Halloween Porch Decorations with a Victorian Lamp Post

Halloween Porch Decorations with a Victorian Lamp Post

Over the years, Mr. Seasongoods has become accustomed to scanning the curb for interesting “things” that could become blog projects for me. And just a few weeks ago, he came across a pair of these old, beat-up candle holders that looked like a Victorian lamp post. He knew I could use them for something, and as soon as I saw them, I planned on using them as Halloween porch decorations.

To bring my vision of Halloween porch decor to life, I wanted to create a Halloween sign as well. And this small chalkboard or blackboard that I found at the thrift store would be perfect for it.

Small chalkboard or vintage chalkboard at thrift store to use with liquid chalk for a Halloween sign

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Hanging a Halloween Sign from a Victorian Lamp Post

To hang a Halloween sign from the lamp post decor, I would need to drill a hole straight through the post. And when I say “I”, I mean Mr. Seasongoods, of course. We’d need our drill and a high-quality unibit to get this done.

Using a unibit to drill a hole through a Victorian lamp post to create the lamp post decor for Halloween

With the drill, unibit, and some multi-purpose oil, he very carefully drilled a half-inch hole straight through both sides of the light post.

Drilling a hole through a Victorian lamp post to hang a Halloween sign on a chalkboard

Now I could insert a wooden dowel (from the craft store) through the lamp post and hang a Halloween sign from it.

Using a wooden dowel to hang a vintage chalkboard and Halloween sign from a Victorian lamp post

Now that the lamp post had been drilled through, I could focus on the small chalkboard. To upcycle it into a Halloween sign, I planned to hang it from the wooden dowel.

Making a Halloween sign to hang from Victorian lamp post with a small chalkboard from the thrift store

Making a Halloween Sign on a Small Chalkboard with Liquid Chalk

First, I wanted to stain the wooden frame of the small chalkboard – just to make it look a little more vintage. I placed strips of wide painter’s tape on the actual blackboard to keep wood stain from bleeding through.

Using wood stain on the frame of a small chalkboard to become a Halloween sign and Lamp post decor

As you may have noticed in the above photo, I also painted the wooden dowel black to match the Victorian lamp post.

Next, I wanted to transform the hardware (chains and cup hooks) that I would use for hanging the Halloween sign. To make things easier on myself, I screwed the cup hooks into a piece of scrap wood to easily paint each side evenly.

Spray painting hardware for Halloween sign with oil rubbed bronze spray paint

I used a DIY-dedicated clip hanger to hold the chain for ease of spray painting. It made it SO easy to get in all the nooks & crannies! 

Spray painting metal chain or spray painting chain for Halloween sign and Halloween porch decor

Next, I purchased a perfectly-sized Halloween stencil and used liquid chalk to bring my sign to life!

Liquid chalk and Halloween stencil to make a Halloween sign on a small chalkboard

Once the liquid chalk had dried, I carefully removed the stencil. Then, I screwed the cup hooks into the dowel and into the top of my chalkboard frame, and used equal lengths of chain between them!

Halloween sign to hang on Victorian lamp post for Halloween porch decorations

Halloween Porch Decorations with a Victorian Lamp Post

To assemble my Halloween porch decorations, I simply slid the dowel through the hole in the post. I also added fake spiderwebs to the corner of my porch and a flying crow to the sign to the Halloween sign.

Halloween porch decorations with a Halloween sign on a small chalkboard for Hitchcock style decor

It has such a Hitchcock feel to it with the addition of the crow, doesn’t it? I love vintage Halloween decorations, and this fits right in with my decorating motif.

Victorian lamp post that was upcycled into Halloween porch decorations with a Halloween sign by Sadie Seasongoods

And because I used liquid chalk on the Halloween sign, I can easily erase it (wipe it off). Then, I can use the blackboard sign all year long!

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween decor, then you’ll love these spooky candles made from Christmas window candles, too!

Halloween window decorations that started as window candles from the thrift store with flame bulbs by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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  1. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this!! I definitely would have stopped and picked up those candle holders!! You have trained your hubby well!! LOL!!

  2. You lucky thing! What a great find, and I’d have snapped them up too. So clever, making the Halloween sign, the bird is the perfect touch!!

  3. Such a lucky, love it Sarah!!!

  4. Wow, does this look great!

  5. Your lamps turned out so cute. Kudos to hubby for finding such a deal. I wouldn’t have thought to use the stencil and liquid chalk, will certainly try it.

  6. You always come up with the best ideas for repurposing your finds. This repurpose it one of my favorites.

  7. amberlyonferguson2017 says

    I just love it all so much! Great ideas!

  8. How lucky you are to have Mr. Seasonsgood on YOUR side. My boyfriend does not SEE roadside stuff and most yard sales at all. I am still waiting for him to redrill holes in a teacup rack so I can replace the broken cup sticks! He does make nice noises about finished projects, though. I have taught him and my son the required response: “OOOOhhhhh, aaaaahhhhh.”

  9. acraftymix says

    Perfectly spooky is right Sarah. Love how this sign turned out and that crow is just the best. Please take a picture when the little ones come trick or treating. I would love to see their faces when they see all the things you’ve put up

  10. This turned out so good, Sarah and the flying crow couldn’t be a more fitting embellishment! Your house must look amazing for Halloween.

  11. I LOVE your decoration for Halloween! You are creative and talented!

  12. So jealous of your cool lamp post. What I great idea to highlight your cool find.

  13. Great look and love how you made this great looking vignette with used parts.

  14. You have such cute ideas! I’m hoping I can find a similar light post, because I really need to have one of these!

  15. You can’t beat free and this is so fun! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  16. Naomi Shelton says

    Those posts are awesome! I am green with envy! I love the finished project. I’m planning to make a Halloween wreath that has blackbirds or crows on it. I’m wondering where you found that flying bird on your lamp post. Mind telling?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Sounds great, Naomi! I bought that bird at Michael’s last year- not sure if they have them again this year, but definitely worth a look.


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