Upcycling Ideas for Halloween Ghost Decorations

Upcycling Ideas for Halloween Ghost Decorations

Over the years, I have made a LOT of Halloween projects for my blog. And while there have been many jack-o-lanterns and haunted houses, I’ve also created a good number of Halloween ghost decorations from various things, too.

Perhaps my most well-known upcycled ghost project is this Halloween candy bowl. While it’s definitely an older project of mine, it’s probably the most popular of all my Halloween posts.

Halloween trick or treat ideas with a candy bowl holder

I especially love it because nothing that I did was permanent! And I was able to re-sell the original piece underneath all that upcycling.

But these Halloween ghost lights are equally popular at this time of year. Perhaps because glass light shades are so inexpensive and easy to find at Habitat ReStores!

halloween ghost lights from glass light covers

Those ghost lights take only a few minutes to create. I mean, who doesn’t love a craft project that is super simple but also super cute?

Like these equally easy and equally cute Halloween ghost decorations that were made from vintage thread cones?

cute halloween ghost

I do love how unique each of my ghost projects is, too. Which is a reminder that a LOT of unexpected items from thrift stores and yard sales can become ghosts during spooky season.

Sometimes you just need some ghostly inspiration to get started!

Speaking of which, I’m certainly not the only blogger and crafter who has made some upcycled Halloween ghosts! So, I gathered a bunch of ideas together in a single collection to help you get started on your own Halloween ghosts! Perhaps using something you already have in your home, as well…

Halloween Ghost Decorations

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Well, what do you think? Are you inspired by any of these upcycling ideas to make some Halloween ghost decorations for your decor this spooky season?

I love how unique and different they are, despite looking pretty similar- if that makes sense! Proof positive that a lot of different items from the thrift store or even your recycling bin can be ghostly.

Would you have even guessed that this cute little fella started as a cheese board that was missing tiles?

Decorating with a Halloween ghost decoration or wooden ghost

And, these upcycling ideas are for all over your home and porch. Some are for hanging, others for leaning, and a few of them (like these secretive ghosts) appear to float on their own!

How to make a floating ghost with a metal candlestick

If you plan on making any upcycled Halloween ghosts this year, I hope you’ll let me know! I can’t wait to hear what you plan on starting with and how your ghosts turn out. You just never know what can become happy (or scary!) little ghosts, can you?

After all, these were a result of our home office remodel- believe it or not. Goodbye old ceiling fan blades, hello ghost ornaments for the front yard!

outdoor ghost decorations from repurposed ceiling fan blades

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this collection of Halloween ghost decorations and that it provided some spooky inspiration. Happy Halloween crafting, no matter what you end up making!

If you enjoyed these upcycling ideas for Halloween ghosts, then you may also enjoy how I revamped this old cookie jar, too. It certainly didn’t start out looking this way…

Halloween cookie jar

And for plenty of additional upcycling inspiration, check out this collection of Halloween projects– ghosts and non-ghosts, alike!

Upcycling Projects and Halloween craft ideas

Craft on!


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