Making a Snack Set with Vintage Coasters

Making a Snack Set with Vintage Coasters

Time for another project from the “Sadie Archives”! Remember how I’d mentioned (in this previous post) that there was a group of projects that had once appeared on a now-defunct Goodwill blog? And they tended to be simple, straightforward, and easy projects? Well, I’m bringing you another one, and this time, I’m upcycling a set of vintage coasters into a snack set.

vintage coasters

Just in time for summer, I thought it’d be fun to create something that was ideal for leaving on a patio table out back. And to do so, I’d pair the vintage coasters with a wooden napkin holder (another thrift store find, as well).

wooden napkin holder

Think of it as something to leave on the patio table for easy access. Perfect for snacks and drinks on a warm summer day.

And my color scheme? VERY similar to this outdoor serving tray project that I made last year. I just love the bright pinks and blues for summertime!

outdoor serving tray with boho summer style

So, let’s get right to it- an easy upcycling project that anyone can do, I promise!

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Combining a Wooden Napkin Holder with a Coaster Holder

Because I was combining the two main pieces (vintage coasters and napkin holder) into a single unit, I needed to rough up the surfaces a tad before gluing them together.

After prying off the corner tacks, I used my orbital sander on the top of the coaster holder and the bottom of wooden napkin holder. Then, I wiped away the sanding dust and used wood glue to attach the napkin holder on top of the coaster holder.

gluing a wooden napkin holder to a coaster holder

Sanding them like this created a more porous surface for the wood glue to firmly adhere them together. And while the glue dried, I set a heavy book inside the napkin holder to add weight during the process.

Next, I prepped the vintage coasters for spray painting by removing all the little handle knobs and setting them aside.

I also wanted to leave the cork unpainted, so I used wide painter’s tape and my utility knife to carefully cover up the like-new cork circles.

getting ready to paint the vintage coasters

After a thorough paint job in a gorgeous tropical turquoise (and then clear coat to protect it), everything looked brand new. AND my little snack set looked like a cohesive unit!

painting the snack set

Lastly, I replaced the knobs on the coaster trays and that was it!

making a snack set for the patio

Making a Snack Set with Vintage Coasters

I just love how my snack set turned out! Bright and summery and perfect for placing on a patio table all summer long.

snack set from vintage coasters

And you KNOW how common it is to see vintage coasters and wooden napkin holders like this at thrift stores. Even after all these years, I still see them all the time.

I just happen to see them as components of a single project now! Because they really are perfect for fusing together.

vintage coasters and wooden napkin holder as a snack set

The sky is truly the limit to a project like this. I could easily add painted tin cans (to hold utensils) to it, or a shot glass to hold toothpicks! Lots of variations for a snack set like this, that’s for sure.

Thanks again for asking for more projects from the “Sadie Archives”! I still have a few more for you waiting in the wings.

And for another bright and colorful summer project, check out this festive wreath I made from vintage (yes, vintage!) drink umbrellas!

umbrella wreath for cinco de mayo decor

And for even more DIY ideas for summertime, this collection is FULL of upcycling and crafty inspiration for the warm weather season!

summer diys

Craft on!


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vintage coasters as a snack set

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  1. Ruth Johnson says

    Sarah ~ What a cute idea. I love it. I sure do enjoy your creativity as well as practicality.

  2. This is so cute–and useful–win-win! I have bought paint in a similar color–now to take time to paint a project–or two! I think it is so awesome to upcycle things for a new usage–very common in my household!

  3. Nancy Carroll says

    I think i should ask if it’s OK with you that i included a link to your Tiki umbrella wreath in my Etsy shop listing for a bunch of the umbrellas.

    I’ll change it if you don’t approve.


    The Vintage Dresser
    Toletally Painted

  4. This is so neat!!!!!

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