Cast Iron Umbrella Stand by Upcycling a Garden Urn

Cast Iron Umbrella Stand by Upcycling a Garden Urn

Once upon a time, I headed out to my local Habitat ReStore. They had arranged several random items outside, and one in particular caught my eye. It looked like it was perhaps a garden urn (but I wasn’t entirely sure). Either way, it was held together with caution tape and I wondered if I could transform it into a cast iron umbrella stand.

Well, at least an umbrella stand that LOOKED like it was made of cast or wrought iron…

Garden urn from Habitat ReStore

Upon further inspection, I realized that the top part was a lid (partially broken) and the caution tape was being used to keep the lid from coming off. Whether it was an outdoor urn or not, it was the perfect piece to upcycle, either way.

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Upcycling an Outdoor Urn to Look Like Faux Wrought Iron

I removed (and tossed) the broken lid and caution tape to better study the garden urn.

Cleaning an outdoor urn before painting it

And let me tell you…that sucker was FILTHY. Like caked-on-crud level filthy.

Dirt inside a yard urn to be removed

First I removed what I could by hand and with the help of some compressed air.

Next, I finished the job with a thorough hosing down.

Preparing a garden urn to become a cast iron umbrella stand

Never in my life had I wanted a power washer more. Because that’s almost how bad the grime was!

Next, I turned my attention to truly transforming it into a cast iron umbrella stand!

I originally thought I would brush on some black paint that I already had at home.

But, I wasn’t thrilled with the results. The depth of the black was great, but the finish was too shiny for my tastes.

So, I grabbed some black spray paint and covered the entire garden urn.

Much better! And much closer to the look of faux wrought iron.

Lastly, I sprayed it with a semi-gloss top coat to protect the paint. My cast iron umbrella stand was going to be living outside on the covered porch, after all…

Cast Iron Umbrella Stand by Upcycling a Garden Urn

And just like that, the makeover was complete. What a simple, but stunning transformation, eh?

Garden urn that has been upcycled to be a cast iron umbrella stand

Sure, it may not be an authentic cast iron umbrella stand, but I’m thrilled with the results nonetheless.

Upcycling an outdoor urn as faux wrought iron

Plus, it only cost me a few dollars and is a LOT less heavy than the real thing.

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a cast iron umbrella stand, then you’ll love this industrial side table that I made from VHS storage drawers!

industrial side table from vhs storage

Craft on!


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How to get the look of faux wrought iron

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  1. sherrygcole says

    I love it as an umbrella stand! Very clever makeover!

  2. This is so cute… Lot it!

  3. Love the umbrella stand! It’s even better than the original urn 🙂

  4. I like the way your brain works – clever repurpose!

  5. How perfect is this? I love it! I’m on the hunt for something to turn into an umbrella stand now. Thanks for the idea! So glad you shared at Inspiration Thursday.

  6. Great eye! I would have passed that right by. Looks beautiful — and such an easy makeover. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Becky

  7. Love it! Black is definitely its shining moment!

  8. Ooh la-la Sarah! Very swish and Frenchy! Will you share this one at Five Star Frugal this week? For me? Love, Mimi xxx

  9. What a great idea, and it looks so much better in the bronze.
    Makes a great umbrella stand for sure.
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. This is cute! What a great find and redo!

  11. What a clever idea, and it looks so good painted black!

  12. Jann Olson says

    I like it much better as an umbrella stand and the black color is perfect! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. You are super creative! It’s amazing how you can spot something like this and turn it into something not only useful, but lovely.

  14. Sarah,

    What a great use for an old lamp! I love it! Knowing you, you’ll find something awesome to do with the top too! You always have the most creative ideas! Thank you so much for sharing at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link!


  15. You have a good creative eye. It works great for an umbrella stand and your makeover is beautiful. I love the habitat ReStore! #merrymonday

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  17. This is such an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing it. I’m Anita visiting from Pin Junkie Pin Party.

  18. Well, whatever it may have been before, it is much better now. I really like the change in the color.

  19. This is such a neat idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  20. Great idea and what a great way to upcycle!!! I just wish I could thing outside the box like you!!!

  21. Lynn at Nourish and Nestle says

    Wow, I’m not sure what it was either! But now it has a new lease on live. Well done you for repurposing this otherwise neglected, sad looking…thing.

    Have a great Day!


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  24. What a unique umbrella stand Sarah, you have a great eye!

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  26. I’d like to borrow a cup of your creativity please and thank you!

  27. Sarah, you have the best projects! Thanks for linking up at DI & DI 🙂

  28. Love it! Have you used it for other things yet? Potted fern or ivy in its own pot? Glass bowl with floating candles? Overturned for a gazing ball stand? See, I’m beginning to see outside the box!

  29. That’s awesome and so darn useful too!

  30. Amazing makeover!!!!
    I’m not sure I would have even looked twice at that grossness!!!


  31. Sheryl Danner says

    Too cute❤️👍

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