Hanging Herb Baskets from Lampshade Frames

Hanging Herb Baskets from Lampshade Frames

Lampshades are a pretty common item at thrift stores, in every size and shape you can imagine. So, I felt a compelling need to come up with an upcycling idea for them, starting with these small lamp shades that I found at Goodwill. I had this niggling feeling that lampshade frames could be repurposed into herb hanging baskets for a vertical herb planter.

Small lamp shades at thrift store for upcycling ideas and craft projects

Don’t they look like little Fez hats?

They were cheap and the outer layer of string was starting to come undone on a few of them, so I knew they were destined to be repurposed.

Upcycling the small lampshades into the wire hanging baskets for herb pots

The most important aspect of these small lamp shades was the lampshade frames that were hidden underneath the covering.

Lampshade frames to be upcycled into a vertical herb planter

The metal frames were key to my upcycling idea, and I was ready to put my creativity to the test!

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Upcycling the Lampshade Frames as Hanging Planters

First, I continued to remove the string and paper that covered the lampshade frames. Then, I bent the light bulb cage portion until it was relatively flat.

Repurposing the lampshade frames as vertical garden planters

This would provide a platform for the potted herbs to sit upon inside the lampshade frames.

Once all the small lamp shades had been “disrobed”, so to speak, I was ready to take the next steps. Now I could transform them into wire hanging baskets that would become a vertical garden planter for my front porch!

Lampshade frames that will be used as vertical garden planters for herbs

Because I love to use what I already have, I decided to use this lightweight chain to create the vertical herb planter.

It was a yard sale find that I hoped would come in handy one day, and well…it finally did!

Chain that will be used to connect the lampshade frames as wire hanging baskets

I wasn’t particularly fond of the maroon paint on the lampshade frames, so I spray painted them gold to match the chain. 

Vertical garden kits by upcycling the wire lamp shades from the thrift store

With wire cutters in hand, I carefully cut the chain into matching lengths to go in between the  wire lamp shades. This way, the hanging baskets would hang evenly and perfectly spaced out.

Then, using inexpensive gold-tone jewelry wire, I carefully connected pieces of chain to lampshade frames. Once I was done with that, I connected the small lamp shades together, just like wire hanging baskets.

Wire hanging baskets for herb plants by upcycling the lampshade frames

And yes, even though I started out with four, I ended up only using three. What can I say…I like things in odd numbers!

Hanging Herb baskets from Lampshade Frames

Finally, I popped some herb pots inside the wire hanging baskets.

Worth noting: When I was shopping for herbs, I carried one of the lampshade frames with me to make sure it fit perfectly inside!

herb hanging basket

How cool is that? I have it hanging on our front porch for now, but I’m already thinking about making a second one to hang out back- to hold entirely different herb pots!

wire lampshades as hanging planters

Isn’t that a fun and unexpected upcycling idea for small lamp shades? But I’m telling you, with a little lightweight chain and some jewelry wire, you can make your own set of wire hanging baskets in no time.

And if you don’t want to use them for a vertical herb garden, you could use lightweight flower pots or even artificial plants just for decor!

lampshade frames as hanging baskets

Looking for more upcycling ideas to create garden planters? Then check out this amazing collection here before you go!

upcycled planters

Craft on!


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  1. Love this idea, such a creative use of the lampshades. I may have to steal this idea if you don’t mind. Cheers, Michele

  2. I envy gals like you Sadie…You can look at stuff and see another purpose, me I’m just a copier of those ideas! Lampshades…who would have thought?

  3. Only you would come up with this idea! Now all of us ladies are going to run over to goodwill and buy all their lampshades!

  4. indianakathy says

    I use lampshades (the larger ones) as tomato cages in pots for cherry tomatoes – this is cute – great idea for the spices on my porch! Thank you for sharing

  5. How clever! I new would have guess they were once lampshades – it looks like it was made to hold pots!

  6. You have the best vision for such everyday items! Such a fun idea. Visiting from DIY Collective.

  7. LOVE it! 😀

  8. Wow, so clever! Even a craft-challenged person like me can do that! Seriously so cute!

  9. Your creative thrifted makeovers are genius!
    Now I will be looking for lampshades at the flea market 🙂
    Thank you for being at TOHOT!
    As always, we are so glad you are here.

  10. What a brilliant idea. They look lovely. Congratulations on finding the lampshades and turning them into another useful product.

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  13. Such a clever idea, I will have to keep an eye out now I have been trying to figure out ways for more planters, this would be perfect to have you stop by to share on the #OMHGFF
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  22. charleneasay1 says

    wow what a great idea. I would of never thought to do this. Thanks for linking up with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week.

  23. This is so cute. Great idea–pinning for when I have room for another project on my list. 🙂

  24. Great idea! I love that you painted them gold. I have a large lampshade skeleton laying around…..maybe I can make one hanging pot holder.

  25. These are absolutely darling!! I love it! I have been looking for more ways to get my plants up off of the ground and add more vertical interest to my landscaping. Looks like a trip to the Goodwill is going on my “To-Do” list!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  26. Sarah, you had another genius idea. I love re-purposed lamp shade frames. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm this week.

  27. Awesome idea! And I always see so many lamp shades at goodwill! I pinned this to try later, thanks for sharing!

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  37. globallocavore says

    That’s such a great way to reuse materials instead of buying new. As a conscious consumer I’m always looking for ways to reduce my footprint and repurposing thrift store finds is a great way. I’m so pleased to see you encouraging others to reuse as well.

    Your idea is terrific!

  39. ok – now I’m looking for lamp shades at yard sales! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  40. Genius!!!

  41. Kathy A. says

    Another great idea! I have a lamp shade top (the circle with the hole for the finial) that has been awaiting gold spray paint; it is going to become a Halloween mobile for my daughter who LOVES to decorate for Halloween. Wood cut outs, scrapbooking embellishments, and jazzed up pictures; now to use jute or fishline. Hmm!
    Some lampshade frames will also make good frameworks for wastebaskets; how many projects can you come up with??

  42. Sarah, what clever idea! Our Goodwill always has a lot of lamp shades, but using them this way hasn’t ever crossed my mind. I love this idea, I may just gave to copy it. ? pinning!

  43. Great work! I am impressed with your creativity. I can’t wait to try this. Thanka and keep sharing.

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  48. Oh, this is great! I love what you did with these and that it’s the perfect tone of gold. Not too dark, you know? Makes me want to make one for MY porch!


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