Book Necklace from Old Book Pages

Book Necklace from Old Book Pages

Two facts you should know about me: (1) I love old books, and (2) I love miniature ANYTHING. My bibliophile tendencies date way back…in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s a genetic affliction. And now that I think about it, my obsessions with all things dainty is just as genetic. So, why not combine these two loves into some upcycled jewelry in the form of a book necklace?

Seeing this idea on House Revivals sent me into a crafting frenzy, and I knew I could tweak and modify it to my personal style from my stash of materials. Because as we all know, I like using things I already have! 

I had already purchased a decrepit old book from the thrift store for a whopping $0.25. It was so dusty and neglected, like the runt of a paperbound litter, that I bought it without any plan in mind.

old book pages

I also had purchased a bag of leather scraps from a craft store. The bag contained plenty of scraps from tanners, in various shapes, sizes, and textures.

Crafting with old book pages and leather scraps

And with these supplies in hand, I was ready to make some book jewelry!

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Old Book Pages for Crafts

My old thrifted book was perfect for this project. The old book pages had yellowed and some were already falling out of the spine. Plus, the paper itself was SO crumbly that tearing it was dangerously easy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you could no longer read this book without destroying it the process.

To start creating my book necklace, I first folded and tore off the blank margins.

Tearing off the margins from old book pages

Next, I simply tore the old book pages into thin strips, each approximately the same width. I tore them to the size I imagined my book necklace to be (roughly 1” wide).

Book crafts with thrift store books

Each strip was then folded like a book, with the extra portion of the strip torn off.

I stacked a few of my folded pages together and punched a small hole towards the top in the middle of the fold. I used a 1/8″ hole punch to do this.

Small hole punch to make a book necklace

When all pages were punched, I placed one on my leather to figure out how much “cover” my book necklace would need.

Measuring the leather scraps for book jewelry

Creating a Book Necklace

Next, I trimmed the leather scrap to size with my multi-media craft shears.

Making a book necklace with leather scraps

Now it was time to start constructing my mini book! First, I lined up one of the pages and marked where the hole should go in the leather. I punched a hole through it and threaded a jump ring through it.

Punching a hole in leather for a jump ring

Directly under the punched hole in the leather, I added a few teensy drops of craft glue. Then I threaded one folded book page through the jump ring, pressing along the fold to make sure it connected to the glue-on-leather.

Layering the old pages to make a book necklace

I also added small smear of glue to the outside of each of the book pages and pressed them to the insides of each leather half.

Following that first page, I simply added tiny beads of glue to the fold of paper (already threaded through the jump ring) and added one page after another, until I had glued and threaded each of my pages.

Upcycling books as book jewelry with leather scraps

Lastly, I closed the jump ring (with jeweler’s pliers) and gently opened my book necklace to the very center (where the jump ring was visible) and glued those pages together. This basically sealed in the jump ring.

Book jewelry as gifts for writers and readers

I then glued a few random pages together to achieve my desired “open book” level. I wanted my pendant to be mostly shut, but fanned just enough to seem bookish.

Book Necklace from Old Book Pages

After all was said and done, I rounded off my book cover corners just a hair and strung my book necklace on a chain.

Book necklace as a gift for a reader

Have mercy. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Book crafts with leather scraps to make a book necklace

Cuteness overload!

Speaking of books, though…

I’m also excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you enjoy upcycling clothing and simple sewing projects, then you will love my book on flannel crafts!

Craft book for flannel shirts

And if you want more DIY Repurposed Jewelry project ideas, I have gathered them all in a single post here!

upcycled jewelry

Craft on!


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  1. OMG. I just cannot express how adorable these little book pendants are! I have a few old books myself, and and and . . . I think I feel an obsession coming on! Thanks for sharing your cuteness! Smiles, Linda @ Paper Seedlings.

  2. mylifecookbook says

    These are so original and adorable! I too love all things miniature…..I think it was from reading The Borrowers when I was little…..great post! (found you on Party In your PJs)

  3. so cute…I saw these a few years ago at a Vintage market with vendors…the gal had made hers blank tho, so you could write your own book. I’ve been wanting to make some..they are nifty

  4. So adorable I’m going to pin it because these little book pendants are just perfect gifts for my nieces.

  5. Adorable! I may attempt to make some myself! I am in a woman writers group og sbout 30 women who would love them!

  6. These are really cute, and look easy to make. I’ve always had an obsession for minatures too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh, these are too cute! I love them! What a perfect gift for a reader 🙂

  8. These are amazing! You don’t even realize how tiny they are until you see the process. Such a great idea. : )

  9. I am SO impressed by your ability to create these (and the patience!) I am absolutely awful at crafting so I really admire people that can do this well. Thanks so much for linking this to the Ladies Collective Linkup! Pinning this to our board 🙂

    Hope to see you again next week at the Ladies Collective Linkup…Wednesday’s at 🙂

  10. OMGosh–absolutely adorable. Love them to bits. I’ve never noticed scrap leather being sold. I just bought a leather jacket for a different craft. I’m wondering how it would work…

    • I’ve seen the bags at Joann’s and Hobby Lobby (haven’t looked at Michael’s or AC Moore yet). But I’m SURE the leather jacket would work as long as you separated the leather from the lining. 🙂

  11. I love old books too. These are awesome! I must make some. Great idea and tutorial. Thank you!

  12. Loving these pendants. How special! Thank you for joining us at #purebloglove. We enjoy having you every Thursday night at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

  13. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! Guess whos’ gonna make these……(wait for it…wait for it…wait for it….ME!) I have a book club and this would be an awesome gift for the ladies!! You Rock for posting this DIY!!

  14. These are absolutely adorable!

  15. These are so cute! It seems there are a lot of us inspired by your book pendants, me included! Saw you on Mimi’s Five Star Frugal linkup 🙂

  16. These are just adorable, and so easy! I can’t wait to get a chance to make some! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. HI Sarah, these are soooo adorable and creative. Thank you so much for linking up to the Something to Talk About Link Party and I hope you join us again tomorrow at 6 am est again. Happy Sunday, Lisa

  18. Oh my goodness, I love these! Now I need to find a place that has leather scraps–thanks so much for this tutorial. 🙂

  19. Very cool! Thanks for sharing another awesome project.

  20. These are entirely too cute and a perfect present for a bookworm! Thank you for sharing on Idea Box link party! Hope to see you again next Thursday!

  21. omg I just fell in love? That is awesome

  22. Joyce Crowder says

    I love these little mini books 💞 They are adorable 😍 You’re very talented 🤩 I want to make these with my ladies group FCE. Would you please tell me the size of the jump rings? Thank you so much 💓

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hi, Joyce- thank you so much! Unfortunately, this project is many years old now and I don’t recall the exact size. But it was a pretty standard size jump ring. My best suggestion would be to purchase a jump ring kit from somewhere like Amazon- they usually have lots of kits available that include various sizes of rings in various metal colors (silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, etc.). I’m sorry I’m not more help!

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