Ribbon Weaving a Wicker Easter Basket

Ribbon Weaving a Wicker Easter Basket

Many years ago, I regularly created blog posts for the now-defunct Good Life Blog. That was the blog for the Goodwill region where we used to live in South Carolina. One of those projects involved some ribbon weaving on a wicker Easter basket. Simple and sweet, it was an easy project that anyone could do and worked perfectly as an Easter Basket centerpiece.

But, it was only available on the Good Life Blog. However, that old Goodwill blog has since been taken offline. So, consider this a project from the Sadie Archives, so-to-speak.

Anyway, it started with a non-descript open weave basket that I spotted at Goodwill.

basket for ribbon weaving

A pretty common style for sure. But that open weave aspect caught my eye…

It was just begging to be embellished with some ribbon. Easter ribbon, to be more precise, since it was Spring and Easter was on my mind.

making an easter bowl

Now, admittedly, I’ve done a similar project before on a silver plated bread basket.

Vintage farmhouse decor with a wire bread basket and galvanized spray paint

But, my Easter version had such a pretty result that I wanted to share it with you all anyway! So, let’s get right to it.

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Easter Centerpiece from a Wicker Basket

First, I spray painted the wicker basket with some white paint. I figured that white would be the cleanest backdrop for the Easter ribbon I planned on using.

painting a wicker easter basket

Speaking of ribbon, I went with a selection of grosgrain ribbons in different colors and widths. Because the openings in the basket varied in size, I wanted ribbon size variations to accommodate each “row” of openings.

easter ribbon

Then, I roughly measured the amount of ribbon that I’d need using embroidery floss. I wrapped it around the basket to get an idea, and then added a few more inches just to be safe.

From there, I wove the ribbon through the basket openings. I hot glued one tail to the inside of the basket and simply hot glued the other end directly on top of it.

ribbon weaving

I lined up the ends as closely as possible to keep it neat and clean. Although, once I fill it with Easter basket goodies, you won’t see the seams, anyway…

easter ribbon for weaving

Then, I snipped off any excess ribbon and moved my way up the basket, weaving each “row” of openings with my Easter ribbons.

wicker easter basket with ribbon weaving

Ribbon Weaving a Wicker Easter Basket

When all the ribbon weaving was done, this was how the Goodwill basket looked! It was almost more of an Easter bowl now.

easter bowl

Because this project was originally commissioned by Goodwill, I filled it with grass and plastic eggs that I also found at their stores. But you could certainly jazz it up with nicer versions of each!

But it’s perfect as an Easter centerpiece, if I do say so myself. It has all the trappings of an Easter basket, but is nice and low to place on a dining table.

No handle to obscure the view across the table, and whatnot…

easter centerpiece

And honestly, it’s almost at its prettiest when empty and seen from above. This makes me want to hang it on the wall so I can see the ribbon weaving all the time!

ribbon weaving a wicker easter basket

Thank you for indulging me with this project from the Sadie Archives! And yes, there *are* other projects in the archives from my Goodwill-writing days. Would you be interested in seeing them here on my blog, as well?

This wicker Easter basket centerpiece may be simple in its execution, but the results sure are pretty.

It also reminds me of this Easter basket “wreath” that I also made from a thrifted basket! Isn’t that the cutest door decor for the season?

easter door decorations with an easter basket wreath

And for even more upcycling ideas for your latest thrift store basket, make sure you check out this collection before you go!

repurpose and upcycle wicker baskets

Craft on!


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weaving a wicker easter basket

wicker easter basket and centerpiece

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  1. So cute.

  2. Of course we would be interested in seeing anything you have created. The basket is cute and I’m sure the same could be done for many holidays.

  3. Yes, I’d love to see some of your archived projects! I especially like the Easter basket door wreath!

  4. Mary Loveland says

    All very lovely and easy to do, thank you. Also, congrats on your new home. It’ll be interesting to see what you do with both the decorating and landscaping.

  5. Charleen Adams says

    Yes,I would love to see more from the ‘Sadie Archives’.This was a charming basket,. Could do one for all the Holidays. Take care.

  6. Hi Sarah, Yes, I’d love to see your older posts from the Goodwill days. I am always happy when I see you in my inbox. Thanks for your great ideas!

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