Blue Christmas Decor or Winter Decor with a Wooden Sled

Blue Christmas Decor or Winter Decor with a Wooden Sled

When I spotted this wooden sled at Goodwill, the calendar read May and our southern summer was beginning to rear its ugly, sweaty head. I tossed it in my cart and filed it away as a Christmas project for later that year. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Christmas came and went…and the sled was still collecting dust in my garage. That’s when I decided to ditch the red and green for icy blue and silver, to transform the sled into blue Christmas decor that would also work as winter decor.

Wooden sled at a thrift store for upcycling into blue Christmas decor and winter decor

Sure, part of the wooden sled was already blue…but it was grungy and dark. And since I was already envisioning painting the rails silver, freshening up the blue seemed like a wise choice.

Using blue and silver paint to upcycle a wooden sled into winter decor or blue Christmas decor

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Updating a Wooden Sled into Winter Decor or Blue Christmas Decor

To makeover the wooden sled into fresh, clean winter decor or blue Christmas decor, I selected a dark metallic silver paint for the rails. I am, admittedly, obsessed with this color right now.

Painting the rails of a wooden sled with silver paint to create the blue and silver Christmas decorations

For the sled itself, I envisioned a fresh bright blue that had a touch of grey in it- think of a brighter, louder Wedgewood blue. And I also planned to distress it a little to give it an aged, well-loved sled look.

Sure, I could have looked for a fancy chalk (or similar) paint in the color I wanted, but I honestly didn’t feel like trying that hard!

So, I headed to the hardware store for an inexpensive sample of paint.

Giving a makeover to the wooden sled to become the winter decor or blue Christmas decor

Next, I gave the the rest of the wooden sled a fresh, clean makeover.

Winter decor with a wooden sled from the thrift store that is being upcycled and repurposed with paint

Now, as much as I love that dark silver paint that I mentioned before, I did want to “weather” the rails a little. Not a totally “rusted” look, but more like a touch of rust effect.

Blue and silver Christmas decorations on a wooden sled from the thrift store

Anyway, I decided to rub some dark brown crème wax over the silver for a rust effect. And it worked swimmingly!

Getting a rust effect on silver paint by using the dark wax or aging wax on wood

Snowflake Decorations on a Wooden Sled

My blue Christmas decor and wooden sled was coming together better than I could have hoped. Before taking the next steps, I distressed the fresh blue paint just a touch with fine-grit sandpaper.

Distressing latex paint with sandpaper on the blue and silver Christmas decorations

But to really bring it home, I wanted to stencil something on the blue…something wintery, something snowy.


Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils (affiliate link) to the rescue! I selectedthe “Winter Graphics” stencil (affiliate link) for my wooden because I figured white snowflakes would look divine! Plus, the stencil had three different sizes of snowflakes on it…which was a total bonus.

Snowflake stencil by Funky Junk Interiors Old Sign stencils to create the winter decor on a wooden sled

Next, I grabbed my favorite stencil brushes (purchased from this online shop), some painter’s tape, and white craft paint. Then, I began to add snowflake decorations to my wooden sled.

Snowflake decorations on a wooden sled with a snowflake stencil as blue Christmas decor

The snowflake stencil worked perfectly! And my wooden sled was going to lovely as blue Christmas decor AND winter decor.

Blue Christmas decor and snowflake decorations on a wooden sled from a thrift store

Finally, I finished up the entirety of the wooden sled, moving the snowflake stencil around.

Sometimes, I let the snowflake decorations hang off the sides a bit and incorporated the natural break between the wood in the center.

Snowflake decorations for winter decor with a snowflake stencil from Funk Junk Interiors

Because I had already lightly distressed the edges of the sled before I stenciled, I needed to *very carefully* sand the areas of snowflake that went over the sides. The white paint stood out against the exposed distressed wood!

Wooden Sled as Blue Christmas Decor and Winter Decor

But that was it – my wooden sled was done! I love that this piece of blue Christmas decor can transition into winter decor once the holiday season is done.

Snowflake decorations and winter decor with a wooden sled and stencils for wood

Creating winter decor for your home doesn’t come as naturally as the other seasons, does it? But I REALLY love how this turned out…and maybe it’ll inspire me to try my hand at more ideas.

And if you want more winter decor inspiration, this collection of winter decoration ideas will surely inspire you!

Craft on!


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  1. Well, your timing is perfect! I am currently working on a very small little sled (maybe about 8 inches long by about 4 inches wide); haven’t painted it yet as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Your sled is PERFECT and gives me some inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Jenni Trimmer says

    SUper cute winter decor. I love that it’s not limited to the holiday! The brown wax on the metallic was spot on.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Jenni! I wasn’t sure how the brown wax would work (I had never used it before), but it was perfect…or as close to perfect as I cared about! 🙂

  3. Boy, you have the best darn thrift and goodwill stores in your area. I can never find good stuff like you do at the ones close to me.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It probably helps that I go to thrift stores a LOT and I have lots of different store options…in fact, driving 30 miles to the city next door to hit their thrifts today!

  4. Gorgeous. Blue and silver are go to colors for so many people now. The silver is so much prettier than RUST! You could “Christmas it up” with an easily removable sign if you wanted. Turn it sideways and and add a cocoa bar sign! I am already so sick of winter here in Maine, I have a bouquet of faux daffs on my coffee table; Al just went out to shovel….AGAIN! Winter is 3 weeks longer here in ME than it was in NH where I grew up…and THAT’S too long. Crafting does help dispel the winter blahs for me, thank goodness!

  5. I love this Sarah! I really like the blue, silver and white color choice too!!!

  6. How cute is that? Wow. Love the runners. They turned out great. ?

  7. acraftymix says

    The chance of me finding a sled here in South Africa are about as slim as me baking a cake that doesn’t flop 😀 But I love what you did Sarah. Those rails do look like they’re almost ready to fall into rusty gorgeousness. Perfection as always

  8. Love ‘all winter long” decorations. Thanks for sharing.


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