Succulent Hanger in a Wicker Wall Pocket

Succulent Hanger in a Wicker Wall Pocket

When I spotted this round basket on the top shelf at a thrift store, I couldn’t grab it fast enough. It seemed like the perfect wall pocket to turn into a succulent hanger for our home. Which, in fact, was something I had been hoping to make.

round basket for hanging

Now, it is true that I’ve made some felt succulents in the past. And I “planted” them in curious items from the thrift store, too.

Felt succulents

I even used a quirky little basket as a planter for some of them, remember that?

But this time I wanted a succulent hanger. We have a couple of closed closet doors along our hallway, and I thought a succulent wreath would be a fun way to decorate one of them.

So, I snagged this hanging basket from that thrift store and got to work!

wicker wall pocket or round basket

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Glazing a Round Basket

First, before I did anything else, I pulled out the existing ivy plants and floral foam. Despite my best efforts, there were some remnants of foam and hot glue left inside.

But I didn’t mind too much, since I was planning on filling it with succulents.

Next, I decided to experiment with an idea I had. An idea to “glaze” the basket with DIY gold glaze. And to do so, I’d use some Mod Podge and a couple of metallic craft paints.

how to make gold glaze with craft paint

In my mind, a gold glaze wouldn’t make the wicker look metallic, per se. But rather give it a subtle sheen and a touch of glam.

So, I poured a healthy dollop of Mod Podge into a bowl, as well as two smaller dollops of gold and bronze paints. I was looking for roughly a 2:1 ratio of glue to paint.

metallic paint and mod podge in a mixing bowl

After mixing them all together, this is what my gold glaze looked like.

gold paint glaze to give a transparent metallic sheen to a basket

Then, I started to dry brush the glaze onto the basket. I didn’t want to overload my brush and add too much glaze.

glazing a basket

A couple of coats of glaze later, I had a richer, more golden basket that didn’t look metallic! It still looked like natural wicker but had a hint of glam that just made it a bit more special.

wicker wall pocket that has been glazed

Fake Succulents for a Succulent Hanger

Now, to “plant” my succulent hanger, I needed to fill the pocket with some fresh floral foam.

floral foam to go inside a hanging basket

The original foam that I pulled out had started to degrade over time and wasn’t really worth reusing.

First, I lined the bottom of the basket with some brown parchment paper I had in my cupboard. But had I had brown kraft paper or a paper grocery bag, I would have preferred those.

Then, I started placing foam blocks and cylinders in the wicker wall pocket.

preparing a succulent hanger with florist foam

I didn’t glue them in but rather did my best to wedge in smaller pieces to keep everything firmly in place.

Finally, it was time to add some succulents!

fake succulents for a succulent hanger

Luckily, I had a large variety of fake succulents from Michaels. I’d been collecting them during sales and clearance events. Other craft stores sell them, as well, and this is my favorite Etsy shop for fake succulents that are of higher quality and look even more realistic.

I began to add plant picks to my succulent hanger. Focusing on taller, heavier picks first along the back, I did my best to keep the weight evenly distributed along the basket.

filling a succulent hanger with fake succulents

I continued to do this, filling in with mostly shorter and wider picks along the front (along with spillers). Lastly, I filled in any gaps with smaller faux air plants that I had in my stash!

making a succulent wreath for boho wall decor

Succulent Hanger in a Wicker Wall Pocket

I fussed with it for a while until I was satisfied. Isn’t that always the nature of working with faux plants? Anyway, this was how the succulent hanger looked when I was all done!

succulent wreath in a round basket

I love how wild and lush it looks, with the varying shades of green and purple. And the subtle sheen that the glaze gave the wicker gave it such a rich glow (in the right light).

wall basket with fake succulents

This succulent wreath will be a lovely addition to a closet door along our hallway! And I use these acrylic wreath hangers for indoor doors because they don’t nick the paint.

upcycling a round basket into a succulent hanger

I hope you love how my succulent wreath turned out as much as I do! I keep thinking I’ll get sick of succulent decor, but I’m still quite drawn to them.

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Think you’ll make some DIY gold glaze and try it out on a basket or another project? I REALLY do love how it looks- it’s just difficult to accurately capture in a photo. At least for an amateur such as myself!

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea with fake succulents, then you may also get a kick out of how I made these faux chive blossoms, as well!

chive blossoms from sweet gum tree balls

Craft on!


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succulent wreath to hang indoors

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  1. This is just darling! The succulents look so real. What a great addition to your door!

  2. So cute! I’m intrigued by the glaze idea using mod podge and paint, may have to try this on something, especially since I already have the stuff on hand. I’ve been planning to make some decorative orbs and eggs using patterned paper napkins and I prefer an antique look to pure white and bright colors, so that may work to give it an aged patina. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great project. I really liked the idea of the metallic glaze as sometimes thrift store baskets look a bit worse for wear! I have repainted and paint washed numerous ones! I use “secondhand” styrofoam for a base and generally cover it with Spanish moss–looks nice if the arrangement isn’t as lush as yours!

  4. Lynda Umbarger says

    Sadie – I just LOVE all your ideas. Thank you for sharing. – Lynda U – Madison, TN

  5. Lynda Umbarger says

    Hi Sadie – I just LOVE all your interesting ideas and how we can save so many things from putting them in the trash & recycle by finding other options to reuse & repurpose them or pass them on to places like the Thrift Shops. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Sadie,
    Your succulent hanger turned out great and I’m absolutely loving your tutorial! In fact, I loved it so much that I couldn’t resist featuring it (with proper credit) on Crafts on Display, a thriving community of fellow crafting enthusiasts. You can check it out right here – I hope you enjoy it, and please keep up the amazing work!

  7. The succulents look so real! The arrangement and the basket both came out beautifully. I am looking forward to making one for myself!

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