Winter Sign for Cozy Home Decor

Winter Sign for Cozy Home Decor

When I spotted this wood plaque at Goodwill, I absolutely intended to something Christmas-y with it. But like all Decembers, my crafting window opened and closed and it was January once again. So, I decided to use it for a winter sign instead.

Wood plaque at thrift store

Heavy and solid, it was obviously someone else’s homemade project.

Wood plaque to make a winter sign

Clearly I’m not the only one that sometimes donates my DIYs!

But, either way, it was primed for a makeover. And with snowy, winter days on the horizon, I went with that theme in mind.

Wood plaque with a pine tree

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From Wood Plaque to Winter Sign

First things first, it needed some dusting before I could do anything else. I wanted to dismantle it, but the old flathead screws that held the tree in place wouldn’t budge.

So, I had to clean creatively.

Using a paper towel and a bamboo skewer, I was able to poke into the corners and crevices to scrub out dust.

Cleaning and dusting a wood plaque

That did a fairly decent job! I would have rather worked on it as individual pieces, but eh…this was ok.

Then, I gathered some paint colors and a “Let’s get cozy” stencil for my winter sign.

Blue for the background of the wood plaque and green for the tree.

Paint colors and winter stencil for a winter sign

Once it was painted, I was ready to begin stenciling the sign!

Painting a winter sign

I took a moment, though, to appreciate that it kind of-sort of looked like a US Forest Service patch! That made the biologist in me smile.

Let’s Get Cozy Sign

Once the paint dried, I used 220-grit sandpaper to lightly distress the edges. Not too much, just a little here and there.

Then it was time for stenciling the actual sign! I planned on using the “Let’s get cozy” stencil directly on the green tree.

Let's get cozy stencil

I roughly centered the stencil and fixed it in place with painter’s tape. Then, I stippled over the stencil with white craft paint.

Stenciling a winter sign

Easy peasy! It looked pretty good.

Let's get cozy sign

And since I already had white paint on my stencil brush, I dabbed “snow” on the edges of the tree, as well.

But my “Let’s get cozy” sign still needed something…it was a little too plain for my liking.

So, I grabbed a snowflake stencil and carefully stenciled different shaped and sized snowflakes on the blue background.

Snowflake stencil for a let's get cozy sign

You may recall this older project of mine that involved a snowflake stencil, too. But those were from a different stencil altogether!

Winter Sign for Cozy Home Decor

Once I was done stenciling on the snowflakes, my winter sign was done!

Let's get cozy sign for winter home decor

Cute right? Perfect for a little winter vignette, or even hanging on a door like a wreath.

Winter sign on a wooden plaque

And yes, I *did* make a little flannel scarf for my favorite coffee mug! I mean, I have to do SOMETHING with all the flannel scraps I have now, right?

Mug scarf from a flannel shirt

Getting cozy with blankets, hot beverages, and lap cats is one of my favorite things about winter. And I think my “Let’s get cozy” sign sums it up perfectly.


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Speaking of winter and cold weather, I hope you’ll check out my first book, “Crafting with Flannel”. It’s full of craft projects that are perfect for this time of year!

Reusable hand warmers

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for winter decor, then you may also be interested in these winter snow globes that I made, as well.

Winter snow globes in jelly jar light fixtures

Craft on!


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Upcycling a wood plaque as a winter sign

DIY winter decor with a let's get cozy sign

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  1. I can feel a warm fire on a starry night just looking at this sign, love it.

  2. Lynda Dining Clements says

    Very cute!

  3. Amanda lake says

    Adorable as always. I love Cozy this time of year. Now I’ll be looking for a wooden plaque to upcycle. Congratulations for another great project.

  4. This is so cute and a great way to use that plaque. Love your light fixture snow globes too!

  5. Such a cute makeover!

  6. So cute!!!! What a great find!!

  7. Aww so cute and very creative. Thanks for sharing
    Happy 2021

  8. Sarah,

    You’re so clever to spin this project into a winter sign! I would never think to do that. It’s really cute.


  9. I was going to ask where you got the cute coffee mug! I should have known you dressed it up yourself!

  10. Another fantastic project and definitely OOAK! When you talked about cleaning the plaque, I cringed. Have you discovered Awesome, a cleaner I get at Dollar Tree? Sprayed onto anything that can get wet, the brown crud just runs down and out of crevices (great on dusty, greasy thrifted treasures). I’ve also used it as a stain remover on clothes. I believe in energy conservation–‘specially when it is MY energy!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I haven’t seen that cleaner before! I rarely go to Dollar Tree, though, so that’s probably why. Might have to break my no-shopping-at-Dollar-Tree rule, though, to check it out!

  11. That turned our great!! Pinned.

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