Pumpkin Coasters for Halloween

Pumpkin Coasters for Halloween

Even though I’d already made a set of Halloween coasters before (remember this creepy set?), I couldn’t help myself recently. When I spotted this stack of plant saucers at the thrift store, I immediately thought of easily transforming them into pumpkin coasters for Halloween.

plant saucers and flower pots at a thrift store

After all, terracotta jack-o-lanterns are truly all the rage this year, aren’t they? 

AND, this is not the first time I’ve been drawn to incorporating terracotta into a Halloween project. These cute little flower pots as jack-o-lanterns (complete with cactus “stems”) are a longtime favorite of mine!

Terracotta jack o lantern for boho Halloween

So, with the terracotta saucers in hand, I was all set to upcycle them into pumpkin coasters. I had a feeling it would be the simplest of projects; because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love those from time to time?

terracotta plant saucers for flower pots

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Crafting with Jack-o-Lantern Face Stencils

The key, of course, to this project was adding jack-o-lantern faces to the inside of the plant saucers. Stenciling made the most sense, so I turned to Etsy in hopes of finding what I needed.

jack o lantern face stencils that are small enough to fit in plant saucers

And find the right stencil I did! I was also able to message the shop owner and request a slight re-size to better fit my saucers.

First, I cut each face down to size so that they laid flat inside the saucers. I don’t love cutting stencils, but because I use them on oddly-shaped thrift store finds, it’s a necessary evil.

making jack o lantern coasters with a stencil and plant saucers

Next, I carefully stippled on some black craft paint. The shape of the saucer didn’t lend itself to tape, so I just paid extra attention near the edges at the lip of the saucer.

using a jack o lantern face stencil to make a pumpkin coaster

Hurray for going slowly and deliberately because the first face looked perfect!

making a pumpkin coaster by stenciling on terracotta

Sealing the Pumpkin Coasters

From there, I stenciled the rest of my pumpkin coasters before putting away my stenciling supplies.

terracotta jack o lanterns as coasters

Then, I needed to seal the saucers to not only protect the painted faces, but also keep drink condensation from seeping through the clay.

These were going to be coasters, after all- and their one and only job would be to protect furniture from moisture rings!

So, I did some research on the best way to seal terracotta and decided to give this product a try. And it worked PERFECTLY!

how to seal terracotta to protect the paint

It brushed on easily, dried quickly, and only slightly deepened (enhanced?) the orange color.

Lastly, I cut out large circles of adhesive black felt to stick on the undersides of my pumpkin coasters. Not that the terracotta was rough, per se, but this would absolutely ensure no scratches to wood furniture.

using peel and stick felt under the plant saucers to protect furniture

And that was it! I had a darling little set of pumpkin coasters for Halloween, each with a different jack-o-lantern face.

terracotta jack-o-lantern coasters for halloween from plant saucers

Pumpkin Coasters for Halloween

See, I told you this would be an easy project! But worth it, I think, to discover this amazing topcoat for terracotta (and other projects, too). Plus, what a fun way to jump on the terracotta jack-o-lantern bandwagon…but with a unique and functional twist.

pumpkin coasters that are made from plant saucers for flower pots

They’re super cute, perfectly stackable, and ready to be used all throughout spooky season. Kind of decorative, too, wouldn’t you say?

coasters that are terracotta jack o lanterns by stenciling on plant saucers

I had to capture my Halloween kitty pillow in a photo. I’m semi-serious thinking about leaving it out year round- would that be weird?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this super simple upcycling idea for pumpkin coasters! Such a fun way to reuse a few plant saucers from the thrift store or your potting shed.

You may also enjoy this upcycling idea for a “glam-o-lantern”, too. A snazzy makeover goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Modern Halloween decor from a pumpkin candy bucket

Craft on!


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pumpkin coasters on terracotta saucers for a modern halloween

pumpkin coasters that are terracotta jack-o-lanterns

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  1. Carmen Montmarquet says

    The coasters are adorable, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this. Idea. Question: where did you get the black cat pillow?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Oh, I linked to it in the post right under that picture. All text that is blue, bold, and underlined are links- either to products or related blog posts.

  3. I love your ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  4. These are so cute. I like the Jack Skellington one best! Glad you waterproofed them, too!

  5. Super clever and easy to make! My kinda fall project!

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