Hygge Candles for a Cozy Home

Hygge Candles for a Cozy Home

Winter is winding down in my neck of the woods, but I wanted to squeeze in one more cozy project. And it just happens to be a project idea that was originally slated for my book, “Crafting with Flannel”. I simply ran out of time during the book-writing process to include these Hygge candles, so I’m sharing them with you on the blog instead!

When I say “hygge” candles, I simply mean a cozy-looking candle that makes you want to curl up on the couch. Decor that says winter and cozy and “let’s stay inside”, all in the form of an easy craft project that anyone can do.

I know I’ve referred to “Hygge” before in previous blog posts, likely those dealing with winter decor or working with cozy fabric. And while it doesn’t have to be related to cold weather, it’s a Danish word. And Denmark isn’t exactly known for its balmy climate.

So *I* certainly associate the concept of Hygge with colder weather. It’s more of a concept than a simple word, embodying the idea of comfort, coziness, and simple pleasures. 

And they start with some clear, plain glassware from your local thrift store.

clear glassware for hygge candles

I mean it when I say “plain”. Sure you could find fancier or more ornate candle holders for this project. But I liked the idea of working with the simplest, least eye-catching vases or candle holders I could find.

And the comfort and coziness of flannel definitely lends itself easily to that feeling, doesn’t it? So, I thrifted a flannel shirt for my Hygge candles. Especially when I found one in a cool winter color palette of blue, white, and green.

flannel shirt in a cool winter color palette

Round cylinders of glass, short and tall, from one of the Charlotte Region ReStores. Now I just needed to “cozy-fy” them in a wintery way!

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Creating the Hygge Candles

First, I started with giving the clear glass candle holders a quick makeover. I figured that “frosting” them with some frosted glass spray paint would be a great nod to winter. So, I set up my spray painting station outside (on a mild day) to transform them.

frosting clear glass candle holders

And the spray worked like a charm. In fact, this spray paint works better than the sea glass paint that I’ve used before. The results are the same, but the frosted glass paint only took a couple of coats to get this look.

making clear glass look frosted with spray paint

Next, I turned my attention to the flannel shirt. It had the perfect color scheme for winter projects, eh?

winter crafts with a flannel shirt

Since I still wanted some of the frosted glass to be visible, I measured out two narrow strips of flannel from the back of the shirt. Each strip wrapped around the respective glass candle holders with approximately one inch of overlap.

cutting out strips of fabric to wrap about glass candle holders

Then, I “fringed” the long edges of the fabric strips but pulling out long threads of woven cotton. Just a little fringe on the top and bottom of the strips. After that, I ironed each strip.

To wrap each candle holder, I laid the fringed flannel strip across the candle holder. I gently wrapped it all the way around, ensuring it was snug but not taut (i.e., distorting the plaid pattern, etc.). Then, I used my hot glue gun to attach one edge directly to the glass and the other edge over the glued edge.

Lastly, I embellished the Hygge candles a bit more with some winter greenery. I found some artificial rosemary that I thought would be perfect. Well, I assumed it was supposed to be rosemary! And some tiny pinecones, as well; all of which I hot glued to the front of the flannel strips.

hygge candles with winter greenery

Hygge Candles for a Cozy Home

By now, you’re fairly accustomed to my January and February projects that use this cool winter color palette! First, this winter sign and then this decorative “bowl”.

What can I say? These hues just work so well at this time of year! And finding that flannel shirt in the same color combo was like upcycling kismet.

cozy candles

It worked perfectly for my Hygge candles, too! And the fringe adds such a fun, tiny dose of texture to everything. I’m glad I took the time to pull those few threads out…

I seriously love, love, LOVE how they turned out. The frosted glass not only looks wintery, but also diffuses the light from the flameless LED candles that I used.

frosted glass spray paint on clear glass vases

I’m still sorry that I wasn’t able to squeeze this flannel craft into my book. But at least I still had an opportunity to share it here…AND on the Habitat ReStore blog

hygge candles with flannel

Well, what do you think? Will you be making your own version of Hygge candles like this? And even if it’s too late in the season to craft them right now, you can always file it away for a post-Christmas project later on!

It’s definitely fun to work on flannel projects that aren’t geared towards Fall and Winter holidays, isn’t it? Changing up the colors of the plaid really lets you hop from season to season.

spring wedding centerpiece from crafting with flannel

Thank you for indulging me with yet another flannel project with these Hygge candles. AND with one last winter project before I welcome Spring, which I think we’re all looking forward to.

Craft on!


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cozy candles in a cool winter color palette

frosted glass spray paint for hygge candles

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  1. adorable!!

  2. Carmen Montmarquet says

    Nicely done! Would be easy to do and add so much coziness!

  3. I liked these candles; I think you should start a list of projects for your SECOND flannel projects book!

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