LOT of fun!

halloween figurines

See? I told you they were super easy! Gotta love thrift store Halloween decorations that are inexpensive AND an easy upcycle.

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for spooky decor, then you may also like these Halloween coasters that I made with hazard stickers!

halloween coasters with hazmat stickers

Craft on!


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  1. Spooky cute♥

  2. Hilariously fun!

  3. What a fabulous idea! I think my sweet little yellow bird might become a raven!

  4. Props for the idea, even though they’re just a tad creepy-looking :). I guess that’s Halloween.

  5. Yeeessssss!!!! So creepy and perfect!

    And thanks for the spray comfort grip tip, my hands always get so sore from spray painting. Gotta pick up one of those.

    Well done 🙂

  6. amazing!

  7. Kristie Cook says

    I saw this on the Good Life blog and didn’t realize it was you! Duh moment! This is a great idea for all those weird figurines, although I don’t know if I could walk by them every day!

  8. I love it love it!! I’d leave them up year-round!!! Pinning to share!
    Hollie @ http://www.quirkybohemianmama.com/

  9. Great spooky fun…I love this idea!

  10. Who would have thought all those cute little figurines could be so scary! As always paint can do amazing things.

  11. Sadie, what an easy way to make spooky figures. You definitely took that from cute to spooky!

    xo Dianne

  12. I especially like the teddy bear! That is a really good idea of using painter’s tape to hold things down when outside painting. Clever, as always.

  13. These are seriously awesome!

  14. Sarah, these are fabulous! How creative! That’s a great tip about taping the figures while spray painting. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinned to my Halloween Board.

  15. yes, these guys are super creepy. i love their red beady eyes the best!

  16. Haha…what a neat idea!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  17. Sarah, what a collection you have! So cute. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  18. What a fun idea. They can be as cute or as creepy as you would like. I will definately try this.

  19. These are so creepy cool! I actually like the glossy look. Pinning for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Very creepy! I won’t be passing up those damaged figurines in the future. I find red nail polish works really well for creepy red eyes, too! Thanks for sharing with Celebrate Your Story!

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  22. These look AMAZING! I often wondered why anyone would buy some of the figurines they have in thrift stores – now I know!!!
    Found your blog via Creative Muster Party.
    Sarah https://www.enrichmentality.com

  23. What a clever idea! I have a great idea for next Halloween. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  24. Saving this idea, which I love! Even tho I’m reading this pretty well past H day. I can think of some figurines right now that would work great for this!

  25. this is such a great project!!!! simple enough to be done by just about anyone, and super cool looking! a wonderful halloween decoration, too! (hopefully you get tons of traffic after being featured on threadbanger!)

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Karyn! I was so tickled to be included in one of their videos- and Rob was super cool when I left him a comment! 🙂

  26. Spooky little figurines and a bargain. Thanks for sharing at Di&DI.

  27. I love these little characters and they are so perfect for Halloween. Wednesday I went to the thrift store for the first time in weeks. That’s a long time for me. In the Christmas section there were tons of the electric taper candles like the ones you painted black. I almost bought them and then chickened out. Of course, now I wish I had bought them. Thanks for hanging out with us again this week at Celebrate Your Story.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ooooh, I can’t remember the last time I went several weeks between thrifting visits!! Haha, but my garage would love me to take a long break… 😉 Thanks, Sandra!

  28. So easy to make these and super creepy…perfect for Halloween 🙂

  29. I made these three years ago. Soooo good they creeped my hubby out a little. He felt like they were always watching him. Then a tree fell on our house right after I decorated for Halloween. He banished them forever from Halloween decorating!!!

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