Recycled Yard Decor Ideas

Recycled Yard Decor Ideas

Yard decor, especially recycled yard decor, is such a fun way to show off your personality outside. Whether you like bright and whimsical decorations or quaint and sweet elements, the same thing holds true: all of it makes for fun DIY projects!

Metal Flowers

metal flowers as yard decor

Photo source: Color Me Thrifty.

These bright and colorful flowers will never wilt or die away. Aren’t they a whimsical way to add pops of color to your yard? But the crazy part is what they’re made from– can you guess? Hint: little girls wear them in their hair…

Repurposed Gazing Balls

gazing ball from a bowling ball

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Gazing balls are a gorgeous element to add to any yard, with their brilliant colors and shine. And it just so happens that old bowling balls are perfect for repurposing into easy DIY gazing balls.

Garden Tool Trellis

DIY garden trellis from vintage garden tools

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

There are probably some old garden tools- spades, rakes, pitchforks, and hoes- leaning up in the corner of your garage or shed right now. But you can piece them together into a decorative and functional garden trellis for plants that like to climb or could use a little help standing up.

Fan Blade Flower

fan blade flower for yard decor

Photo source: Organized Clutter.

An old fan blade resembles a large flower with the right paint job! Which makes it ideal for upcycling into yard decor, and can be hung on a wall or a fence post.

Decorative Garden Stones

decorative garden stones in quirky shapes

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Remember those old copper Jell-O molds that used to hang on kitchen walls back in the day? Well, why use them to set gelatin when you can use them to set concrete and make these decorative garden stones for your yard? Half the fun is hunting down all sorts of interesting shapes and designs that the molds came in.

Solar Chandelier

diy solar chandelier

Photo source: Charlotte Region ReStores.

An old brass chandelier from the thrift store is easily transformed into a magical solar chandelier for your backyard. Think of all the fun you’ll have sitting outside at night with family and friends, with this lovely light fixture twinkling overhead.

Yard Decor with a Glass Totem

garden totem from the thrift store

Photo source: Little Vintage Cottage.

Whether you use vintage lamps or pretty glass bowls and vases, one thing’s for certain: they look especially lovely when recycled into garden totems like this.

More Metal Flowers

metal flower for yard decor

Photo source: Color Me Thrifty.

Candle snuffers are not something I would have planned on collecting, but look how charming they are when given a flowery makeover? Now I definitely need to look for them at thrift stores and estate sales.

Garden Signs

DIY garden signs with grill forks

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Little garden signs are always a charming addition to your yard and garden, and making them couldn’t be easier. Believe it or not, but the stake for this one started out as a grilling fork from the thrift store!

Garden Path

garden path from mismatched bricks

Photo source: Organized Clutter.

Usually, a garden path is formed from matching flag stones or pavers for a uniform look. But a colorful pathway from mismatched bricks and other flat stone (or metal) pieces is a fun way to add personality to your yard.

Fence Flowers

whimsical garden decor from round plastic trays

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

If your fence is feeling plain compared to your garden, jazz it up with these easy flowers! Made from plastic party trays, these fence flowers are a simple upcycling project that anyone can do, and they add so much fun to the look of your yard.

Colorful Garden Bench

upcycled garden bench

Photo source: Shop at Blu.

A plain or boring garden bench just needs a whimsical, colorful paint job to make it stand out and come alive in your yard. And if you don’t plan on sitting on it, you can always set a few pots of flowers on it for even more glorious color.

Stepping Stones

DIY mosaic stepping stone with key hider

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Stepping stones like this are easy to make if you upcycle a cake pan from the thrift store or your cupboard. But shhh, this particular one has a secret underneath that just might save you from a really bad day!

More Yard Decor with Hanging Planters

Enamel colander as a hanging porch planter

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Hanging planters on your front porch add color and curb appeal to your home during the warmer months. And this one puts an old colander to good reuse as a sturdy hanging basket that has built-in drainage holes so your annuals thrive!

Have Fun with These Yard Decor Ideas!

Galvanized bucket planter with a decorative hose bibb

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Think you’ll be adding some whimsy to your yard and garden this season? There are any number of things you can repurpose into yard and garden decor, depending on your personal taste and DIY skill level. The most important thing is that you have fun doing it and give your outdoor space a colorful personality all its own.

Craft on!


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