Warm Weather Farewell: Best of Spring and Summer 2014

Warm Weather Farewell: Best of Spring and Summer 2014

I try not to do too many of these Recap posts because for many of you, it’s not new content- and I always prefer sharing a new project with you. BUT, Spring and Summer 2014 were  exciting seasons for me and I’m really proud of the projects that got the greatest reaction and the most buzz (and by buzz, I mean super-quiet hum that humans can’t even detect).

And while a Recap post is slightly shameless, it is a great way to collect ideas for the following seasons. Trust me, we’ll all be craving Spring and Summer projects (and weather) by the time late February rolls around.

Conversely, this is posting just in time for my Aussie readers!

So, are you ready for some Warm Weather Winners?

Best Spring Door Décor: “Florist” Umbrella

This project…well, not even a project….therefore, this piece gives me such heartburn. I loved how my tattered old umbrella stuffed with pretty spring blooms looked. It was my first image on Craftgawker, and it was the first time one of my projects was featured by other websites and bloggers. And at the time, I was quite the novice blogger who hadn’t realized the importance of watermarking photos. Sigh…lesson learned…but I still love it.

Yep...still love this one.

Yep…still love this one.

Best “It’s Almost Shorts-Weather!” Yard Project: Lamp Bird Bath

I was so excited at how this project turned out, ya’ll! And I got a lot of friendly feedback about how perfect the iridescent scallop-shaped platter was for it. I actually did this project specifically for Miracle Hill thrift stores, and they featured it in their blog. And you know what? I plan on making more lamp bird baths in the future!

Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath...

Splish Splash, I was takin’ a bath…

Best Sundress Accessory: Scarf Necklace

Full disclosure- this is NOT a project I thought would catch anyone’s eye! Not that I didn’t love it or enjoy making it, but I really didn’t consider it as a potential favorite…shows you how much I know, right?? This project won a coveted spot on Flamingo Toes’ Crushes of the Week, and I just about fainted when I saw that. Flamingo Toes spotlights HIGHFALUTIN CRAFTS…and there my necklace was, hanging out with the big dogs.

Re-scarf Rescue!

Re-scarf Rescue!

Best Place to Plant Your Leftover Annuals: Vintage Colander Planter

This project is one of my most popular post of mine to date! Everyone just loved this darling use for an old colander that maybe isn’t kitchen-worthy anymore (i.e., rust). It was even featured on the Good Life Blog, the blog run by Goodwill here in South Carolina. And guess who has a couple more colanders in her arsenal (i.e., Craft Room)? THIS GIRL!

Winner of Most Likely to be a Planter.

Winner of Most Likely to be a Planter.

Best Summer Door Décor: Necktie Wreath

I’ve now blogged about three necktie repurpose projects and I’m not even CLOSE to being done with them. Why? Because they are POPULAR! Everyone loves a necktie project, especially me- they are so cheap and easy to find, and they come in any number of colors, patterns, even sizes. I made this wreath specifically for July 4th…but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be making more of these for other holidays and seasons.

My tie is so fly...

My tie is so fly…

Best CHEAP Summer Vacation Memory: Beach Jars

Beach vacations cost money…so commemorating it with a super easy, super cheap craft helped this project get some attention! Besides, who can resist a mason jar project? Having lived on the coast for 15 years, I had amassed a decent shell collection…and while I don’t do much “Summer” decorating around our house, these jars always come out of hiding around Memorial Day.

Three words: Mason. Jar. Project.

Three words: Mason. Jar. Project.

Best Back-to-School Gift for Frazzled Parents: Wine Gift Bags

Last, but certainly not least, the cutest wine bags I’ve ever seen…using shirts and ties from the men’s section at any old thrift store. I was so tickled at how much ya’ll loved these…ESPECIALLY for the always-hard-to-shop-for Dad around Father’s Day. I suspect some bottles of scotch wearing these bags were gifted this year…

Best when undressed.

Best when undressed.

And that’s a wrap, folks- Summer is over! Time for more autumn-themed projects. (YAY!!!)

Craft on!



  1. What a great post…I am pretty new to your blog, so many of these projects are “new to me” Thank you so much for sharing with us at Party in Your PJs.

  2. Those wine bags are cute!

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