Firefly Lantern with Upcycled Lighting from Habitat ReStore

Firefly Lantern with Upcycled Lighting from Habitat ReStore

Upcycling projects with vintage light fixtures is a common theme on my blog and this particular project was inspired by the trendy shop, Anthropologie. After seeing their metalwork hurricanes online, I realized how much they resembled a brass light from Habitat ReStore. That’s when I decided I needed to repurpose one into a firefly lantern. And I suspected that it would be pretty easy to do!

Metalwork hurricane at Anthropologie

And this is the kind of brass chandelier or brass pendant light I’m referring to.

brass chandelier at habitat restore

Of course, this is the whole enchilada and I just wanted the metal and glass light cover- but you get the drift!

But as luck would have it, I finally found the perfect brass light that would bring my vision of a firefly lantern to life.

Brass hanging lamps to be upcycled as a firefly lantern

And so here we are- recreating Anthro’s original idea, the secondhand and Sadie Seasongoods way.

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Transforming a Brass Light into a Lantern

One of the things I loved about Anthro’s hurricanes was that they were rose gold in color. I figured I could probably recreate it- at least somewhat- with some copper spray paint.

So, I grabbed some painter’s tape (my favorite kind!), my trusty old utility knife, and taped off the outside glass panes.

Upcycled lighting from Habitat ReStore

Next, I put little pieces of tape over the holes on the top (light cover) that would end up being the bottom of the firefly lantern. I also applied one strip of tape to the inside glass, right along the open lip.

Taping off the glass on a brass light for spray painting metal

I was almost ready to spray paint my brass light with metal primer and then copper paint.

But how would I stop from getting painting on the inside glass but still allowing paint coverage on the top of the open lip? Hmmmm…

I decided on a very technical, very precise method…using a BALLOON!

How to stop spray paint from getting inside a light fixture

It’s crazy, I know! And crazy-looking, too.

But it worked, with the addition of a torn up paper towel rolled and tucked into each corner of the hexagon. All of this completely prohibited the first coat of metal primer from getting inside my firefly lantern.

Using a balloon in old light fixtures to keep spray paint from getting on the glass

Then, I used Rust-Oleum copper spray paint over the metal primer to give it that look of rose gold.

Spray painting a brass light with copper spray paint

Lastly, I needed to add some firefly string lights to complete the look!

I used these awesome little LED lights- teeny tiny lights on copper wire…quite literally, the perfect match for my firefly lantern.

Firefly string lights to go inside a porch lantern

I chose the cool white lights over the warm white, FYI.

Firefly Lantern with Upcycled Lighting from the Thrift Store

And then it was time to see my upcycled lighting come to life as a firefly lantern. Pretty similar to the screenshot on Anthropologie’s site, eh?

Firefly lantern with upcycled lighting from Habitat ReStore

But here’s my firefly lantern at dusk. It really looks fantastic!

Firefly lantern with a brass light as upcycled lighting

And then at night! So magical…

Firefly lights in upcycled lighting as a porch lantern

I don’t know about you, but I’d call this a success! I just LOVE how it looks- day and night- and what a great way to repurpose some old light fixtures. Perfect for a patio or deck on a warm summer night.

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a brass light, then you’ll love what I did with an antique floor lamp and some solar lights, too!

solar floor lamp for outdoor decor

Craft on!


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firefly lantern

Upcycled lighting as a porch lantern with firefly lights

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  1. Wow, it’s just like the one in the catalog and about a tenth of the price…you go girl!

  2. Love this!!! I am now on the hunt for a similar light fixture.

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  4. Love that balloon idea. I need to use it for a project of my own. Pinning and sharing.

    • Thank you, my friend! It’s crazy but it works like a charm. And with this particular project, I could push it back in to the fixture when I flipped it over to paint the bottom…and then gently tugged it back up again. It’s pretty darn smart, if I do say so myself. 😉

  5. ♥ You are so clever!!!

  6. frugalcleanandgreen says

    That is so pretty. I didn’t know there were tiny leds like that. Those are just what I need to do a project with a Mason jar and accessories that I won when I first started blogging a year ago. (Different blog than what I have now) Saying “HI!” from This Is How We Roll
    Kristine 🙂

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  23. This looks wonderful. I was wondering though on how you hid the battery pack?

    • Remember the holes that I taped over early in the tutorial? I threaded my lights through the center hole and the tiny battery pack is hidden outside of it! I just love these lights. 🙂

  24. Kathy Drew says

    I don’t see a cord for the lights. Are they electric or battery?

    • They are battery-powered. Remember the holes that I taped over early in the tutorial? I threaded my lights through the center hole and the tiny battery pack is hidden outside of it! I just love these lights. 🙂

  25. So cute, I love the look of those little lights. You did a great job.

  26. Christina in FL says

    Sarah, it looks like a beautiful collection of fireflies. I adore your creative use of a balloon ~ brilliant!
    As for Habitat for Humanity ReStore … where I am in FL, they have “resale” shops (which are just like a thrift store and high prices) and the other construction stores which have a sad selection.

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    Happy Thoughts of Home.

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    • Hmmm- with mine, the copper wire is stiff enough that they just kind of stay “up” on their own. I straightened them out before pushing into my lantern, maybe that would help?

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