Outdoor Serving Tray with Boho Summer Style

Outdoor Serving Tray with Boho Summer Style

When it comes to thrifting, I’m usually like a heat-seeking missile when it comes to anything made of wood. But that means that I sometimes miss out on other upcycling opportunities. And when I spotted a ton of silverplate pieces while at Habitat ReStore recently, I decided to grab something from the pile. We’d recently acquired a new patio set from a friend of mine and I thought I could make an outdoor serving tray to use with it.

silver serving trays at a habitat restore

Now, don’t get me wrong- I’ve upcycled silver pieces before. Such as this bread basket that I turned into a woven bowl:

Vintage farmhouse decor with a wire bread basket and galvanized spray paint

And this jewelry tree from a silver candelabra:

silver candelabra as a jewelry tree stand

So, why not add a tray to the mix and shake things up with some bright colors and patterns?

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Upcycling a Silver Serving Tray

I found myself particularly drawn to the silver trays with the raised sides. As I envisioned what kind of makeover I’d be doing, the designs in the metal started to look exotic to me.

silver serving tray

The more I hunted, the more I realized just how many silver trays there ARE at thrift stores these days. What was once a staple in so many homes has now made its way to the giveaway and donation pile.

round serving tray

Either way, once I had my trays in hand, I was ready to give them a splashy makeover with summer in mind. Ready to see the results?

Voilà! Easy, colorful, fresh, and fun for serving cold drinks on a hot summer day.

boho serving trays for summer

What a transformation, right? And RIDICULOUSLY easy, let me tell you…

If you are interested in the full tutorial for creating these outdoor serving trays, please pop on over to the Charlotte Region ReStore’s blog post! All the details and step-by-step photos can be found on their website- thanks for understanding.

Upcycling ideas with Habitat Restore Charlotte Region

Outdoor Serving Tray with Boho Summer Style

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out- I really, truly do. Even though I had a clear vision in my mind, they ended up looking better in person. Just as colorful and splashy as I had hoped, and perfect for summer.

round serving trays with summer style

AND, another bonus comes to mind- no more silver polishing! As someone who polished a LOT of her mother’s silver a few decades ago, I’m still haunted by the smell of the polish.

How nice it will be to enjoy these without that stinky specter hanging over me.

boho summer style

The great thing about this makeover idea, though, whatever transformation you choose DOESN’T have to be as colorful as mine were. And they could certainly be used inside, as well. I just wanted something splashy for our patio with the outdoor furniture that we were given.

But any color and pattern combinations that you want will work! For any season or holiday or decor style. All you need are the basic craft supplies and tutorial- from there, the sky is the limit!

I hope you enjoyed this super simple upcycling idea for an outdoor serving tray. As always, I appreciate your understanding that the full tutorial is on the ReStore blog, and not mine.

And if you enjoyed this easy upcycling idea for summer, then you may also be interested in this wine bottle cooler that I made. It started out as a Habitat ReStore find, as well!

Wine bottle cooler for a patio happy hour from an Igloo beverage cooler

Craft on!


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  1. Rebecca Payne says

    I always look forward to your creative ideas that you share. Thank you!

  2. Love these! Great summer colors!

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful, creative posts. I live on the other side of the world and look forward to your ideas that inspire me. I have been a repurposer ?? for 40 years and am so happy that more people are interested in this now and are willing to share their ideas. Great work 🙂

  4. creativelybeth says

    Sarah – Always THE BEST ideas! These trays are BRILLIANT!
    Don’t forget to share over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday
    Followed and Pinned! 🙂
    Creatively, Beth

  5. creativelybeth says

    Sarah, Your upcycles are always so CLEVER! We will be featuring your bright and colorful Outdoor Serving Trays starting this Wednesday on the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Have a great week!
    Creatively, Beth

  6. Penny Lighthall says

    I love your blog. Please keep them coming. This comment is in reference to your woven bread baskets. I wanted to let you know that during “spring and fall” clean up weeks in our community, you can usually find broken or unwanted fans on the curb for garbage pick-up. I remove the front covers of the fan cages and after cleanng them up, weave them the same way you do the bread baskets. They make great coffee table display baskets, especially the 18″ or 24″ ones.

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