Door Gourd: Paper Plate Holder Jack-o-Lantern Décor

Door Gourd: Paper Plate Holder Jack-o-Lantern Décor

Whenever I develop a simple project that relies on readily available thrift store items, I get an extra charge of satisfaction. And this Halloween-themed project is no exception- while I was at my local Goodwill, I simply couldn’t get away from these wicker / rattan paper plate holders- there were a TON of these in the housewares section.

Vintage wicker basket paper plate holders from thrift store to be repurposed for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /

From 1980s kitchens to thrift store shelves…

Growing up, I ate meals at plenty of homes that had these on hand. Designed to support a standard paper plate, they were a 1970s-1980s staple…but ironically, I don’t think we had them in our house! Either way, it was obvious to me that people were cleaning out their cupboards and adding these old wicker paper plate holders to their donation piles.

They’re really begging to be repurposed aren’t they? Inexpensive, easy-to-find, and a plain/simple canvas for a new beginning. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

A Paper Plate Holder Makeover

And for me, a lot of new beginnings involve spray paint. For this project? Krylon’s pumpkin orange spray paint…emphasis on the pumpkin.

Vintage wicker basket paper plate holders from thrift store to be repurposed for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /

Time for a makeover!

Vintage wicker basket paper plate holders from thrift store to be repurposed for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /


Once the paint dried, I grabbed some scraps of felt from my stash- a mottled green for the stem, and black for the jack-o-lantern face…all of which I cut out free hand. Oh, and some fabric glue to attach my felt pieces to the now-orange wicker.

Repurpose a wicker paper plate holder from the thrift store into a Pumpkin Jack o lantern wreath for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /

See where I’m going with this?

I mean, come on- how cute is that??

Vintage wicker paper plate holder for upcycle repurpose DIY Halloween jack-o-lantern decor /

Ok, it’s official- I love it!

He needed a few more embellishments, so I purchased some “silk” leaves to give him that “just picked” look. And yes, I realize the leaf shape is more oak-y than squash-y, but I loved the autumn colors and the hints of shimmery gold. I already had some curly-q dried grasses on hand that I had used in my summer jars, so I spray painted them green and added them to the mix.

Repurpose a wicker paper plate holder from the thrift store into a Pumpkin Jack o lantern wreath for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /

Final touches on this cutie…

When all was said and done, I had a charming little decorative piece. Thanks to the open weave of the paper plate holder, I was able to slide a piece of thread through the back (behind the stem) and tie off a little loop- perfect for hanging on a door!

A Pumpkin Revealed!

Maybe not quite as cute as the vintage cardboard decorations my mom would use around the house all those years ago, but definitely cute enough…especially for the price AND for the simplicity of the project!

Repurpose a wicker paper plate holder from the thrift store into a Pumpkin Jack o lantern wreath for Halloween by Sadie Seasongoods /

Oh Em Geeeee….so perfect!

Now I really want to make more projects with these wicker holders to use during different times of year…hmmm…what would you suggest? And if you’re looking for more Repurposed/Upcycled Halloween project ideas, check out my full collection here!

Craft on!


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  1. You go Girl ! This is adorable and thrifty decoration. Hugs

  2. This is great! I see these at thrift stores everywhere, heck, I even inherited a stack in the second house I bought. Perfect reuse. Love the felt touches and I think the maple leaves look just fine. I grow a lot of pumpkins and squash and they look pretty close.

  3. chris aka monkey says:

    as usual cute cute and a santa face would be awesome too xx

  4. That is just adorable! Pinning this one to my Pumpkin Everything board!

  5. Adorable – you come up with the greatest ideas Sarah!

  6. OMG, SO CUTE!!! :o]


  7. Great idea. I love this cute pumkin.

  8. Too cute !!!

  9. What a cute idea and so easy too. Thanks for sharing your tutorial at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. Sadie, your genius strikes again! Yes I see these all the time at thrift stores too, and I know now what’s going on our front door and the front gate for Halloween! Love, Mimi xxx

  11. What a cute and easy project! I love this. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  12. So cute! We had ’em too! And I used them as a young married!
    Here from Grandma Ideas.

  13. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for joining and sharing this really cute pumpkin craft at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    We hope to see you again.
    I am now following you also besides IG on Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Twitter.
    Thanks and enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  14. This is the cutest pumpkin ever!!! Love it!

  15. You are so creative! I would have never thought to do this. Would love if you shared this on the Spooktacular Link Party.

  16. this is such a fun, cute and simple idea for Halloween! thanks for sharing 🙂

    stop by and chat with me ♥

  17. This is SUPER adorable!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J! Please don’t forget to enter the $25 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway that ends tomorrow night!

  18. Adorable!!! So clever.
    Hope you share with us at the Creative Craft Challenge this month 🙂

  19. That is so clever.

  20. Such a cute re-use idea! Thanks for sharing!

  21. ann wiggins says:

    Love this…I would suggest making a snow man

  22. swatkins827 says:

    Adorable! I love this project! Pinned it

  23. Hi Sarah, your plate holders caught my eye at Julie’s Link Party. What a clever idea. Pinning. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Darlene

  24. Sarah, thanks for sharing this one at Five Star Frugal. I hope your cute ideas get lots of attention from friends over there. Love, Mimi xxx

  25. Hi Sarah, These are absolutely adorable! Love your diy. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight Party. Pinned & shared.

  26. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Super cute and a great project to do with the kids! Featured at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Sherry Fisher says:

    is perfect for our daycare Halloween craft!! Thank you! 🎃🎃🎃

  28. Love this idea!!! Simple, easy and oh so cute!

  29. I love this! So cute and creative!

  30. Again, I love your eye for seeing creative designs. My parents definitely had plastic versions on these when I was growing up because they bought really thin paper plates. So cute! I have a question – how do you take your photographs, for example, the ones with the white backgrounds? Thanks! Also – thank you for linking up at Welcome Home Wednesday!

    • says:

      Hey, Brittany- I bought a large white vinyl backdrop that I set up in front of my kitchen bay window. I don’t use any artificial light, but I still get shadows since the light only comes in from the right. But that white vinyl makes a world of difference- bought it on Etsy!

  31. Very cute!! We use these and bought them at Walmart which sells them each summer. The thin paper plates are easily biodegradable, and have no plastic coating, so I’d rather use those for pizza night.

  32. I’m making a bunch to put over my archway! Love it!

  33. This is so cute and creative! Great job!

  34. Such a cute and easy DIY!! Really love it 🙂 Thanks a lot for joining us at the Family Joy blog link up party. Pinned your post to our Pinterest party board 🙂

  35. What a great craft project, that would perfect for outdoor Halloween decorating too! Thanks for joining us each week at the DI & DI Link Party 🙂

  36. Your ideas are so cute and so simple – You see things in the mundane that others just don’t see. Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party-

  37. A great price and a simple project are a crafting match made in heaven!

  38. Cute idea! Pinned and shared.

  39. Oh gosh I remember those wicker plate 😉 I love this project… what an adorable way to reuse the crazy plates!! Thanks you so much for linking this up to our Inspiration Galore Project Party last week… you are one of my Features tomorrow over at Pinned and shared. Happy Halloween!

  40. acraftymix says:

    Tooo cute Sarah, love it!!! We still have a whole bunch of these in our cupboard, it’s time they got an overhaul me thinks 😉

  41. Sarah, what a cleaver idea. I have a bunch of those basket plate holders laying around. Share you for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  42. Very cute idea and looks pretty easy. My favorite kind of project. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  43. Definitely cute and I love a re-purpose project!! Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  44. OHHH, I wish I had seen this before I went to the thrift store today! That’s so cute!


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