DIY Wine Bottle Cooler for Happy Hour at Home

DIY Wine Bottle Cooler for Happy Hour at Home

This is one of those ideas of mine that *almost* doesn’t warrant a blog post because it’s so dang simple. BUT, I’ve learned that even when I have a simple project idea, I should always publish it here on the blog. So, here we go with an Igloo cooler that I found at Habitat ReStore. And my plan was to upcycle it into a wine bottle cooler.

Igloo Beverage Cooler at Habitat ReStore

It was neither vintage (i.e., valuable) or perfectly clean (slight ick), and the broken handle had been tucked inside. But, I loved the teal color and the tall-ish, narrow-ish shape just screamed wine bucket to me.

Repurposing an Igloo beverage cooler as a wine chiller bucket

If I upcycled it into a wine bottle cooler, then the “ick” factor didn’t matter. As a wine bucket, nothing I drank would come in direct contact with it.  Plus, the broken handle was a moot point since I wouldn’t need it!

And believe it or not, but this wine bottle cooler isn’t the only upcycling project that I’ve one with a drink cooler! I transformed this one into a faux Skotch Kooler.

Faking a Skotch Kooler for plaid Christmas Decor

But we’re definitely in a summer mood right now, and a DIY Wine Bottle Cooler will be the perfect reuse!

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Decorating an Igloo Beverage Cooler for Happy Hour

So, here’s the thing- The beverage cooler didn’t need ANYTHING DONE TO IT, other than a good scrubbing in the sink. I could have just as easily done that, popped a bottle of rosé inside and surrounded it with ice.

But OF COURSE, I needed to embellish it ever so slightly.

And how would I embellish it? Well, the phrase “It’s 5:00 somewhere!” kept bouncing around in my mind, no matter how hard I tried to come up with something else.

So, I decided to embrace that phrase but in my own dry-humor kind of way. I purchased a clock stencil, fixed it to the outside of the Igloo cooler with painter’s tape, and grabbed basic white paint and my favorite stencil brushes (from this online shop).

Clock stencil on an Igloo Beverage cooler

I knew going into this that my stenciling might be subpar. The ridges on the Igloo beverage cooler prevented the clock stencil from laying flat across the surface.

But I went about my stenciling business anyway, hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

Happy hour decor with a clock stencil and a wine bottle cooler

But, you know what? It wasn’t awful! Not perfectly crisp like I normally aim for, as the numerals had slightly fuzzy edges. But about as good as could be expected given the uneven surface.

It's five oclock somewhere with a clock stencil on a wine bucket

Besides, it’s going to be a wine bottle cooler and wine makes me a little fuzzy, too. Fitting and appropriate!

Now to make my clock say 5:00 permanently!

The clock stencil didn’t come with hands, so I commandeered my arrows stencil, identified one of the smallest arrows, and carefully stippled paint until it read 5:00.

Wine cooler bucket with a clock stencil from an Igloo beverage cooler

It worked like a charm! Now, I just needed to seal the stenciled paint with a couple of quick coats of a matte spray using my go-to trigger handle.

Putting a topcoat and sealant on a wine bottle cooler

Wine Bottle Cooler from a Beverage Cooler for Happy Hour at Home

And that was it! Like I mentioned before, the stenciling was just a fun way to embellish it. But it’s certainly not a required step to repurpose an Igloo beverage cooler into a wine bottle cooler.

Wine bottle cooler or wine chiller from a beverage cooler

It’s perfect for those hot summer nights and hosting happy hour at home. And, because it’s a plastic beverage cooler, it’s not breakable, which is always a bonus on my book.

Wine bucket or wine chiller from an Igloo beverage cooler

I’d love to hear how you’d personalize your own beverage-cooler-turned wine bottle cooler in the comments below.

And for even more ideas for summer DIYs, check out this HUGE collection here!

summer diys

Craft on!


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  1. Amanda Lake says

    Great idea as always. Perfect for outdoor get togethers. I love those old beverage holders.

  2. Clever and cute!

  3. d brossy says

    another clever, inexpensive idea with the usual amusing commentary from you ! always enjoy your imaginative, economical, artistic posts. :))

  4. Well now that’s adorable! I kind of wish I was a wine drinker now!


    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Aww, thank you! And I’m pretty sure any 1-liter sized bottle or carafe would fit just fine, no matter the contents!

  5. Stephanie says

    Omg ! Brilliant!! I think mine will show 5o’clock all around !!?

  6. Love it , I too would have made all the numbers “5”. When I was young my grandmother repainted a clock for her bar that had all 5’s and said “Drinks are served at 5”.

  7. Tracie Davis says

    This is a great “leave behind” idea – make it part of the hostess gift for a cookout. Thanks!

  8. Kathy A. says

    I can hear Alan Jackson singing now! Great upcycle! As usual!

  9. Wlove this!

  10. Jeannie Wallace says

    This is beyond awesome. I love it. Great job as usual.

  11. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep it simple! Wine makes me a little fuzzy round the edges too! Funny that!

  12. It’s perfect for summer, great idea!

  13. Teresa Trettin says

    Love this idea! We have an old cooler that is shaped like a “Harvestore” silo. It would look cuter with farm animals stenciled on it for our grandchildren’s drinks!

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