Fabulous Ways to Upcycle Wood Cutting Boards from the Thrift Store

Fabulous Ways to Upcycle Wood Cutting Boards from the Thrift Store

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: wood cutting boards at the thrift store shouldn’t be overlooked. In many ways, they’re a blank canvas for any number of upcycle ideas, from decor to furniture to organizers and beyond. Sure, some of them need more TLC than others, and I’ll always prefer hardwood boards over bamboo. But, if you see one while thrifting, toss it in your cart and give some of these upcycling ideas a gander.

Decorative Clipboard

diy clipboard from a wooden cutting board

Image credit: Anderson + Grant.

Vintage clipboards are popular in decor, but let’s face it- most of them are constructed of some sort of fiberboard. Which makes this upcycle idea all the more special. Because the right wood cutting board from the thrift store can be transformed into a far more fabulous clipboard than the pre-made variety.

Wood Cutting Boards as Trays

farmhouse tray

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Trays are a favorite foundation for coffee table decor, aren’t they? And while you can certainly purchase a pre-made tray from a home decor store, you can also repurpose a thrifted cutting board for a fraction of the cost. Because look how amazing it looks when reimagined as a perfectly weathered decorative tray…

Kitschy Kitchen Hooks

thrift store cutting boards as farmhouse kitchen decor

Image credit: Organized Clutter.

Three mismatched breadboards from the thrift store got a trendy makeover and came together (literally) as this set of kitchen storage hooks. Don’t they look fabulous now? You’d never guess how different they looked before they were upcycled.

Whimsical Garden Decor

DIY garden signs with grill forks

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Smaller cutting boards for cheese and whatnot are great for upcycling, too. How cute is this decorative garden sign that adds a sweet touch of whimsy to your yard? And even better, that thrifted cheese board was paired with another thrift store purchase that served as the “stake”.

Wabi Sabi Vanity Set

simple vanity set from the thrift store

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Several years ago, I was asked to create a thrifty vanity set for Goodwill using items I found at their stores. I selected a gold-tone candle holder, that clear glass bowl, and yes- a wood cutting board. But I covered the cutting board with marble Contact Paper to elevate the style, which worked out delightfully.

Wood Cutting Boards as Chalkboards

command center and chalkboard from a cutting board

Image credit: Homeroad.

Thanks to the invention of chalkboard paint, we’ve been able to transform any number of things into DIY chalkboards. And, of course, wood cutting boards lend themselves brilliantly to this craft idea. And it doesn’t matter how beat up the board is- its previous life disappears under the paint when you repurpose it into a chalkboard and command center like this.

French Farmhouse Decor

French farmhouse decor from the Thrift Store

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Another great thing about wooden cutting boards? With some cleaning and wood stain, they can be “repurposed” into kitchen decor– no real crafting required! Different sized boards look gorgeous stacked together like this- as if they were pulled straight from a French farmhouse kitchen.

Sentimental Gift Idea

transfer a recipe card on a wood cutting board

Image credit: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

When it comes to nostalgia, nothing quite tops some familiar handwriting on a well-loved recipe card. But did  you know you can transfer that script onto a wood cutting board for the ultimate handmade gift? Talk about creating a new family heirloom…

Fixing Furniture with Wood Cutting Boards

Restoring a small footstool with a rush seat by upcycling a wooden cutting board

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

This antique footstool used to have a woven rush top, but it was already unraveling in the thrift store. So, the old rush was removed (what a mess!) and replaced with the help of a perfectly-sized cutting board.

Which also came from the thrift store, by the way. Talk about a thrifty fix!

Hanging Wall Vase

upcycle a breadboard into a wall vase

Image credit: Petticoat Junktion.

There are any number of ways to paint and refresh a breadboard from the thrift store, no matter what decor style speaks to you. And adding a hanging vase is a delightful way to upcycle that breadboard into some unexpected home decor.

Wood Cutting Boards as Decorative Signs

cleaning an old cutting board to make a cabin sign

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

For rustic settings like a cabin or farmhouse, the knife scars on a wooden cutting board add the perfect touch of character. In fact, people pay good money for artificially scarred wood signs all the time. But isn’t it so much better when you make it yourself with a cheap board from the thrift store?

Tablet Holder

diy tablet holder from a breadboard

Image credit: Homeroad.

A lot of us use an iPad or other tablet for following recipes in the kitchen, and a stand is a game changer for us. And thrifted cutting boards like this breadboard are the perfect size and shape for upcycling into an incredibly helpful holder or stand like this.

Garden Tool Organizer

garage organizer for hand tools

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Here’s a fun way to keep your gardening tools within easy reach in the garage: an upcycled organizer like this! Vintage bucket sconces were given a quick makeover and attached to a wood cutting board in this case. And now it can be hung in the garage or propped up against the wall.

Wood Cutting Boards as Halloween Decor

halloween decorations from old cutting boards

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

While any wooden cutting board could potentially be upcycled as Halloween decor, breadboards are particularly suited for it. Why? That handle can become the perfect pumpkin “stem” on your projects like this!

Whimsical Wall Clock

Domino clock as playroom wall decor

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Here’s another fun upcycle idea for cheese boards from the thrift store. A DIY clock made with old dominoes! It’s whimsical and quirky, which makes it a great gift for the gamer in your life or to display in a play room at home.

Organizers on a Wood Cutting Board

diy organizer with tin cans on a cutting board

Image credit: Homeroad.

A longer cutting board or charcuterie board is another kind of board to keep an eye out for while thrifting. Because it’s a great foundation for this recycled organizer, perfect for arts and crafts supplies and DIY tools. Plus, it employs a trio of soup cans from your recycling bin, as well- talk about a budget-friendly project.

Coffee Cup Holder

farmhouse coffee sign

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Hello, small-space living folks! Only have a couple of mugs in your kitchen and not a lot of cabinet or counter space? Time to upcycle a cutting board from the thrift store into this sweet little mug holder for the wall.

Hanging Wall Shelf

diy hanging shelf from cutting boards

Image credit: Organized Clutter.

Don’t you just love marrying a pair of thrifted finds into one seamless project? There’s something so satisfying about doing so, especially when they look as good as this hanging display shelf does. It’s such a delightful way to display a small potted plant or other decorative knick-knack that deserves a special place to be seen.

Clever Upcycle Ideas for Wood Cutting Boards

upcycle ideas and craft projects with cutting boards

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

I hope these craft projects and upcycle ideas have inspired you to think twice about leaving behind those thrift store cutting boards. There’s such a wide variety of projects you can make with them and they’re so easy to personalize and coordinate with your preferred tastes and style. All you need is the right inspiration and, well, a beat up old cutting board from the thrift.

Craft on!


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projects to make with thrift store cutting boards

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