Tailgating at Home with a Stadium-Inspired Snack Basket

Tailgating at Home with a Stadium-Inspired Snack Basket

This, my friends, is as much of an upcycling idea as it is a fun new announcement. I’ve partnered with a favorite thrift store, the Charlotte Region ReStore(s), to create a monthly project for them! And to kick off this new partnership, I created a stadium-inspired basket for tailgating at home!

With football season starting up and looking very different this year, I wanted to capture the idea of tailgating at home. Whether you’re just watching the game at home, or tailgating safely in your driveway, it’s still not the same as converging on the stadium on Game Day.

And when I found this oval basket at the ReStore, it immediately reminded me of a football stadium!

So, I decided to transform it into the Carolina Panthers Stadium (I live in Charlotte, after all) on a daintier scale to fill with Game Day snacks! 

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Game Day Snacks for Tailgating at Home

Here’s a better view of the basket. See how the sides are sloped in? Just like stadium seats!

So, I gave it a Carolina Panthers-inspired makeover…and now it looks (a little bit) like the stadium! Perfect for filling with snacks for tailgating at home.

To see and read the full tutorial and how I created this, please click here (or on their logo below) to go to the ReStore’s blog post. It’s really easy to make and you can find baskets like this at thrift stores all the time!

Upcycling ideas with Habitat Restore Charlotte Region

My thinking was that if you have a few select friends or family members come over to watch the game, individually wrapped snacks would be a smart choice! Communal bowls of chips and pretzels might be put on hold for a while, you know? 

Football party decor with a snack basket

And if you can’t go to the stadium to watch the game, bring the stadium home to you!

I even discovered that there is a line of paints in official team colors for both major leagues AND major college teams. So, the “seats” in my stadium basket were painted in “Carolina Blue”.

Isn’t that so cool? What a fun discovery.

Paint in Carolina blue to make the football party decor

Apparently, someone overheard me talking about panthers/cats and snacks. I mean, LOOK AT HIS FACE. He is VERY INTERESTED in said snacks, that’s for sure.

Tailgating at Home with a Stadium-Inspired Snack Basket

I am SO EXCITED to collaborate with the Charlotte Region ReStore(s). I already shop at ReStores all the time (hello…have you ever seen any of my light fixture projects?).

But now I’ll have even more reason to think outside the box and create more upcycling projects for them to also share with you!

I also appreciate you for understanding that the full tutorial is on the Charlotte Region ReStore’s blog and not mine. BUT, sharing the “before” and “after” here on my blog helps me get the word out about the project AND the partnership. 

Thanks so much for checking it out! And if you’re local to the Charlotte area, maybe we’ll bump into each other (well, from six feet away) at one of the ReStores!

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Halloween door hanger from a wicker paper plate holder

Craft on!


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Game day decor for tailgating at home

Game Day snacks with a stadium inspired basket

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  1. Gosh, you always come up with the cutest ideas, Sarah! Never in a million years would I look at a basket and think, I see a football stadium. LOL Of course I always enjoy photos with your adorable Cottonball the photo bomber. His expression is like, hey Ma, those snacks for me?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Awww, thank you! And YES, he’s never had a chip in his life, but he could just tell they were nummy snacks!!

  2. How fun! I always thought it would be fun to partner up with a thrift store… I mean we get like 90% of our crafting supplies from them!! I love your stadium snack basket!


    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Girl, take it from me- Reach out to them and ask! I’ll be collaborating with the local Goodwills here, too, soon!

  3. Mary Loveland says

    The basket is really cute and that store is HUGE! Well done…!

  4. How fun is that!

  5. Perfect for super ball too!

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